Homemade Watercolor Paint Recipe

Have you ever tried making your own Homemade Watercolor Paint? If you haven't and want to give it a go we have a really easy DIY watercolor paint recipe for you to try. All you need are some colorful sharpies and some rubbing alcohol. 

Homemade watercolor paint

Who knew you could make watercolour paint using a sharpie pen! This paint recipe is fun and easy to create and perfect for little ones. The best thing about this homemade watercolor paint is the color options, there are so many different colored sharpies that can be used to make this DIY paint. 

Once you have made your watercolor paint use it to have a go at some of these watercolor ideas for kids

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Watercolour Paint Recipe

Homemade Watercolor Paint - Supplies

  • Permanent sharpies 
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paint tray

You will also need:

  • White cardstock or a coloring page to paint
  • Paint brush

homemade watercolor paint supplies

How to make DIY Watercolor Paints:

STEP 1: Color the paint tray

First of all decide which color sharpies you would like to use to make your watercolor paint. Then use your permanent sharpies to color the paint tray cavities. You will need to color each cavity in a different color. 

DIY watercolor paint

STEP 2: Add rubbing alcohol

Fill each paint tray cavity with rubbing alcohol. (The more alcohol that you add, the lighter your paint color will be).

homemade watercolor paint recipe

STEP 3: Mix to make your watercolor paint

Use a paintbrush to mix up the Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol to create your watercolor paints.
If you run out of a paint color, use a tissue to remove excess moisture and color the cavity again with Sharpie and then fill it with more rubbing alcohol.

DIY watercolor paint recipe 

STEP 4: Time to use your homemade watercolor paints

Now all that is left to do is use your newly made DIY watercolor paints. You can either use plain cardstock to paint your own image or grab one of our free coloring pages for kids to paint. 

homemade watercolor paints for kids

For these images we used our Easter coloring pages, but pick something based on your interests or the season you are in. Maybe some under the sea coloring pages or what about some superhero coloring pages?!

watercolor recipe

This is definitely ones of the easiest ways to make homemade watercolor paint to use for your art projects with kids! Have fun experimenting with making your own DIY watercolor paint and trying out lots of different colors.

DIY homemade watercolor paint recipe.

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