Christmas Tree Pop Art Project for Kids

Introduce your kids to the colourful and fun world of pop art with this adorable Christmas tree Pop Art Project for Kids! Christmas tree crafts are so much fun to make at this time of year and I think that will agree that this pop art project would make a striking Christmas card to gift to family and friends.

Christmas tree pop art project for kids

This easy-peasy Christmas tree art project is part of our unique Pop-Art series, where we dive deep into crafts inspired by the Pop Art movement, particularly in Andy Warhol's style.

Pop art is an artistic movement that started in Great Britain during the 50s and became extremely popular in America, thanks to artists like Peter Blake, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, and the inspiration behind today's craft, Andy Warhol. 

Warhol became a leading figure in the pop art movement. He created famous artworks with a printing technique that allowed him to make multiple versions of the same image. He used popular objects and cultural references in his work, like soup cans, celebrities, and advertisements. 

Christmas tree art project for kids

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Today's pop art project for kids is an adorable Christmas tree pop art project that would be perfect for gifting as a Christmas card. 

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You can also check out our printable pack of Pop Art Projects for Kids available in the Messy Little Monster Shop. 

Pop art projects for kids

Christmas Tree Pop Art for Kids

Christmas Tree Pop Art Project - Supplies:

  • Pop art Christmas tree printable
  • Watercolour (or markers or oil pastels)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water
  • Scissors

Christmas Tree Art Project - Instructions:

STEP 1: Get the Christmas tree printable

First things, first! Make sure to get our Christmas tree printable before you begin the crafting process. Scroll down below and grab it! (use code tree to make it free).

Print it out onto thick white paper or thin cardstock. You could also use watercolour paper if your printer will take it. 

Christmas tree printable

STEP 2: Colour the Christmas trees

Once your Christmas tree printable start colouring the Christmas trees. You can use any medium, from markers to watercolours to oil pastels... let your creativity run free!

In our example, we have used watercolours. 

Christmas tree to colour

We used a different colour for each tree but gave each a matching brown trunk. 

For each Christmas tree, we began with a deeper shade at the top of the tree and then added more water to our watercolour paints so the colour faded slightly as we got towards the bottom of the tree. 

We then gave our Christmas tree's time to dry before moving onto step 3. 

Christmas tree art for kids

STEP 3:  Colour the background.

Once the Christmas trees are dry, it's time to add the background colour. I recommend using vibrant and contrasting colours to recreate that pop-art-inspired look. Look at the images below for inspiration, but remember you can take this art project in any direction you wish! 

Once complete leave your pop art to dry. 

Christmas tree craft - Pop art project

STEP 4: Turn your Christmas tree pop art into a Christmas card

Now it is time to turn your Christmas tree pop art into a Christmas card. Fold your art project in half and if needed take a pair of scissors and trim some of the borders, making sure not to cut off the coloured areas. 

I love the simplicity of this Christmas tree art project, but if you feel like it needs a few extra details you could always use glitter, metallic pens etc to add decorations to the Christmas trees. 

Christmas tree art ideas - pop art


To get this Christmas tree pop art printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code - tree. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you!

Christmas tree pop art printable

We hope you have fun making this pop art project for kids. Don't forget to check out some of our other Christmas Tree Crafts too. Enjoy!

Christmas tree craft. Christmas tree pop art project for kids.

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