26 Teriffic Tree Crafts and Art Projects

When you need a little artistic inspiration, look no further than nature itself. These tree crafts and art projects are inspired by the beauty we see in trees through the seasons. The strong trunks, the fluttering leaves, and the beautiful blossoms all come together to create the wide variety of trees we know and love.

Tree crafts and art projects for kids

Inspired by the trees in the great outdoors, we've compiled a list of 25+ fun and easy tree crafts that will keep your kids entertained. From tree ideas based on the works of famous artists to cardboard tree crafts and handprint tree art projects, you'll find something fun for every age group. So grab the paint, scissors, and glue, and let's get crafting!

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Tree art projects for kids

Fun Tree Crafts for Kids

Here are a handful of our favourite tree art projects that we've made over the years. Some are inspired by artists like Kandinsky and Klimt, while others are fun and simple crafts like printing with bubble wrap or painting over salt outlines.


Kandinsky Tree Craft

Paper quilling is a fun activity for kids to work on their fine motor skills and learn a new art technique. We used the technique to make this Kandinsky Tree Craft. It's inspired by his use of bright, bold colours and concentric circles. 

Kandinsky Tree Craft for Kids


Klimt Tree of Life Craft

Our Gustav Klimt Tree of Life Craft is another project inspired by a famous artist. Klimt's use of gold and his Art Nouveau style is what inspired this piece. Kids will learn to use tissue paper with Mod Podge along with some acrylic paint and beads to complete this piece.

Gustav Klimt Tree of Life Craft


Salt Painting Autumn Tree Art Projects

The warm tones of autumn are always a sight to behold. So we made this Salt Painting Autumn Tree Craft to reflect those colours in a fun and unique way. Painting on salt creates art with an interesting visual and physical texture. 

Salt painting autumn tree art project for kids


Bubble Wrap Autumn Tree Craft

Enjoy the beauty of autumn with a fun process art for the kids: a Bubble Wrap Autumn Tree Craft. They'll use bubble wrap to stamp out gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows onto tree-shaped cardstock. Set the trees up to use in small-world play!

Bubble wrap autumn tree craft for kids


Thankful Tree Craft

The month of November is the perfect time to make this Thankful Tree Craft to remember all you are grateful for right before the Christmas season. It's a terrific project to make with the entire family and will be a beautiful keepsake decoration to pull out and display for years to come. 

Thankful tree craft for kids


Handprint Autumn Tree Craft

Kids can turn their tiny handprints into a gorgeous Handprint Autumn Tree to display during the fall. You could also make a handprint tree for each season and display them on a gallery wall in your home. It would look darling. 

Handprint Autumn Tree Craft for Kids


Warm and Cool Colors Tree Art Project

Use our tree grid art project to teach kids about warm and cool colors in art . Our cute printable makes it easy to teach kids about colour theory in a step-by-step, hands-on way that makes the topic simple to tackle.

warm and cool colour tree art project for kids

Easy Tree Painting

Enjoy creating this easy tree painting using some fun painting techniques. We have several different colour options to inspire you! You could create a winter tree craft, a Halloween tree art project or even a sunset background for your tree painting. Whichever you choose you are sure to have fun!

easy tree painting - tree crafts and art projects for kids


Printable Tree Templates

Use our Printable Tree Templates to make lots of tree-inspired art. Practice using your watercolors, or add beads or torn paper to make leaves. You could even doodle in your own leaves, birds, etc., to complete the scene.

Printable tree templates for tree crafts

There are seven different tree printables to choose from. 

Printable tree templates


Cute Tree Art Projects for Kids

Here are even more tree art projects for the kids from some of our favourite bloggers!

Tree art projects and craft for kids


Cardboard Apple Tree Craft

Not only is this Cardboard Apple Tree Craft by The Craft Train adorable, but the kids will have so much fun playing with it once it's made. With the velcro backings for the apples, kids can pop them on or pull them off whenever they'd like. It's a great craft for pretend play, imagining that you're at the apple orchard.

Cardboard apple tree craft


Palm Tree Fork Painting Craft

Older kids will love making this awesome Palm Tree Fork Painting by Projects with Kids. It'll make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation every time you look at it. Using a fork after the paint is brushed on creates an interesting texture and adds a wispiness to the palm leaves.

Palm tree fork painting craft for kids


Real Leaves and Handprint Tree Craft

Go outside and gather some leaves from the backyard or a nature walk to make this lovely Real Leaves and Handprint Tree from Non-Toy Gifts. You can do this during the spring and summer, too, using green leaves and flower blossoms. 

Leaf and handprint fall tree craft


Paper Roll Printed Tree Art Project

This simple Paper Roll Printed Tree by Arty Crafty Kids is so colourful and fun. The stamped black outline of the leaves looks amazing against the bright colours of the paint, and it gives kids a little structure when painting.

Paper roll printed tree craft for kids


Nature Tree Craft

How stunning is this Tree Nature Craft from Crafts on Sea? The simple tree template is covered in fresh green leaves and flowers to make a beautiful and artistic spring tree. 

Nature tree craft for kids


Fall Cereal Tree Craft

If you're a parent or caregiver, odds are you have some Fruit Loops or Cheerios on hand for the littles. So use some of those round, colourful cereal pieces to make this simple and fun Fall Cereal Tree Craft from 123 Homeschool 4 Me. Enjoy a snack while you're at it!

Cereal fall tree craft for kids


Pom-Pom Apple Tree Craft

If you're looking for a super-simple tree craft for your toddler or preschooler, this Pom-Pom Apple Tree from Kids Activities Blog is a great choice. Kids can do a little painting, a bit of scissor work, and some glueing, making it a great fine motor activity.

pom pom apple tree craft for kids


Easy Tree Snack

Use grapes and pretzel sticks to make this Easy Tree Snack by Fantastic Fun & Learning. It makes a yummy and healthy after-school snack for the kids.

Easy tree snack


Tissue Paper Fall Tree Art Project

Use those fine motor skills to tear tissue paper for this colourful Tissue Paper Fall Tree craft from Fun Handprint Art. The red, orange, and yellow pieces look so bright and beautiful against the brown handprint. You could do a lovely spring version of this, too, in shades of pink to represent a cherry tree in bloom.

Tissue paper fall tree art project for kids


Felt Color and Counting Tree

The kids will ask to play with this Felt Color and Counting Tree by Barley and Birch again and again. Sort leaves by colour, count them, put them on the tree and take them off. It's a wonderful quiet time activity.

Felt color and counting tree craft


Jackson Pollock Splatter Tree Art Project

This Jackson Pollock-Inspired Splatter Tree Painting by Projects with Kids is another great lesson in art history and technique. Make one for each season simply by changing out the paint colors you're splattering across the page. 

Jackson Pollock splatter tree art project


Handprint Apple Tree Craft

Make a keepsake of your kids' handprints this fall with this cute Handprint Apple Tree by Simple Everyday Mom. The tree trunk is your child's hand and arm, while the beautiful tree is filled with pom-pom apples. It's so cute!

Handprint apple tree craft


Four Season Tree Craft

You won't believe how simple this Four Season Tree Craft by Non-Toy Gifts is! The tree leaves are made of cotton balls painted in different colours to represent each season. 

Four seasons tree craft with cotton balls


Laced Paper Plate Cherry Blossom Tree Craft

Kids can work on their weaving skills with this pretty little Laced Paper Plate Cherry Blossom Tree by Kids' Craft Room. The fringed grass also adds texture and makes the whole scene really pop.

laced paper plate cherry tree craft

Q-Tip Painted Four Season Tree Art Project

Practice painting with q-tips to make these Q-Tip Painted Four Season Trees by Crafts on Sea. You could also try this with fingerprints instead of q-tips to create a lovely little keepsake. 

q tip four seasons tree craft


Christmas Tree Ideas

Below are a few of our favourite Christmas tree art projects! But, of course, we have lots more Christmas Tree Crafts, too. 


Dali Christmas Tree Craft

Introduce your kids to famous artist Salvador Dali with this fun Dali Christmas Tree Craft inspired by his works. We based it on his infamous moustache and melting clocks art, so kids can get a good idea of his surrealist—and sometimes bizarre—style.

Dali Christmas tree craft


Kandinsky Christmas Tree Art Project

Grab your markers or paintbrushes to decorate this gorgeous Kandinsky Christmas Tree Craft. Wassily Kandinsky's work 'Squares with Concentric Circles' is what inspired this fun piece of holiday art.

Kandinsky Christmas tree craft


Squish Art Christmas Tree Craft

Have you tried squish art before? It's such a fun way to teach kids about symmetry in art. Whatever you paint on one side is transferred to the other when the sides are squished together. The resulting Squish Art Christmas Tree Crafts are symmetrical, beautiful, and ready to put on your handmade Christmas cards.

Squish art Christmas tree craft


Christmas Tree Line Art Project

This Christmas Tree Line Art colouring page is fun to make colouring sheets more of an art form. The sheet comes without the lines, so your kiddo can use a Sharpie to draw them in. This is great practice for learning how to draw straight lines using a ruler, or you can draw the lines in for them. 

Christmas tree line art project for kids

We hope these tree art projects for kids are as fun and inspiring to you as they were to us. Children must have creative outlets like this to use their imaginations, practice fine motor skills, and learn to focus and think critically and artistically. So pin this post to save these tree crafts for kids for later!

Tree crafts for kids.

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