Printable Easter Basket Template

If your have paper and coloured pencils you have everything you need to make this delightful Printable Easter Basket! Grab the Easter basket template below.

Printable Easter Basket Template

After our Valentine's Day paper basket was a total success with the kids, we decided to make the Easter version and it came out so cute!

This cute little Easter basket made with paper will be a hit with the family's little ones.  They can fill it up with the eggs they find during the traditional Easter scavenger hunts or use it to store all that yummy candy!

If you're not into drawing and complicated papercraft creations, we feel you! That's why we've included an easy, ready-to-print Easter basket template for free. You can simply download it (scroll to the bottom of this post) and get on with the fun part of this activity!

Easter Basket Template

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Printable Easter basket template

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Printable Easter Basket

Easter basket template – Supplies:

  • Our free printable basket template (grab a copy down below!)
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
  • Glue or tape

Printable Easter Basket – Directions:


STEP 1: Download the Easter basket printable.

First things first! Scroll down below and grab the free printable template for this charming little Easter basket! Print it out and get all the rest of your supplies ready to begin.

STEP 2: Colour your Easter basket template!

Invite the kids to colour the Easter basket template. Hand them coloured pencils, crayons or markers. We decided to go for coloured pencils in blue, yellow, pink, pastel green, and purple shades, but you can use whatever your little ones like best.

Printable Easter Basket

STEP 3: Cut out the basket shape.

Then, using scissors, cut the two shapes outlined in the template. 

Printable Easter Basket craft for kids

STEP 4: Put together your Easter basket.

Once you have the cutout shapes, it's time to put your Easter basket together! Using the template directions as a guide, fold in each corner of your circle shape and secure it with glue or tape. This will make your basket. 

Next, take the "Happy Easter" handle and attach it to the inside part of the basket.

Printable Easter Basket Craft

Make sure everything is secured in place, and your Easter basket is ready for a fun Easter-themed egg hunt!

Easter Basket Craft Template

We hope you and your little ones have tons of fun. Enjoy!

Easter basket craft for kids


To download these Printable Easter Basket for free click on the link below and use the discount code: basket. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Printable Easter basket template

Printable Easter basket template to make an easy Easter craft for kids.

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