Thankful Tree Craft

Grab some leaves and make this lovely Thankful Tree Craft! Encourage your kids to appreciate and be thankful for the important things in life with this cute craft! 

Thankful tree craft

Today, we're bringing you a special craft that's perfect to have fun with and enjoy some quality time with your little ones. Kids will have a blast, no matter their age! You can even turn part of this craft into a leaf-hunt and get the kiddos moving! 

This Thankful tree DIY craft is a beautiful idea to do with the kids as a family project. Read on to learn how to make this Thanksgiving tree craft at home!

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If you use silk leaves for this craft and you have any left use them to make a leaf sensory bin

Thankful tree

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Thankful Tree Craft - Thanksgiving Tree

Thankful tree craft - Supplies:

  • Paper towel roll
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Brown Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Fall craft leaves, natural leaves (or make your own with construction paper)
  • Markers in darker colours like black, brown, deep red.

Thanksgiving Tree Craft - Instructions

STEP 1: Prep your craft-station

Gather your supplies, and let's get started! For this craft you can use silk leaves (as pictured), make your own paper leaves or even collect some real leaves. 

Thankful tree craft supplies

Take your paint and apply it on the outside of the paper towel roll, then set it aside until dry. Now paint 1/3 of the inside of the paper towel roll and let it dry completely before moving on. 

making thankful tree

thankful tree diy

STEP 2: Start writing!

Invite the kids to join you while the paint dries. Using a marker, encourage the kids to write one word on each leaf, representing something or someone that they're thankful for. 

thankful tree craft

This is all about fun and whatever comes naturally to them to be thankful for! There's no need to fill all the leaves either. Leave some empty to fill up all the branches later on.

STEP 3: Make the branches

Start cutting thin strips of different lengths from the top of your painted paper towel roll once it's dry, but remember not to cut any lower than that top 1/3 of the roll we marked out by painting.

thankful tree

cardboard tube tree craft

STEP 4: Put your thankful tree together

Taking the glue, attach one or two leaves with the words on to the end of the branches and fill the remaining part of the branch with blank leaves. 

Thankful craft for kids

Thanksgiving tree

Thankful craft for kids

Thanksgiving tree

All done! This thankful tree makes for a great centrepiece or gift, and all the family can join in to make this art project even more special! We hope you enjoy making this Thanksgiving tree.

Thankful tree craft for kids. Thanksgiving tree.

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