Easy Santa Claus Crafts for Kids

There's no better way to get into the spirit of Christmas than with one of these fun Santa crafts for kids. Crafting is a terrific way to spend some quality time together, and you can make a few pieces of decor to spruce up the house. Among these cute Santa crafts, you'll find ornaments, puppets, cards, and interactive projects the kids will love playing with. 

Santa Claus Crafts

Within this list of cute Santa crafts you're sure to find something to suit your kids' ages, abilities, and personalities. These Saint Nick crafts are fun, easy to complete in about 20 minutes or less in most cases, and will look great on the fridge, wall, mantle, or Christmas tree this year. Enjoy!

Santa crafts


Santa Crafts from Messy Little Monster

Let's kick things off with a handful of our favourite Santa crafts that we've done right here! You'll find some cute Santa ornaments for the tree, some artsy projects, and even some Santas that are fun to play with, like the spoon Santa or yarn ornament. Grab your crafts supplies and get started!


Santa Craft with Printable Template

You'll love our latest Santa Craft. We've provided a free printable to make this project super easy for toddlers, preschoolers, and even your older children. Painting the hair and beard with a pom-pom gives the hair a light, fluffy effect, but if you don't want to use paint, cotton, yarn, shredded white paper, or even white glitter would be fun to use for the beard as well.

Santa paper craft


Mix and Match Santa

Your child will be delighted to make this Mix and Match Santa Paper Craft, using their own photos to make Santas. This craft is a fun option for home or in the classroom and will make wonderful keepsakes for parents. Of course, if you don't have time to grab everyone's photo, you can make Santa's face using other pieces. The template makes this craft super easy for kids of all ages.

How to make Santa Claus


Santa Salt Dough Ornament

This fun Santa Handprint Ornament is a winner for kids and parents alike. Kids get to mix up the salt dough and use their handprints to make a festive ornament for the tree. Parents get to enjoy this sweet keepsake for years to come, each year remembering how those tiny handprints were once on the windows and doors everywhere. 

Santa Handprint Ornament

Handprint Santa Craft 

Here is another Handprint Santa Craft, this time made using handprints to create Christmas cards or gift bags. This is a quicker option that the salt dough Santa if you are a bit shorter on time. These Santa cards and gift bags are perfect for gifting to family and friends over the festive period. 

Handprint Santa craft for kids

Santa Pop Art

Do you have a budding artist who loves to explore bright, bold colours? Our Santa Pop Art project is the perfect Christmas craft for artsy types. Play around with different colour combinations to create a piece of pop art that'll look great on your wall this season.

Santa pop art craft

Santa Binoculars

Make these fun Santa Binoculars to keep watch for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. Kids will love making these in anticipation of looking for the jolly man in red. You'll need a couple of toilet paper tubes, red felt, gold scrapbook paper, faux fur, and a few other materials. If you don't have faux fur, though, use cotton balls instead. You can pull and stretch them to give them a nice fuzzy appearance like fur.

Santa binoculars craft

Paper Tube Santa

Here's another fun way to use those toilet paper tubes that you've been stashing away. Our Paper Tube Santa Craft is simple and festive, with a bright red suit and a fluffy, cottony beard. You could even write names on them and use them as placeholders at the kids' table on Christmas Day.

Paper Tube Santa Craft

Santa and Elf Craft

Where would Saint Nick be without his trusty elves? They go hand in hand, as you see here in our Santa and Elf Paper Plate Craft. They're even holding up a sign that reads, "Ho, ho ho!" This craft is great for using up leftover paper plates from Thanksgiving.

Santa and elf paper plate craft

Paper Plate Santa Craft

Keep hold of the paper plates! This paper plate Santa is both easy to make and adorably cute! This is a great Santa craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

Paper plate Santa craft for toddlers and preschoolers

Santa Yarn Ornament

Do you crochet or knit? Grab some red, white, and black yarn from your stash to make an adorable Santa Yarn Ornament. Wrapping the yarn around the craft sticks gives little hands some fine motor practice.

Santa yarn ornament craft

Santa Spoon Puppet

Encourage your kids to act out their favourite Christmas books and stories with our fun Santa and Rudolf Spoon Puppets. They're simple and fun to make, and when the pieces fall off, you can turn the spoon into another fun character for the next holiday or season. These spoon puppets make great additions to your family Christmas caroling, too!

Santa spoon puppet craft

Santa Pancake

Okay, so this isn't really a craft, but these Santa Pancakes are too cute not to include in this list of Santa crafts, and hey making fancy food can be a craft can't it! Santa pancakes are easy to make and they would be PERFECT for Christmas morning, or actually any morning during December. 

Santa pancakes craft

Santa Stuck in the Chimney Craft

Have fun making a moving Santa stuck in the chimney craft using a paper plate. Use our template to make it super easy. 

Santa stuck in the chimney Christmas craft

Santa Countdown 

Get ready for Christmas with this cute Santa Countdown. Each day glue a cotton ball on Santa's beard and by Christmas Eve his beard will be full! There is also a version without the countdown where you can glue all 24 cotton balls at once! 

Santa countdown craft for kids

Santa Colouring Pages

If you want a quick and easy craft that is suitable for all ages then our Santa colouring pages are perfect! You can add lines to make it more of an art project of just colour the printable as it is! 

Santa colouring pages - easy santa crafts for kids

Easy and Fun Santa Crafts for Kids

Want even more Santa crafts to schedule into your holiday season? Check out the projects below to find one that's perfect for the supplies you already have on hand. Saving a trip to the craft shops is always a bonus!

Santa craft ideas for kids


Paper Plate Santa

How jolly does this Paper Plate Santa Claus Craft by Simple Everyday Mom look? His big smile is sure to bring a smile to your kids' faces. Use paper plates and the printable template pieces to build a sweet Santa in no time flat. This is a terrific classroom project, especially if the pieces are prepped beforehand for preschoolers.

paper plate Santa craft


Santa Stuck in a Chimney

For a different take on a traditional Santa craft, this Santa Stuck in a Chimney Craft by Non-Toy Gifts is a nice change of pace. He is upside down in the chimney with his legs sticking out—probably from eating too many cookies that night! This simple craft is another good one for the classroom since all you need are paper, scissors, and glue.

Santa stuck in a chimney craft


Santa Card

This gorgeous papercraft becomes a beautiful Santa Card for someone special. Anyone would love to receive this Santa Card by The Best Ideas for Kids. His soft, fluffy beard and bright red nose are so fun and festive.

Santa card craft

Printable Pop-Up Santa

Make an interactive Santa! This cute Printable Pop-Up Santa by Kids Craft Room has his arms stretched wide like he's ready to give you a big hug! Push him down with your finger, and he pops right back up.

printable pop up Santa craft

Handprint Santa Craft

This Cute Handprint Santa Craft is another fabulous project from Simple Everyday Mom. This time, Santa's beard is made with your child's handprints. Isn't that creative? It'll make a great keepsake for your holiday scrapbook.

handprint santa craft

Santa Holiday Countdown Craft

What better way to count down the days until Christmas than with this Santa Advent Calendar by Artsy Craftsy Mom? Each day, kids can glue a cotton ball or pom-pom to Santa's beard. By Christmas Day, it'll be full and fluffy, and Christmas will have arrived.

Santa Christmas countdown craft

Santa Sticky Wall

Your toddler or preschooler will have a blast with this Santa Sticky Wall from Happy Toddler Playtime. Put contact paper on the wall and provide a tray of accessories, such as googly eyes, cotton balls, snowflakes, etc. Kids can make the beard by sticking lots of cotton balls to the contact paper or pressing and lifting the cotton balls, leaving little remnants of cotton behind on the sticky surface.

Santa sticky wall craft


Popcorn Santa Craft

Enjoy a snack while making these silly Popcorn Santas from Happy Hooligans. After painting his face and hat and popping on his eyes and nose, all that's left is filling in his beard and the trim on his hat with some fluffy popcorn pieces. Alternatively, you could also do this with pom-poms or cotton balls as well.

Popcorn Santa Craft

Santa Seashell Ornament

Perhaps your Christmases aren't white and snowy. Instead, yours are warm, sunny, and sandy! This Santa Seashell Ornament from Down Redbud Drive is the perfect craft for those in warmer clients or if you'd like to use some shells you've collected during your vacations in a few of your holiday crafts. Either way, it's a different take on Santa that would look amazing on a coastal-themed tree.

Santa seashell ornament

Milk Jug Santa Claus

Recycle a milk jug to make a festive-looking Santa for your home or porch. This Milk Jug Santa by Pink Stripey Socks is such a creative take on Saint Nick. You could even cut a hole in the back, insert a battery-powered tealight candle, and light him up on your porch or patio.

Santa milk jug craft

Paper Plate Santa Beard Craft

The kids will love this Paper Plate Santa Beard Craft from Non-Toy Gifts. His beard is made by lacing yarn back and forth through alternating holes in the paper plate. This is perfect for refining fine motor skills, particularly for kids who have an interest in sewing.

paper plate Santa craft

Balloon Santa Craft

Balloons don't get enough credit in crafting. They're perfect for making nice, round faces, as you see here in this Balloon Santa Craft from The Joys of Sharing. Watch how his appearance changes as he deflates a little each day. Here's another fun idea: pass him around in a game of Hot Potato while playing Christmas music. 

Balloon santa craft

Here are some more Christmas crafts you might enjoy:

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Santa Claus Crafts for kids

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