Homemade Easter Card Ideas

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to celebrate Easter with your kids? How about making some homemade Easter cards together? We've gathered together 23 of our favourite handmade Easter card ideas that your children will love making. 

Homemade Easter card ideas for kids


These homemade Easter card ideas are simple and easy to do, so they're perfect for young children.  From adorable bunnies to cute chicks, these DIY cards will bring plenty of smiles this Easter. Happy crafting!

Here are a few more Easter craft ideas for you to browse through:

DIY Easter card ideas

Homemade Easter Cards

Let's begin with a few Easter card ideas from yours truly! Our footprint cards are sweet keepsakes that make a great gift for grandparents and parents. Also included are some printable, colorable Easter cards kids can make at home or at school.


Footprint Easter Bunny Card

Our baby footprint Easter bunny card is the cutest way to preserve your little one's footprints. It says, "Hoppy Easter," so it's perfect for sending greetings to family and friends. The printable template makes it so easy to put these cards together!

homemade footprint Easter bunny card


Printable Easter Cards to Color

Kids can choose from three adorable designs to color for their friends and family with these printable Easter cards to color . The set includes an Easter bunny card, a card with a chick in a basket, and a card featuring Easter eggs.

Printable Easter cards to color


Pop Art Easter Cards to Color

If you like the idea of doing something a little arty this Easter, but you still want to keep it simple, try your hand at this Easter pop art. Simply print out the design, grab a few brightly colored markers and then get creative as you color the Easter eggs.

Easter pop art handmade Easter card idea


Handmade Easter Egg Card

Here is another super simple idea, this time inspired by the famous artist Paul Klee. Grab the Easter egg template, color it, cut it out and then glue the Easter egg to some brightly colored cardstock. How simple is that! 

Paul Klee inspired handmade Easter egg card for kids


Some Bunny Loves You Easter Card

Send this "Some Bunny Loves You" card to the grandparents and their hearts will melt. It's such a cute idea to preserve your baby's footprints, especially for their first Easter. 

Some bunny loves you handmade footprint easter card

Cupcake Liner Easter Card

Combine cupcake liners with our template to make this adorable spring animal Easter card. If you don't want to make all three spring animals why not choose your favourite to glue to the middle of your Easter card. 

Homemade Cupcake liner Easter card for kids

Cupcake Liner Easter Card

Get a copy of our simple bunny template to create your own version of this cute bunny easter card. We used a fun wax crayon resist art technique that is perfect for all ages. 

homemade easter bunny card for kids to make


More Homemade Easter Card Ideas for Kids

For even more Easter card inspiration, check out these handmade Easter cards from around the web. Get creative with pop-up and 3D designs and more!

Handmade Easter card ideas


Easter Bunny Card Craft

Let's get things off to a hopping good start with this paper Easter bunny card from Simple Everyday Mom. Grab the printable template with all the pieces you need to make this sweet card in minutes. Because you only need paper, scissors, and glue, this is a fantastic card to make in the classroom.

Homemade Easter bunny card craft


Carrot Nibbling Easter Bunny Card

Here's a funny little bunny nibbling a carrot! This card from Kids' Craft Room will get lots of smiles and giggles from the lucky recipient. You write your message inside the carrot. Fun!

Bunny nibbling a carrot handmade Easter card idea for kids


Hidden Message Easter Card

What kid wouldn't enjoy making a hidden message Easter card like this one from Easy Peasy and Fun? The free template is easy to assemble. Plus, kids get to color in the cards, so they can customize it with their favorite colors and write their own greetings inside.

homemade hidden message Easter card


Homemade Woven Egg Easter Chick Cards

Red Ted Art's woven egg Easter chick cards are fantastic for practicing those fine motor skills and hand muscles involved in paper weaving. It's a really fun project for kindergarteners and up.

Homemade woven egg Easter chick card


Thumbprint Easter Card Ideas

Use these printables from Fun Handprint Art to make adorable thumbprint Easter cards with the kids. Fingerprints can be used to make sheep, bunnies, chicks, or eggs in a basket. This is a fun and simple idea that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Thumbprint homemade Easter card ideas


Handmade Dry Erase Easter Cards

Create dry erase Easter cards with the kids that they can draw on again and again. Though this craft calls for overhead film, you can easily do this with a laminator if you have one. Turn the egg shape into a chick, a hatching chick, a bunny, or a decorated Easter egg. There are so many possibilities with this card from Handmade Charlotte.

Dry erase Easter card for kids to make


Cotton Ball Easter Bunny Card

Soft and fluffy bunnies abound with these cotton ball Easter bunny cards from Our Kid Things. The fluffy white cotton really pops against the brown cardstock, but the kids can opt for different colors, too. We love how the pom-pom noses are all different colors!

Homemade cotton ball Easter bunny card


Handprint Eggs in the Grass Card

Send colorful greetings with this sweet keepsake handprint eggs in grass Easter card from Simple Everyday Mom. It looks like eggs sitting in the grass, doesn't it? This would make a fun invitation for an Easter egg hunt.

Homemade handprint Easter card idea


Homemade Yarn-Wrapped Bunny Cards

Let kids practice their fine motor skills while making fun and cheery yarn-wrapped bunny cards. One card from Kids' Craft Room has a bunny with its ear folded down while the other has pointy, straight ears. Both options are super cute.

Yarn wrapped bunny card craft for kids


Paper Chick Easter Card

Turn ordinary paper circles into a cute chicken and chick card. This idea from Easy Peasy and Fun is simple enough for your toddler and preschoolers to put together. It makes a beautiful spring greeting card for teachers, neighbours, and friends.

Homemade paper easter chick card


DIY Pop-Up Easter Chick Card

Red Ted Art's pop up chick card is just darling. The bright, jolly colors and fun 3D design make the chicks pop off the page as soon as the card is opened. 

Homemade pop up chick easter card for kids


Pop-Up Bunny Easter Card

Simple and cute, this pop up bunny card from Hello, Wonderful is a delight to look at and to make! The smiling bunny is holding a cute egg, and there's plenty of room to write a custom message for someone special.

Pop up bunny Easter card for kids to make


Pop-Up Easter Egg Card

The Soccer Mom Blog has the cutest pop-up Easter egg card with a photo inside. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles will love getting one of these cutesy cards from your kiddo. 

Homemade pop up Easter egg card


Hatching Easter Chick Card

Here's a chipper little chick hatching from an Easter egg that'll make a cute and colorful card for someone. You only need cardstock in various colors, scissors, and glue for this easy and fun craft from Simple Everyday Mom.

chick hatching from an egg homemade Easter card idea


Easter Handprint Card Ideas

Look at these wonderful Easter animal handprint cards from The Best Idea for Kids. Use the instructions to make a handprint sheep, bunny, or chick. Which one is your favorite? Ours is the sheep! 

Homemade Easter handprint card ideas


Fingerprint Easter Egg Cards

It doesn't get much simpler than these fingerprint Easter egg cards from Fun Handprint Art. Cut out an egg shape, place it on a colored background, and let the kids get to work dotting away with their fingerprints. Use a variety of colors for a really colorful card.

Homemade fingerprint Easter card idea for kids


Cotton Wool Bunny Card for Preschoolers

Use cotton wool pads to craft a sweet fluffy bunny that's simple enough for your preschoolers. The cotton pads make up his head, body, and ears, while you can add a cotton ball to make the tail. Don't forget to add the grass and, of course, some Easter eggs for him to hide to complete this cotton wool bunny card from Red Ted Art. 

Homemade Easter card for preschoolers


Easy Paper Egg Easter Card

If it's not yet time to paint real Easter eggs, paint some paper ones instead. Then, use them to make this colorful and cheerful paper Easter egg card from 5 Minutes for Mom. Let the kids experiment with different kinds of paint, from acrylics, to watercolors, to chalk pastels. 

Paper egg Easter card for kids to make


DIY Bunny Unicorn Easter Cards

Create magical-looking bunny unicorn Easter cards with this printable template from Hello, Wonderful. Add faux flowers, gemstones, stars, butterflies, rainbows, and any other cute bits and bobs you can find.

Bunny unicorn homemade Easter cards


Woven Bunny Basket Cards

Like the woven chick cards mentioned above, these woven bunny basket cards from Red Ted Art give kids a chance to practice their fine motor skill, coordination, and independent finger movements. They can color their bunnies any way they'd like and use various colors for the woven paper strips to make their cards unique. 

Homemade woven easter bunny cards

We hope you enjoy this list of homemade Easter card ideas. Get started making some unforgettable memories today. Don't forget to pin this post to come back to it when you're ready to make your handmade Easter cards! 

Homemade Easter card ideas for kids

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