Earth Day Art - Dot Painting (earth template included)

Unleash your little one's creativity with this Earth Dot Painting! Not only is this the perfect earth day art project for kids, it is also super easy using our free printable earth template. So what are you waiting for, get ready to start your earth themed dot art!


Messy play is kind of our thing around here, as you probably know. But today, we are bringing you a low mess activity for those days when you need a no-mess and go-to art project for the little ones! (If you want something a little more messy check out our shaving cream earth day craft)

In this art project for little ones, we'll be exploring the attention-grabbing dot painting technique. This method consists of make or filling up shapes with dots. 

Dot painting can be as messy or as neat as you want it to be. There are tons of examples in famous works of art that showcase all the different and creative ways artists have used this technique in their creations.

Depending on the dots' size and how you arrange them in your canvas or design, your artwork's entire vibe can change!

From tiny little dots to huge circles and everything in between, the dot technique is fun and interactive. Little ones can enjoy making art, explore different ways to express their creativity, and have a wonderful fun time!

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Earth dot art

Earth Dot Painting with Earth Template

Earth Day Art - Supplies:

  • Earth template
  • Blue and green paint
  • Cotton swabs
  • Toothpicks

Dot Painting Earth - Instructions:

Earth dot painting

STEP 1 - Download the free earth printable:

Go below and grab a copy of our free earth template. Once you have downloaded it, print it out.

STEP 2 - Get your brushes and paint ready:

Prepare your "brushes" and paint for this dot painting. We'll be using cotton swabs and toothpicks as brushes today. 

You will also need to prepare your green and blue paint.

Earth template

STEP 3 - Colour-time:


Once everything is ready, dip the cotton swabs and toothpicks into the paint. Paint little dots using the green paint in all the sections of the template the land is supposed to go. 

dot art using a toothpick

Dot painting

To make this painting pop out more, add different-sized dots! This is a small thing, but it can totally change your painting, giving it more dimension and movement.

Earth day art

Once you have finished the green dots for the land move onto using the blue paint, make more dots but this time to represent water.

Dot art

This is such a fun way to paint, right?

Earth day dot art


To download this Earth Dot Painting template for free click on the link below and use the discount code:earth. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Printable earth template

Have fun making your own earth dot painting using our free earth template. It is such a fun and easy earth day craft for kids to enjoy. 

Earth day art. Dot painting with earth template. Easy dot art for kids.

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