Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for fun, cute and easy Christmas tree crafts for kids look no further! We have rounded up some of our absolute favourite Christmas tree themed crafts for you to enjoy making with the kids during the festive season.

Christmas tree crafts


Christmas is such a magical time of year. You're putting up the tree, baking cookies, going to see the twinkling Christmas lights, and of course, holiday shopping. But in all the busyness, when you're craving a quiet evening at home with the kids, these Christmas tree crafts are the perfect activity. 

Have lots of frugal, festive fun making Christmas trees with sticks, paper, pom-poms, paint chips, salt dough, cardboard, and more. You'll be surprised at the simple materials you can turn into a beautiful mini Christmas tree to decorate your home. Let's get started, shall we?

Christmas tree crafts for kids

Cute Christmas Tree Crafts

It's only fitting that we share some of our favourite Christmas tree crafts that we've made over the years. You'll find lovely Christmas tree cards to give to your relatives, friends, and neighbours, some cute Christmas tree decorations, and even a couple of easy gift ideas that the kids can help you make.


Paper Strip Christmas Tree

Our simple Paper Strip Christmas Tree Craft is just perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. It's easy to assemble and fun to decorate! Perfection is not required—in fact, wonky strips instead of straight ones give the tree some character. These paper strip trees make cute handmade cards to give to family and friends, too.

paper strip Christmas tree craft for kids


Paint Chip Christmas Trees

These cute Paint Chip Christmas Trees will be a huge hit with the kids this holiday season. Make some to decorate the mantle, add to the windowsill, or use as place cards at the dinner table. Wine corks make the perfect tree trunks for this easy craft. This craft gives kids a chance to practice cutting triangle shapes, too.

paint chip Christmas tree craft for kids


Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament

Decorating our tree with personal, memorable ornaments is one of our favourite traditions. Start your own homemade ornament tradition with the kids with a lovely Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament. Each little fingerprint ornament on the tree will remind you of special holiday memories for years to come.

Christmas tree salt dough ornament craft for kids

Christmas Tree Squish Art

Let the kids have fun squishing paint around with this fun squish painting Christmas tree craft! Not only is it fun, this Christmas tree craft is also easy to make using our printable Christmas tree template and kids can get really creative as they decorate their trees.

squish painting Christmas tree craft for kids

Shape Christmas Tree

Is your toddler or preschooler learning shapes? If so, this Shape Christmas Tree Craft is a terrific holiday project that will reinforce those geometric concepts. The tree is made using triangles, squares, rectangles, circles, and a star.

Shape Christmas tree craft for kids


Kandinsky Christmas Tree Art

Grab your markers or paintbrushes, and prepare to make this fun Kandinsky Christmas Tree art project inspired by the famous artist. This is a fun way to experiment with colours while learning about concentric shapes.

Kandinsky Christmas tree craft for kids


Candy Christmas Trees

Kids will love putting these Candy Christmas Trees together for their siblings, friends, and relatives. The candy trees are super easy to build using miniature Reese cups, Hershey's kisses, Rolos, and a bit of glue. Little ones will need parental assistance with the glue gun portion of the activity.

candy Christmas tree craft for kids

Edible Christmas Tree Craft

Here is another fun edible Christmas tree craft. This ice cream cone Christmas tree is fun to do with all the family, you could even turn it into a contest!

Ice cream cone Christmas tree craft for kids

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card

Send meaningful cards this Christmas that are personalised with your kids' fingerprints. This adorable handmade Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card is simple to make using our Christmas tree template and a bit of paint. This is a wonderful project for your toddlers!

Fingerprint Christmas tree craft for kids


3D Christmas Tree Card

Make your holiday cards a little more interesting this year with our easy and fun 3D Christmas Tree Card. The kids can colour, cut, and assemble the cards, giving them some fine motor practice on a chilly winter day indoors.

3D Christmas tree craft for kids

Christmas Tree Handprint Craft

How cute is this Christmas tree handprint?! It makes such a cute keepsake or homemade Christmas gift for family or friends.

Christmas tree handprint craft for kids

Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

Let the kids join you in making some homemade gifts for family and friends. Our Christmas Tree Bath Bombs are as pretty as they are luxurious. A nice, wintery smell fills the air as the bath bomb dissolves.

Christmas tree bath bomb craft for kids

Christmas Tree Colouring Page

If you want to keep it simple then check out this Christmas tree colouring page. You can colour it as it is or add lines and turn it into a fun line art project. Either way it would look great displayed around the house over the Christmas holidays or gifted as a Christmas card.

Christmas tree colouring page craft for kids

Christmas Tree Fingerprint Counting

If you're looking for an activity more than a craft, our Christmas Tree Fingerprint Counting Activity is a nice choice for kids who are working on learning their numbers 1-9. Just print the sheet, provide your child with some paint or buttons to make ornaments, and you're all set with this activity.

Fingerprint Christmas tree counting activity for kids

Christmas Tree Craft inspired by Dali

Introduce your little ones to the world of art with this fun and unusual Dali inspired Christmas tree craft. Using our moustache and clock template build up a tree shape Salvador Dali style!

Dali Christmas tree craft for kids

Picasso Christmas Tree Craft

Keeping with the famous artist theme, check out this Picasso Christmas Tree Craft. Kids of all ages will love colouring and decorating their own tree printable, Picasso style. 

Picasso Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Pop Art Christmas Tree Craft

If you love the pop art style, you will love this Pop Art Christmas Tree Craft. Inspired by Andy Warhol this Christmas tree printable can be used to make a Christmas card for family and friends. We used watercolours to fill our template but you could use markers, crayons or even oil pastels to create a different look. 

Pop art Christmas tree craft for kids

Christmas Tree Craft for Babies

Even babies can get in with the Christmas art and crafts with this Christmas Tree Craft for Babies. Babies and toddlers can enjoy the painting process as they paint their paper green and then an adult can turn their process art into a beautiful Christmas card to treasure. You can even add a little photo of your baby to this cute Christmas tree craft. 

Christmas tree craft for babies

Footprint Christmas Tree Craft

Here is another fun Christmas tree craft for babies and toddlers. This Footprint Christmas Tree not only looks adorable, but it is super easy to make. 

Footprint Christmas tree craft for toddlers and babies

Christmas Tree Spin Art Craft

Kids will love the spin art painting technique used to make this Homemade Christmas Tree Card and each card will be totally unique. Your toddler or preschooler could use this technique to make a whole batch of Christmas tree cards!

Christmas tree spin art craft for kids

Christmas Tree Pancakes

After making all these Christmas tree crafts for kids you are sure to e feeling a little hungry! So check out these Christmas Tree Pancakes. How fun would it be to make them on Christmas eve, or even Christmas morning!?

Christmas tree pancakes

Christmas Tree Science Experiment

Whilst, not exactly a Christmas tree craft, I can't mention this Christmas Tree Themed Science Experiment. Kids will have so much fun as they watch the Christmas tree fizz. 

Christmas tree science experiment for kids

Christmas Tree Painted Rock Craft

Have you ever tried painting rocks? Painting rocks seems to be such a popular craft in summer, but why not try a few Christmas-themed painted rocks too. We have a tutorial for 4 different rock painting ideas including our Christmas Tree Rock Painting

Christmas tree rock painting craft for kids

Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decoration

Here is another Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decoration, this time decorated using markers. 

Salt dough Christmas tree decorations craft

Christmas Tree Salt Painting Craft

Salt painting is such a relaxing craft! Start feeling festive as you make your own Salt Painting Christmas Art Project. We have several Christmas designs to choose from including a Christmas tree. 

Christmas tree salt painting craft for kids

Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Here is a fun and easy Christmas tree craft that preschoolers will love. Use our paper cone Christmas tree template to make a collection of cone-shaped Christmas trees to decorate, each one will be wonderfully unique. 

Paper cone Christmas tree craft for preschoolers

Christmas Tree Writing Activity and Craft

Have fun making a Christmas tree paper craft using our printable template and then creating some writing to go alongside it. Kids will love this Christmas tree writing activity and craft

Christmas tree writing activity and craft for kids

Easy Christmas Tree Crafts

Looking for more Christmas tree crafts? Add these fun Christmas tree projects from other websites to your Christmas craft list!

Fun and easy Christmas tree crafts for kids



Christmas Tree Suncatcher

Don't forget the windows when you're decking the halls this holiday season. This Christmas Tree Suncatcher by Kinder Craze will look fabulous in your window with the sunlight streaming through. It's sure to brighten a cold winter's day.

Christmas tree suncatcher craft for kids

Christmas Tree Outline

Use this Christmas Tree Shape Outline from Best Ideas for Kids to make so many holiday crafts this year. We love the sparkly green version adorned with pom-poms. Insert the tree outline into a section of a paper tube to make it stand up. It'll look terrific on the coffee table.

Christmas tree outline


Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

Not only will the kids spend hours making these beautiful Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments from Crayons and Cravings, but they'll make your home smell incredible, too. Decorate the trees with colourful buttons or with jingle bells if you like to hear that sweet little jingle now and then when you place gifts under the tree. Tie these ornaments onto presents to make them a little more special.

Cinnamon stick Christmas tree craft for kids

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Artsy Craftsy Mom's Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree is a simple project that kids can make in just a few minutes. If you don't have craft cones, you could make little paper cones instead to wrap the pipe cleaners around.

pipe cleaner Christmas tree craft for kids


Recycled Christmas Tree Craft

You'll probably receive lots of boxes from your online orders in December. Save some of that cardboard for this beautiful Recycled Christmas Tree Craft from Simple Everyday Mom. Using recycled materials is an easy way to make crafting more frugal. You could even use some old buttons as your ornaments rather than buying craft buttons at the store.

recycled Christmas tree craft for kids

Pom-Pom Christmas Tree Ornament

Grab some green pom-poms along with some stickers, buttons, ribbons, sequins, and other bits and bobs in your craft drawer to make these easy peasy Pom-Pom Christmas Tree Ornaments by The Joy of Sharing.  Both the glitter pom-poms and regular ones make fantastic trees.

Pom pom Christmas tree craft for kids

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornament

If you don't keep cupcake liners on hand, you should! You can make so many interesting shapes with them, like this cute Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornament by ABCs of Literacy. It's a festive, simple way for kids to work on their fine motor skills.

Cupcake liner Christmas tree craft for kids

Yarn and Stick Christmas Trees

Incorporate a bit of nature into your holiday crafts by making some of these Yarn and Stick Christmas Trees by Kids' Craft Room. It's a fun way to get the kids outdoors for a bit to collect the sticks you'll need for the trees. Then, all you need is some green yarn or ribbon, buttons, pom-poms, and a star to finish them off.

Yarn Christmas tree craft for kids

Seed Paper Christmas Trees

Christmas is the season of giving, right? Give back to the environment while giving a gift at the same time! These beautiful Seed Paper Christmas Trees by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots make terrific gifts. Plus, planting wildflowers is good for the bees, and you'll welcome the splash of colour from the flowers come springtime.

Seed paper Christmas tree craft for kids

Mixed Media Christmas Tree Art

Make a wall-worthy piece of holiday art that you can proudly display each season. This Mixed Media Christmas Tree Art by Projects with Kids is just the ticket. It's colourful, beautiful, and will look great on display on your mantle or wall.

Mixed media Christmas tree craft for kids

Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornament

If you only have a few minutes to craft, make this incredibly simple Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornament from The Soccer Mom Blog. In fact, she has three different ornaments to make—a tree, a candy cane, and an angel. Decorative paper straws are terrific for toddler and preschooler crafts.

Paper straw Christmas craft for kids

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Go on a walk together as a family to gather pine cones for these pretty Pine Cone Christmas Trees by Growing Family. Do you prefer green trees? How about white or silver ones? Paint them any colour you'd like, and then use colourful dots of paint to decorate the "branches."

Pine cone Christmas tree craft for kids


Christmas Tree Snow Globe Craft

Snow globes are magical, but if you're worried about little hands breaking the real thing, this Paper Christmas Tree Snow Globe Craft by Mombrite is just the ticket. The free template and step-by-step directions make this easy to assemble, even for preschoolers. They'd make lovely cards or magnets for the fridge.

Christmas tree snow globe craft

Popcorn Christmas Tree

Happy Hooligan's Popcorn Christmas Tree is a creative way to combine snack time and craft time! Kids will love colouring the popcorn with paint and placing each kernel on the tree. If you're worried about little ones popping the painted popcorn in their mouths, use a taste-safe paint instead. We've made edible paint with Peeps and yogurt, so try one of those if you're making this with toddlers!

popcorn Christmas tree craft for kids

Christmas Tree Stick Craft

Bring some sticks in from outside to make these rustic Stick Christmas Trees from The Gingerbread House. The trees can be painted to suit any decor—gold, silver, white, green, and red all look fantastic. Decorate the stick trees with sequins, stickers, buttons, pom-poms, and other accessories that look like little ornaments. 

stick Christmas tree craft for kids
Here are some more Christmas craft ideas for you to enjoy:

There you have it—25+ fun Christmas tree crafts that the kids will love making this year. Pin this list for later if you're not ready to start crafting right now!

Christmas tree crafts for kids

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