Dali Christmas Tree Craft

Whether you're looking for a colourful Christmas craft or you want to start introducing your children to the wonderful world of art, our Salvador Dalí Christmas Tree Craft for kids checks all the boxes! 

Salvador Dali Christmas Tree Art for Kids


The extraordinary artist Salvador Dali inspires today's craft! 

We are taking his wonderful -and sometimes bizarre- approach to art... kid-friendly style! Dali's surrealist style is legendary, and with his infamous moustache and melting clocks as our main inspiration, we've created a free template you can use to make this unusual Christmas tree craft.

Funny and cute, this craft is perfect as a simple artist inspired craft or as a Christmas card to give away this holiday season. 

Who is Salvador Dali? 

Salvador Dalí was a Spanish artist, most known for his influence in the surrealism art movement. He has an incredible body of work, but his most famous painting is the one featuring melting clocks, titled "The Persistence of Memory."

After all, he once described his artwork as "hand-painted dream photographs." and we can see why!

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Salvador Dali Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

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Scroll down for your free printable Dali Christmas tree craft!

Salvador Dali for Kids - Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Tree Craft - Supplies:

  • Printable Dali tree template 
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Paper scissors 
  • Coloured paper for the background

Christmas Tree Craft - Directions:

STEP 1: Grab the printable Christmas tree template.

Go below and grab a free copy of the Dali tree template! Print the Dali moustache and clock template and get all the rest of your supplies ready. 

Dali Moustache printable

STEP 2: Work on the colours.

Start by using your coloured markers to colour in each moustache and clock on the Dali art template. Each moustache should be a shade of green as these will make up the shape of the Christmas tree. The clocks can be any colour. 

As an alternative to coloured markers you could use paints or crayons to add colour to your template.

Salvador Dali melting clock printable

STEP 3: Cut out the Dali moustache and clock template

Once you have finished colouring all the moustache and clock shapes, it's time to cut them out ready to create a tree design inspired by Dali's art style! 

Salvador Dali art for kids

STEP 4: Make Dali inspired Christmas art!

As a final step, glue your Christmas tree design to the background paper of your choice. Stick the largest moustache shape to the bottom of your background and then stack the moustache shapes on top of each other in size order to create a Christmas tree shape.  Then add the rose to the top of your tree and a small thin brown moustache to the bottom of your tree to represent the tree trunk. 

Christmas tree craft inspired by Dali

Now all that you have left to do is decorate your Christmas tree craft with the Dali clocks that you cut and coloured earlier and...your Dali-inspired craft is complete!

Christmas tree art inspired by Dali


To download this Dalí moustache and clock template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: dali. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Dali moustache and melting clock printable

We hope you love making this fun and unusual Christmas tree craft inspired by the fabulous Salvador Dalí! Dali's art is so much fun to explore and this Christmas themed Dali art is the perfect way to introduce children to his artwork. Have fun! 

Salvador Dali art for kids. Melting clock and moustache Christmas tree craft.

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