Salt Painting for Kids

Have fun using salt and paint to make your own heart salt painting for kids! Creating raised salt painting art is such a fun process art idea for children! It is mesmerising to watch the watercolor paint travel as if by magic along the glue and salt. This simple salt art is great for children of all ages and you can change the images to fit any theme! 

Salt painting

We love painting here at Messy Little Monster and have so many fun painting ideas for kids for you to try! Not only that, if you have a child that loves painting as much as we do we have a book full of 60 fun painting projects for kids

All painting is fun, but salt painting is extra exciting as there is an element of surprise. Kids will love watching the watercolor paint travel along the salt and the colors merge together. 

These salt-painted hearts are great to make for Valentine's Day or a kindness theme. You could also make them for Mother's Day, although they are harder to keep than most paintings as some of the salt can flake off over time. 

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Salt and paint

When creating your own salt art use the directions below to learn the process of how to use salt and paint to create these beautiful paintings, and then have fun trying out different shapes and designs. For more ideas check out our Christmas salt painting and tree salt painting

Salt painting is a great process art activity for all ages. If you enjoy this art idea you might also like some of our other process art ideas

Salt Painting for Kids

Salt painting for kids

Salt painting supplies:

  • White cardstock paper
  • Heart cookie cutters
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Salt
  • Paintbrush
  • Watercolor paints
  • Water

Salt painting supplies

How to do salt painting 

STEP 1: Draw your outline

Begin by drawing the outline of the shape you are going to use for your salt painting, we chose a heart shape. Using cookie cutters to draw around is a great way of creating shapes. If you decide to draw your own shapes freehand keep them large and simple.

salt painting outline

STEP 2: Trace your shape with glue

Take your bottle of glue and trace the lines that you drew in Step 1. Squeezing the glue from the bottle can be hard for younger children so they may need a little help, it is however great for working on their fine motor skills! 

Glue outline for salt painting

Try to create one continuous line of glue so the paint can spread along the lines and mix together. 

STEP 3: Sprinkle on salt

Pour a generous amount of salt onto the heart shapes to cover the glue. Make sure you cover all of the glue with salt as any glue not covered in salt won't absorb the watercolor paint. Set aside to dry.

Add salt to outline for salt painting

Gently shake the remainder of the salt off of the page into a small tray, (this excess salt can be used for future craft projects). Be careful during this process so that the salt isn’t knocked off of the hearts.

salt outline for salt art

STEP 4: Painting time! 

Choose the watercolor paint colors that you want to use for the hearts. Dip your paintbrush into the water and then into your paint color to make sure the paintbrush has enough water and watercolor paint on it.

salt painting

Gently paint the salt with the watercolors. You should be able to see the paint spread through the salt as you paint around the hearts. Using more than one color is full as you can see the colors merge and begin to blend together. 

Raised salt painting

Continue using your watercolor paints to paint the salt hearts until all of your salt shapes are completed and then leave your salt painting to dry. Have fun, relax, and enjoy the process! 

salt painted heart art

We hope that you have a great time using salt and paint to make your own wonderful salt painting!

Salt painting for kids. A fun process art idea using salt and paint. Heart salt art.

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