The BEST Rock Painting Ideas for kids!

Have you seen lovely painted rocks around your community or on the web? Rock painting is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together and there are so many fabulous Rock Painting Ideas to try. Not only is rock painting a wonderful creative outlet, but seeing colourful rocks hidden throughout the community brings smiles to the faces of the people around you. How lovely!

Rock painting ideas

If you'd like to try rock painting for yourself but are stuck for ideas, we've compiled a terrific list of rock painting ideas for kids of all ages. Some are made for learning and storytelling, while others are perfect for hiding in a secret place for others to find.

Painted rocks are also excellent paperweights that kids can give to the grown-ups in their lives. Let's start painting!

rock painting for kids

Here are a few more lists of painting ideas for kids that you might enjoy browsing:

We also have a book full of 60 fun art projects for kids that are focused on painting - Fun Painting Projects for Kids.

Painting ideas for kids

Rock Painting Ideas from Messy Little Monster

We love painted rocks here at MLM, so we've pulled a few of our favourites together. The kids will have a blast with the rock faces, and the camping rocks make great swap/exchange gifts for kids who are in outdoor programs.

rock painting ideas for kids

Camping Themed Painted Rocks

Kids are going to love these Camping-Themed Painted Rocks! They'd make fun SWAPS for scouts or an excellent craft for summer camp.

camping rock painting ideas

Winter Rock Painting

If you don't have camping weather maybe winter themed rocks would be more suitable?! I love the detail on this set of four Winter Rock Painting crafts. 

winter rock painting ideas for kids

Fairy Houses

Create a fairy garden full of quaint little Painted Rock Fairy Houses. Acrylic paint pens make painting on rocks as simple as drawing. Don't forget the sealant if they'll be exposed to the elements, especially.

fairy house rock painting ideas

Painted Rock Numbers

Use these Painted Rock Numbers as math manipulatives in your lessons at home or school. They can be used in so many fun ways to help children with counting, number sequence, and number recognition.

number rock painting ideas

Painted Rock Village

Make a set of houses, shops, street signs, cars, trees, and more for the kids to play with! Our step-by-step instructions make it so easy to recreate this Painted Rock Village for the kids to play with.

village rock painting ideas

Rock Faces

These Rock Faces double as an emotions activity for kids. Use our free facial features printable to help guide you as you paint all sorts of silly mouths, noses, and eyes. It's such a fun way to encourage kids to talk about their emotions.

face rock painting ideas

Kindness Rocks 

Make people smile by painting kindness rocks and hiding them in your local area for others to find. There are so many different ideas to try! 

kindness rock painting ideas

Christmas Rock Painting

Have fun getting festive with these fun Christmas rock painting ideas. Follow our step by step directions to make Santa, a reindeer, a Christmas tree and a present. 

Christmas rock painting ideas


Halloween Rock Painting

These Halloween rock painting ideas are perfect for a spooky craft afternoon.  Follow our step by step directions to make a spider in a web, a ghost, a spooky scene with a witch or some candy corns. 

Halloween rock painting ideas

Valentine's Rock Painting

Be inspired by the day of love and make this set of little cuties! These Valentine's Day Rock Painting ideas consist of different animals looking like they are in love! How cute. 

Valentine's rock painting ideas

Valentine's Rock Painting

Keeping with the Valentine's Day theme how cute are these conversation heart painted rocks. Use any colours and messages you like and then gift them to special family and friends. 

Valentine's Day Heart Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

More Creative Rock Painting Ideas

Looking for even more painted rock ideas? Try some of the fantastic tutorials we found below. You'll find lots of learning manipulatives, story stones, and just-plain-fun rock painting ideas.

painted rock ideas for kids

Turtle Painted Rocks

How cute are these Turtle Painted Rocks from Simple Everyday Mom? Make a whole family of cute little turtles with the kids.

turtle rock painting ideas

Alphabet Story Stones

Use these Alphabet Story Stones by Homeschool Preschool to practice storytelling, beginning letter sounds, and sorting and grouping. Each stone has a simple picture to go along with each letter of the alphabet. A is for apple, B is for butterfly, C is for carrot. You get the idea!

alphabet rock painting ideas for kids

Colourful Painted Rocks

Help your children learn their colours with these simple Colorful Painted Rocks from The Inspiration Edit. You don't need to find perfectly smooth rocks for this craft since you'll be using them for colour identification rather than painting artsy scenes.

color rock painting ideas for kids

Painted Minion Rocks

Paint these Minion Rocks from Non-Toy Gifts and use them to arrange on drawings or just to play with. They'd make adorable party favours for a Minion party, or you could paint them all together as a party craft.

minion rock painting ideas

Unicorn Rock Painting Idea

Any little girl who loves all things unicorns and sparkly will adore making these Unicorn Painted Rocks from Ruffles and Rain Boots. This activity would make an excellent craft for a unicorn party.

unicorn rock painting ideas for kids

Weather Stones

Help kids learn about the weather with these Weather Stones by The Craft Train. Kids can observe the weather each day, setting out the appropriate weather stone as part of a morning routine. But the stones can also be used in telling stories or for other play.

weather rock painting ideas for kids

Vegetable Painted Rocks

Kids will get a kick out of playing with these Rock Veggies by Red Ted Art. Use them to create a garden or a fruit and veggie stand. Kids can paint several of each type of veggie and use them as tic tac toe pieces or other game pieces.

vegetable rock painting ideas for kids

Forky Painted Rocks

Make a rock version of your favourite Toy Story 4 character! These Forky Painted Rocks from Simple Everyday Mom are super cute and easy to make. Hide them in your community as a fun surprise for friends and neighbours.

forky rock painting ideas for kids

Painted Rock People

Make some Painted Rock People with the kids! This craft by Non-Toy Gifts is a neat way for kids to express how they see themselves and others. Make a whole family of rock people, or make one that looks like your best friend.

people rock painting ideas for kids

Narwhal Rock Painting

This Narwhal Rock Painting by Ruffles and Rain Boots will make anyone smile! It's painted in the Kawaii style and can be completed in about 20 minutes. It's easy to draw, so it's perfect for beginners.

narwhal rock painting ideas

Penguin Painted Rocks

Penguins are some of the most adorable animals on the planet. Make your own for playtime using The Soccer Mom Blog's Penguin Painted Rocks tutorial. Won't they look fantastic in your winter scenes and decor for the holidays?

penguin rock painting ideas

Sea Story Stones

Summer is the perfect time to make these Sea Story Stones from Crafts on Sea. Use them to tell tales of pirates, ocean animals, being stranded on an island, and so much more!

sea rock painting ideas

Frog Life Cycle Stones

Painted rocks are terrific tools for studying life cycles. For a frog or amphibian unit, make some of these Frog Life Cycle Story Stones from Rainy Day Mum to make learning the steps a little easier.

frog life cycle rock painting ideas for kids

Pet Cactus Rocks

Encourage the kids to pick out their favourite rocks to make some pet cactuses! They're so cute with their painted designs and silly eyes peeking over the tops of the mini planters. These Pet Cactus Rocks by The Best Ideas for Kids are perfect for adding a touch of fun to your child's room decor.

pet cactus rock painting ideas for kids

Flag Rocks

These Flag Rocks from Non-Toy Gifts are a creative way to celebrate the Olympics, but you can also use them as part of your social studies lessons when learning about other countries. Make them at home or in the classroom as you study other countries and cultures.

flag rock painting ideas for kids

Christmas Story Stones

When the holidays come around, make these Christmas Story Stones by Homeschool Preschool. They're so lovely and will work in perfectly with holiday stories about Santa, elves, reindeer, Christmas trees, lights, gingerbread men, and so much more.

Christmas story stones rock painting ideas

Nativity Story Stones

You'll also want to make these Nativity Story Stones from Rainy Day Mum to go along with your other Christmas stones. They can be used to simplify the story of the birth of Jesus as well as the events leading up to it.

Nativity rock painting ideas

Easter Story Stones

The story of Jesus continues every year on Easter, so you'll be able to use these Easter Story Stones from Rainy Day Mum every year as you recount the stories from scripture.

Easter story rock painting ideas

Halloween Story Stones

Tell a spooky story with these Halloween Story Stones from The Inspiration Edit. Witches, brew, bats, ghosts, and pumpkins, too, are among the cute stones you'll make.

Halloween story stones rock painting ideas for kids

Mermaid Scales Painted Rocks

If your little one is obsessed with all things mermaid, add these Mermaid Scales Painted Rocks from Projects with Kids to your summer craft list. The rocks will look lovely in a mermaid-themed playroom or a mermaid fairy garden.

mermaid scales rock painting ideas

Plesiosaur Painted Rocks

Any dino-loving kid will enjoy assembling these Plesiosaur Painted Rocks by Little Fish again and again. It's a simple design, so kids of most ages can help with the painting of the stones, as well as the patterns.

dinosaur rock painting ideas

Ladybug Painted Rocks

Add a splash of colour to your flower beds with these totally adorable Ladybug Painted Rocks from Crafts by Amanda. Don't forget to make some for a friend or neighbour to add to their flower gardens, too. Ladybugs are considered good luck, after all!

ladybugs rock painting ideas

We hope you enjoyed this fun list of rock painting ideas. Don't forget to pin this post so you can come back to it whenever inspiration strikes!

The BEST rock painting ideas for kids!

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