Edible Paint for Babies using just 2 ingredients!

Introducing you to the easiest edible paint recipe ever! Using just 2 ingredients you can quickly whip up this baby finger paint and get your baby painting without any worries about them putting the paint in their mouth. Scroll on down for the paint recipe and ideas on how to use edible paint with babies and toddlers.

Edible paint

It can be hard thinking of art activities for babies, but painting with this edible paint is a perfect activity to introduce babies and toddlers to painting.

They can explore the texture of the paint using their fingers or they can discover what happens when they move the paint around with a paintbrush or a spoon.

If they taste a bit, that's ok, although I wouldn't encourage eating it as when you come to use other non edible paints you won't want your baby or toddler thinking it's ok to put it in their mouth.

Sensory play is the best type of play for babies and this edible paint provides the perfect sensory experience for your little ones.

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How to make Edible Paint for Babies

Edible Paint Ingredients:

  • Plain natural yogurt
  • Food colouring

TIP - If you are not keen on using food colouring you could try making your own natural dyes using fruit or vegetables to colour the yogurt.

edible paint ingredients

Easy Edible Paint Recipe

STEP 1: Prepare ingredients 

This edible paint really is easy to make! Simply spoon natural yogurt into small containers and add a drop of food colouring to each container.

making paint for babies

STEP 2: Mix, Mix, Mix!

Use a spoon or paintbrush to mix the food colouring and yogurt together. Your edible paint for babies is now ready. I said it was easy! It is in fact so easy that toddlers could even help mix up their own edible paints.

edible paint for babies

Baby Painting 

Once you have your edible paints ready it is time to invite your baby or toddler to have fun exploring the process of painting.

paint for babies

They can use their fingers to explore the paint or they can use brushes or spoons to move and layer up the edible paint.

baby painting

They can explore making marks with the paint as well as observing what happens as the colours mix. Older toddlers can try painting lines, shapes and patterns.

edible paint

Painting in a white tray works really well as it provides a clean canvas for painting on, but it also makes clean up really easy. You could either place the tray in reach of your child's highchair, on a small table, or you could set it up on the floor with a wipe clean tablecloth underneath to protect your floor.

Setting activities up on the floor works well for younger children, you could even turn painting with this edible paint into a full body experience! (Although I'd recommend doing it in the bath or shower if this is your plan so clean up is a little easier)

edible paint recipe

Painting on paper works well too if you want to approach this painting activity more like a traditional painting activity with a paintbrush and paper. It works well for finger painting too!

baby finger paint

This baby painting isn't artwork you can keep unfortunately, but I always think it it nice to record the painting process and/ or final artwork by taking a photograph.

Edible paint for babies. Get baby painting with this taste safe baby finger paint!

Have fun with this baby painting activity. and follow your baby or toddlers lead! This paint for babies is perfect for babies first painting experience or for introducing your baby to sensory play. You can't get an easier edible paint recipe than this!

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