Santa Craft - Printable Santa Template included!

Santa is back in town, and we're celebrating it with this adorable Santa Craft that makes for a wonderful Christmas craft for kids big and small!

Santa Craft for kids

Since my kids get super-duper excited during the holidays and absolutely love Santa (what little one doesn't?)  I came up with a free printable to make this Santa craft.

Kids will love putting their creative skills to work on this festive Santa craft. We're using all the traditional Christmas-themed colours and some simple materials like cardstock, a clothespin, and a pair of googly eyes to make this adorable Father Christmas craft!

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Now scroll on down to find out how to make this festive Santa craft and to grab our free printable Santa template

How to make a fun and easy Santa Craft

Santa craft
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Santa Craft - Supplies:

  • Santa Template
  • Cardstock - blue, red, white, tan/cream
  • White acrylic paint
  • Pom pom 
  • Clothespin
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Red marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Santa Craft - Instructions:

STEP 1: Print Santa template and gather your supplies

First of all, snag up a copy of our free Santa template down below! Print it out and cut out all the pieces. Get the rest of your supplies ready and prep your workstation. 

Santa craft supplies

STEP 2: Trace Santa template

Trace the cut out pieces onto the corresponding coloured cardstock. Keep Santa's hat brim and pom-pom white, but the hat and body should be red, and the circle cutout should be tan or cream-coloured as it will be Santa's face.

Santa craft template

STEP 3: Put Santa craft together

Put together your Santa craft by gluing the red body to the bottom of a cardstock sheet. We picked a blue piece of cardstock for our background, but feel free to use another colour!

Santa template

Then, place the face on top of the body and glue it on. Repeat for the hat and ball but leave the brim aside for now; we'll use it later.

Santa paper craft

STEP 4: Painting time!

This part is really fun! Take the clothespin and clamp the pom pom with it. You will be using this as a stamp to create Santa's beard and hair. Using the stamp like a paintbrush, dip the pom pom in white paint and stamp it around your Santa's craft, making Santa's beard, hair, and moustache. 

pom pom painting

Santa craft for toddlers

Santa craft for preschoolers

STEP 5: Add Santa's eyes, mouth and nose

Once you're are done panting Santa's hair with the pom pom, take your glue and attach the googly eyes to the eye area. 

Easy Santa craft

Take a red marker and draw a simple mouth. Then, make the nose by cutting a small circle from the red cardstock and glue it on.

Easy Santa craft for kids

As your final step, you just need to glue the hat's brim over the hair you painted with the pom pom.... and ta-da! Your Santa craft is ready for the holiday season!

Santa craft for kids


To download this Santa Craft template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: Santa. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Santa template

We hope you enjoy making this adorable Santa craft! Why not turn it into a homemade Christmas card and gift it to a loved one?!

Easy Santa craft for kids with free printable Santa template

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