Raised Salt Painting Christmas art project

Let's celebrate the holidays with a fun Raised Salt Painting Christmas Art Project! Salt painting for kids is great fun, and it looks o so beautiful! 

Raised salt painting Christmas art project for kids


Creating art around Christmas time is a marvellous experience for everyone! There's something so magical about celebrating the holiday's and making festive crafts with our little ones. 

This raised salt painting project is perfect for this time of year. We've included a template you can print with Christmas-themed designs so the kids can go straight to the fun part!

You can also use salt and paint for other themes. We used cookie cutters to help us with our heart design. 

Raised salt painting

Raised Salt Painting Christmas Art Project

Salt Painting Supplies:

  • Christmas Templates (or draw your own designs)
  • Glue
  • Salt
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrush

Salt Painting Instructions:

Christmas art project for kids

STEP 1: Prep your supplies.

Let's get this going! First, scroll down below and grab our printable templates for this raised salt painting craft. Once you have it,  print it out and gather the rest of your supplies. 

salt painting supplies

STEP 2: Trace the lines with glue.

Prepare your glue and start tracing the lines on the template with it. You can squeeze the glue straight from the bottle. Try to connect all the lines of glue so that the paint can spread along the lines and mix together.

Younger children may need help squeezing out the glue, it is harder than it looks, but great for strengthening those hand muscles!

salt painting

raised salt painting

STEP 3: Add the salt.

Once all the lines are covered in glue, continue by pouring table salt all over the template. This step is super fun! Let the salt sit for a little bit, and then shake off all the excess. I would recommend having a small tray nearby to tip off all the excess salt into. 

salt painting for kids

STEP 4: Paint the salt!

Take your watercolours, and using a paintbrush soaked in the chosen colour paint, touch the salt with the brush's tip.

This is where the magic happens! The colours will spread along the lines of salt. Try using different colours and watch them mix together as they travel along the raised salt lines. 

Christmas art project

salt painting

raised salt painting Christmas art project for kids

You can choose any colours you want for this craft. To keep with the festive theme, we used a purple shade on the snowflake and red and green for the baubles. For the Christmas tree, we went for the traditional Christmas colours of red, green, yellow, and brown (for the trunk).

Christmas salt painting for kids

Christmas art project - salt painting

Before hanging these cute art pieces, let them dry completely! Some salt may flake off over time, but they look so pretty when they are first painted and the salt painting art process is lots of fun!

Christmas raised salt painting craft for kids


To download these Christmas Salt Painting Art Project for free click on the link below and use the discount code: Christmas. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Christmas art project template

Salt painting for kids is a super-duper fun activity that will keep the kids captivated from start to finish! We hope that you enjoy this raised salt painting art project as much as we did. 

Raised salt paining for kids. A fun Christmas art project for kids of all ages.

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