Santa pop art for kids

Welcome Santa this holiday season Andy Warhol-style with our charming Santa Pop Art for Kids and dazzle your little ones with this fun Christmas art project!

Santa pop art for kids


Scroll down for your free Santa pop art printable.

Pop art projects are one of the best art-inspired activities to do at home with the kids, especially if you want to start adding some educational content to your kid's crafting sessions.

We're taking inspiration from one of our favourite artists of this movement, Andy Warhol, and his iconic silkscreen prints for today's art project.

Pop Art began in Britain during the 50s but really picked up momentum during the cultural change in America during the 60s, becoming a key part of re-shaping the concept of visual arts as a whole.

Thanks to artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Peter Blake, and many others, the pop art movement pulled inspiration from mass-produced items, ads, comic books, newspapers, celebrity-culture, and consumerism. 

With groundbreaking new techniques to produce artwork in series, this movement re-defined what we considered art and still influences current artists.

With this in mind, we are so excited to share with you our take on Christmas themed pop art, with this fun Santa pop art for kids. 

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Santa craft

When you think of Christmas as a child the first thing that comes to mind is Santa, so this Santa art is sure to be popular with the kids! Using our Santa printable this pop art couldn't be easier and children can really make it their own by playing around with different colour combinations. 

There are two printable options available; there is a full page printable to make a piece of wall art and a smaller version that can be folder in half to make a Christmas card. 

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Santa Pop Art for Kids

Santa Pop Art for Kids - Supplies:

  • Printable Santa cards
  • Markers
  • Watercolor
  • Oil pastels
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Accessories (Optional)

Santa Pop Art for Kids - Instructions:

STEP 1: Download Santa Printable

Please scroll down below and grab our free Santa pop art printable! Using white paper or thin cardstock, print it out, and gather all your supplies for the next step.

Santa printable template

STEP 2: Colour-time

Now it is time to colour the template! You can use markers, pencils, watercolors, and any other medium you have at hand for this step. Colour each of the Santa's hats as well as the background behind each Santa. 

Christmas art project for kids

Santa art project for kids

STEP 3: Make your background POP!

Because this is an Andy Warhol-inspired craft, we encourage you to use some contrasting, vibrant colours for the background to keep up with the pop art theme.

Pop art for kids

Santa printable

STEP 4: Final Touches

Cut off the border of the template once your Santas are complete. If your kids want to add some extra glitz, you can always add beads, glitter or any other decoration you have around. We used some cotton balls to give Santa's beard a 3D effect and it looked awesome!

Santa Christmas card to colour

Santa pop art

Santa art for kids

And just like that, your Pop-Art inspired Santa Claus craft is all done! Now all you have to do is display your art work with pride or turn it into a Christmas card and write a cute message inside. 

Scroll down to grab your free pop art printable or alternatively get our full set of 10 Pop Art Printables from the Messy Little Monster Shop. 

pop art for kids printables

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paper crafts for kids


To download the Santa Pop Art for Kids Printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code: Santa. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Santa pop art printable

We hope you love making this Santa pop art for kids as much as we did! It is such a fun Christmas art project for kids of all ages to enjoy. 

Santa pop art for kids. Andy Warhol inspired Christmas art project. Santa craft.

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