Bunny Template - Crayon Resist Art

Use our bunny template to create a colourful piece of crayon resist art. Alternatively, use the simple bunny outline to create your own spring or easter craft for kids. The choice is yours!

Bunny template - crayon resist art


Wax-resist painting is such a fun and easy art technique for kids. We have used this painting process for many different art projects, such as our wax crayon resist snowflake art and our texture crayon rubbing rainbow art.

For today's bunny art project, we are going to use our simple bunny template to create a piece of easter-themed crayon resist art. We also used this bunny template to create our painted bunny (using a different, but just as fun art process).

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Crayon resist art for kids

Free Printable Bunny Template

The bunny rabbit template that we have used for this crayon resist art is a simple bunny outline. You can get a copy of this bunny template at the bottom of the bunny craft directions.

free printable bunny template

Bunny Template Craft Ideas

As well as using the bunny template to create the crayon resist art suggested below you could also add colour to the bunny outline using many other process art techniques. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Add a pom pom to a clothespin, dip it into paint and then onto the bunny template. (If you use a white pom pom it will look like a bunny tail, which the kids might find fun!)
  • Use paint sticks or markers to add simple designs or patterns.
  • Use an easter-shaped cookie cutter to stamp paint onto your bunny outline. 
  • Take small bunny figures, dip them in paint and make them bounce across your bunny rabbit outline. 
  • Place your bunny outline inside a cardboard box, squirt paint on top and then roll small balls around the box to create painty patterns on your template.  (We used this technique to create our easy bunny art)
  • Use black glue to create shapes, leave it to dry and then fill the shapes with watercolour paints. 

Once you have added colour to your bunny template it looks really effective if you cut it out and mount it onto coloured cardstock. 

Crayon resist Art using Bunny Outline

printable bunny template outline

Bunny Crayon Resist Art - Supplies 

  • Bunny template (printed onto thin white cardstock or thick paper)
  • Scissors
  • Wax crayons
  • Watercolour paint
  • Paintbrush 
  • Pot of water 
  • Coloured cardstock (optional - to make an easter card)
  • Glue (optional)

How to use your bunny template to create crayon resist art

STEP 1: Get your bunny template

First things first! Scroll down and grab a copy of the bunny template. Print it out onto thin white cardstock or thick paper. Cut out the bunny shape.

Then prepare your craft area by covering your work surface with a waterproof table cloth or newspaper. Lay out your wax crayons, watercolour paint, paintbrush and pot of water. 

Cut out your bunny template

STEP 2: Add patterns to your bunny outline 

Take a selection of coloured wax crayons and use them to draw patterns on your bunny outline. Draw a variety of horizontal lines from one side of the bunny to the other, curly, zig zag, dotted etc using a different colour for each line.  Press firmly with your wax crayons. 

Crayon resist art using bunny template

Fill bunny outline with lines

STEP 3: Paint your bunny template 

Once you are happy with your wax crayon lines it is time to paint your bunny. The wax in the wax crayons will resist the water in the watercolour paint, making the crayon patterns stand out against the watercolour paint. 

Paint bunny template

Use your watercolour paint to paint rows of various colours horizontally across your bunny outline. Alternatively, you could paint your bunny one colour or even paint sections of the outline in different colours. The choice is yours! 

paint bunny outline

Leave your bunny crayon resist art to dry. 

STEP 4: Glue the bunny outline onto a card  (optional)

Your bunny art is now complete, but why not use it to create a cute bunny easter card?! If you want to create an easter card simply fold a piece of cardstock in half and glue your crayon-resist bunny art to the front. 

bunny crayon resist art

You could also cut out the shape of grass from green paper and glue it across the width of the card below your bunny.

bunny craft for kids

I am sure that family and friends would be delighted to receive this cute easter bunny craft!


To download this bunny printable for free click on the link below and add $0. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

bunny template

We hope that you have lots of fun using our bunny template, whether that is to complete our bunny crayon resist art or to use the bunny outline for a bunny craft of your own! Have fun! 

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