Fingerprint Christmas Lights Keepsake Craft

Give this sweet keepsake Fingerprint Christmas Lights craft to friends and family this year! Kids of all ages will enjoy making this Christmas fingerprint art project. It's super simple to do and will make a very special gift. You can also hang it around the house for a sweet Christmas themed picture of the kids. Follow the step by step directions below to get started making your own fingerprint Christmas lights craft.

fingerprint Christmas lights

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fingerprint Christmas lights craft

Art projects are so much fun to do with kids, but what's better than a practical project? This one is so easy that it will only take a few minutes of applying fingerprints. And once you're done, you can gift to loved ones or hang around the home to enjoy. 

Scroll down below to get started making your own fingerprint Christmas lights craft.

Christmas fingerprint art

Fingerprint Christmas lights craft

Fingerprint Christmas lights supplies:

  • Printed photograph
  • Marker
  • Finger paints
  • Picture frame

How to make a fingerprint Christmas lights craft

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, make sure to gather up all your supplies. Print out your photograph in black and white on white cardstock, making sure to leave enough margin to add your design.

STEP 2: Make fingerprint Christmas lights design

To get started, draw a wiggly line with a marker around the edge of the photograph to resemble the string of lights. 

Next, add fingerprints to the string by dipping each of your child's fingertips into paint and applying them to the paper. Optionally, if doing this craft with several children, choose a different colour for each child and make note which colour belongs to who. This is such a special touch to a gift like this one!

Leave your picture with the design aside to dry.

fingerprint lights

fingerprint keepsake craft

STEP 3: Add to picture frame

Once the paint has dried, add it to the frame! Optionally, have each child sign their name on the back. Now you're ready to wrap it and gift it to a loved one.

Christmas lights craft

We hope you have fun making this sweet keepsake fingerprint Christmas lights craft with your kids! It's such a sweet gift idea to give to family. They are sure to enjoy it and hang it around the home to enjoy.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights. Easy Christmas Craft for Kids.

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