25 Easy Easter Egg Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Here are 25 easy Easter egg crafts your kids will love! Spring is right around the corner, and it will bring with it beautiful blooms, budding trees, and, of course, Easter eggs! But, spring also has its share of rainy days. If you're looking for an indoor activity to enjoy with the kids, try one of these easy Easter egg crafts. 

Easter egg crafts for kids


In this list of Easter egg crafts, you'll find pretty paper eggs, stunning egg suncatchers, cute Easter egg cards, and much more. 

No matter what age your children are, you're sure to find a fun and festive Easter project to brighten up your home. Find a project to work on, gather your materials, and create a cute and crafty Easter egg today.

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Easter egg craft ideas

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids from Messy Little Monster

We'll start with some of our favourite Easter egg craft ideas from Messy Little Monster. With our printable and paintable egg templates, you can learn about famous artists like Warhol and Klee. Try the sponge-stamped or scrape-painted Easter eggs if you want to experiment with creative painting techniques.


Easter Pop Art

Create Easter pop art in the style of Andy Warhol with our printable template! Children will love the vibrant colors and fun patterns. Take advantage of this spring art project to learn more about the artist and his works while you create fun artwork to display. 

Easter egg pop art craft


Q-Tip Painting Easter Egg

Q-Tips provide an easy way for toddlers and preschoolers to paint. Practice on these Easter egg shapes and then turn the decorated eggs into greeting cards or a beautiful Easter garland to hang in your home. There are so many fun things you can do with these Q-Tip painted Easter eggs.

Q tip painting Easter egg craft for toddlers


Easter Egg Scrape Painting

Scrape painting is a fun technique that kids of all ages enjoy. Use the technique to make gorgeous Easter eggs to hang, turn into greeting cards, or make an Easter garland. Try this Easter egg scrape painting activity for yourself—no two eggs will look alike!

scrape painting Easter egg craft for kids


Easter Eggs Inspired by Paul Klee

We have enough printable templates to keep your little ones creating all Easter season long. One of our favorites is this Easter egg template inspired by Paul Klee. His work was influenced by cubism, expressionism, and surrealism, and we've captured a bit of his style here. Color it with crayons or marker or use paint to experiment with color!

Paul Klee Easter egg craft for kids


Sponge Painting Easter Egg Craft

Turn sponges into Easter egg stamps that toddlers and preschoolers can use to create pretty spring art. Use the finished Easter egg paintings to make greeting cards for friends and family, to make some wall art for the home, or to make Easter-themed wrapping paper for small gifts.

Sponge painting Easter egg craft for preschoolers


Paper Towel Easter Egg Craft

These painted paper towel Easter eggs are such fun for little ones to make. They love watching the paint spread across the paper towel as they paint with their watercolors. Add the tie-dyed paper towels to an egg-shaped piece of cardstock or construction paper to turn it into a lovely card for someone.

Painted paper towel Easter egg craft


More Fun Easter Egg Craft Ideas for Kids

Would you like to see more Easter egg art ideas? Here are some to inspire you. We have gathered some of the coolest ideas from crafty bloggers around the internet. Hope you enjoy!

Easy easter egg crafts

Easter Egg Flower Art

Hello Wonderful's Easter egg flower art is just stunning! What a fun way to include items from nature into your crafts. It's a fun invitation to create, and it's very open-ended, leaving lots of room for kids to explore their creativity. Go on a hunt for wildflowers together, pick some from your own backyard, or grab an inexpensive bouquet from the shops to use for this activity.

Real flower Easter egg craft for kids


Easter Egg Doily Craft

Make beautiful doily Easter eggs like these from A Little Pinch of Perfect to display in your home or classroom this spring. No two eggs look exactly alike, and kids will love the beautiful colors and patterns.

Paper doily Easter egg craft


Paper Easter Egg Craft

If you're looking for a simple idea to do with a group of kids, this paper Easter egg from Simple Everyday Mom is perfect. Using just the template and bright, colorful paper, kids can make gorgeous eggs to display for the holiday. Cutting out all the pieces is great for scissor practice, too.

Paper Easter egg craft for kids


Easter Egg Button Wall Art

Let the kids make some Easter egg button wall art that you can display year after year! You'll need buttons in a few different colors, a pencil to draw an egg shape (or use one of our Easter egg templates above), and some glue to finish this project from Artsy Craftsy Mom. That's it! You can frame it if you'd like... this will also help to keep the buttons on.

Button Easter egg craft


Paper Quilling Easter Egg 

If you've never tried paper quilling, this craft is a great project for beginners to learn how to make several shapes, like loose coils and teardrops. This colorful paper quilled egg from Artsy Craftsy Mom is perfect for your older children. Even adults enjoy paper quilling!

Paper quilling Easter egg craft


Crystal Easter Egg

Growing crystals is fascinating for kids. Once you learn how to make this crystal Easter egg from Fantastic Fun and Learning, making crystals for other holidays is a cinch. Just change the shape of the pipe cleaners. Kids will love watching these crystals grow and sparkle.

Crystal Easter egg craft for kids


Woven Paint Chip Easter Egg Banner

Let the kids practice their weaving and fine motor skills by making beautiful woven Easter eggs to turn into a decorative banner like this one by Pink Stripey Socks. Plus, the materials are inexpensive (paint chips are free), so this project is a total winner. Alternatively, you can skip the paint chips and just use various colors of cardstock or construction paper instead.

woven Easter egg craft


Transparent Easter Egg Suncatchers

Grab your transparency or laminator sheets to make lovely Easter egg suncatchers to display in your windows this spring. Just lay the egg template underneath, trace with a Sharpie, and color in with bright and colorful markers. Kids will love this project from Skip to My Lou!

Easter egg suncatcher craft


Easter Egg Photo Craft

Want to make a cute spring keepsake? Try these photo Easter eggs from Simple Everyday Mom. Kids will have a blast adding their photos to the eggs and decorating the cardboard with pieces of candy. Add magnetic tape to the back to turn them into fun Easter magnets for the fridge.

Photo Easter egg craft for kids


Pom-Pom Painted Easter Eggs

Here's another fine motor art activity that kids will love working on: these pom-pom painted Easter eggs by In the Playroom. It's an especially wonderful project for toddlers and preschoolers, as the clothespin may be easier to grasp and work with than a paintbrush. Also, painting with new materials is always fun.

pom pom painted Easter egg craft for preschoolers


Easter Egg Scratch Art

Have you tried scratch art before? Kids love it! First, you color something using bright colors, and then you coat the colors with black paint. Once the paint is dry, children can scratch designs into the black outer layer to reveal the fun colors underneath. Try this Easter egg scratch art project from The Craft Train to see how you like it.

Easter egg scratch art for kids


Tissue Paper Easter Egg Suncatcher

For another fun Easter egg suncatcher, try this one from Crafts by Amanda. You'll need black construction paper for the thick black outline (other bold colors work, too), contact paper, and lots of colorful tissue paper squares to complete the project.

Tissue paper suncatcher Easter egg craft for kids


Yarn Egg

Grab some brightly colored yarn from your stash or the craft store for making lovely yarn-wrapped eggs like this one from Fantastic Fun and Learning. The only material you need besides yarn is recycled cardboard—an old cereal box works just fine. Hang this two-sided craft in the window so both you and the neighbors can enjoy them.

Yarn Easter egg craft


Yarn Suncatcher Eggs

While you have your yarn out, make these fun yarn suncatchers from Kids' Craft Room, too. Snipping yarn is great for scissor practice and fine motor skills. Plus, the children will enjoy the cool texture of this craft.

Yarn suncatcher Easter egg craft


Felt Easter Eggs

Decorate felt Easter eggs with buttons, sequins, pom-poms, ribbon, and more! There are so many fun variations to make following this tutorial from The Best Ideas for Kids. Wouldn't these eggs make a lovely banner for an Easter party?

Felt Easter egg craft


Letter Recognition Easter Eggs

Practice letter recognition while making colorful art! These letter recognition Easter egg printables from Books and Giggles are wonderful tools for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning their letters.

letter recognition Easter egg craft for preschoolers


Washi Tape Eggs

Recycle foam trays and grab your most colorful tape and stickers to make these Washi tape eggs from Preschool Toolkit. They're very cute and will look great in a basket to add to your décor or hanging on an Easter tree.

Washi tape Easter egg craft


Pop-Up Easter Egg Card

Parents and grandparents will love these pop-up Easter egg cards from The Soccer Mom Blog. Push up on the craft stick to make the egg "hatch" and reveal a cute photo. 

Pop up Easter egg card craft


Yarn Easter Egg Garland

The kids will be super excited to make this yarn Easter egg garland since it involves wrapping (and then popping) balloons. This craft can get a little messy with all the glue, but that's part of the fun! Your new garland will look beautiful on the mantle. 

Yarn Easter egg garland craft

We hope you have enjoyed this list of Easter egg crafts and found a project or two you would like to try out this spring. Pin this list so you'll be able to find it later if you're not ready to start crafting just yet.

Easy Easter egg crafts for kids

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