Line Art for Kids

This Line Art project is a fun and hands-on project to get kids involved in the wonderful world of art! 

line art for kids


What's Line Art?

If you pay attention, lines are everywhere! From pictures to paintings to drawings, lines are one of the essential elements of anything visual. That's why lines are considered one of the 7 most fundamental elements in art. 

Lines can add texture or shading to any subject in a painting or drawing. An artist can express emotions or show movement in his artwork using just lines. In addition, artists often use lines to guide the viewer's eyes through the art piece by creating focal points and perspectives. 

There's a ton of different lines to explore. From diagonal lines, fun zig-zagged lines to vertical, horizontal, parallel lines, curved lines, broken, straight, thin, or thick lines! 

Today we're exploring and learning all about line in this amazingly simple, but also awesome line art for kids project!

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element of art - line

Element of Art - Line

Line Art for Kids - supplies:

  • Thick watercolor paper (or sketch pad)
  • Oil pastels
  • Watercolor paint 
  • Paintbrush
  • Pot of water

Line art for kids - Directions:

STEP 1 -  Get everything ready:

To begin, make sure all your supplies are ready and nearby. You will need brightly colored oil pastels and watercolor paint in a selection of colors, as well as a paintbrush and some water for washing your paintbrush. Lay your watercolor paper out where you will be working. 

Easy line art project for kids

STEP 2 - Draw lines!

Draw different lines across the paper using the oil pastels. Experiment with all sorts of lines: zig-zag, dashed or wavy lines, bumpy and straight lines. Draw each line using a different colored oil pastel. 

line art project for kids

How many different line shapes can you come up with?  The sky's the limit! 

line art

STEP 3 - Paint the line art:

Once you have filled your paper with lines and created your own design, paint the gaps between each line with watercolor. To make this design even more vibrant, use bright colors! Paint each gap a different color.

Easy line art project for kids

line art project for kids

line art for kids

line element of art

Kids will love to make this fun and colorful line art project, I promise! Have fun exploring lines and colors!

Line art for kids. Easy art project for kids on the element of art line.

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