Fun & Festive Reindeer Crafts for Kids

Reindeer are one of the most famous symbols of Christmas, and kids love to see them every year. If you're looking for some fun, creative reindeer crafts to keep your little ones occupied during the holiday season, look no further! 

Reindeer crafts 

We've collected 25 adorable reindeer crafts for kids that will keep little ones entertained for hours. From simple reindeer crafts for preschoolers using common materials like paper and glue, to more elaborate reindeer craft ideas for older kids that require a little bit of crafting skill, there's something here for everyone. 

So get started on those Christmas decorations early this year – your kids will love helping you make these delightful reindeer arts and crafts!

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Reindeer crafts for kids



Reindeer Crafts for Kids

Reindeer Paper Craft

Have a blast making a reindeer paper craft using our printable reindeer template and your kids' photographs. The children can swap out the type of scarf, antler shape, head accessories, and more to make a special reindeer craft that's all in their own style. This reindeer craft is perfect for preschoolers who will be delighted to see their own faces on their craft. 

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Reindeer paper craft for kids

Pop Art Reindeer Craft

Study the style of Andy Warhol and recreate this jolly reindeer pop art in your classroom or at home. It's such a fun way to explore different colour combinations whilst learning about a famous artist. Kids can create this reindeer craft using markers, crayons or even watercolour paint. 

Reindeer pop art - Reindeer craft ideas for kids

Magic Reindeer Food

Sure, you leave out milk and cookies for Santa, but do you remember to feed his reindeer, too? This magic reindeer food is the perfect reindeer craft for Christmas Eve! Spend some time mixing up a bit of magic reindeer food, and then put it in treat bags decorated to look like reindeer.

Magic Reindeer Food - Reindeer crafts for kids


Reindeer Footprint Craft

Make your tree a bit jollier and enjoy a lovely keepsake for years to come with our fun reindeer footprint ornaments. What a sweet way to remember how tiny those feet and toes are this Christmas. This footprint reindeer craft makes a wonderful Baby's First Christmas ornament for the grandparents, but toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy making them, too.

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Footprint reindeer craft for babies

Reindeer Rock Painting Craft

Put a festive spin on the art of rock painting. We have an adorable reindeer rock painting along with tutorials for Santa, a gift, and a Christmas tree, too. Make one or make them all! They are fantastic as paperweights in the office, or you can hide them at the park or around your neighbourhood for others to find.

Reindeer rock painting - Reindeer arts and crafts

Fingerprint Reindeer Craft

Make your gifts extra special this year with some fingerprint reindeer gift tags. This is an adorable way to spruce up gifts to family and friends. Fingerprint snowmen gift tags would be simple to create in the same way. Even toddlers and preschoolers could give this easy reindeer craft a go. 

Fingerprint Reindeer Craft - Reindeer crafts for preschoolers


Reindeer Wood Slice Ornaments

Turn a wood slice into a festive Rudolph wood slice ornament... or several! We have tutorials for making wood slice reindeer, snowmen, and penguins. Grab plenty of wood slices; you'll want to make them all!

Wood slice ornament reindeer craft

Reindeer Handprint Craft

How adorable is this handprint reindeer? It is one of the easier handprint crafts to make and will look adorable on Christmas cards.

Reindeer handprint - Reindeer crafts for preschoolers and toddlers

Printable Reindeer Noses Craft

Use our printable tags to make these reindeer nose Christmas treat bags. You could make enough for a whole class of children or hand them out at a Christmas party. Edible treats always go down well!

Printable reindeer noses treat bags - Reindeer craft ideas

Printable Coloring Page

Kids will love this cute Rudolf coloring page. You can color it as it is or at lines to create a fun reindeer themed line art project. Either way, the kids are sure to have fun!

Rudolf coloring page - reindeer crafts for kids

Clothespin Reindeer Craft

Add a ribbon to this clothespin reindeer to hang it on the Christmas tree or glue a magnet to the back and use it to stick your Christmas crafts to the fridge!

Clothespin reindeer craft for kids

Reindeer Craft Ideas

Here are even more reindeer arts and crafts for you to browse through from some of our favourite websites.

Reindeer arts and crafts

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Handprint Reindeer Paper Craft

This darling handprint paper craft reindeer by Little Ladoo is one of our favourite reindeer crafts on the list. It incorporates a handprint craft as well as a paper craft to create a beautiful reindeer craft that's totally wall-worthy. What a fantastic craft for the classroom!

Handprint reindeer paper craft for preschoolers


Reindeer Bookmarks Craft

The holidays are the perfect time for extra reading, and these easy reindeer bookmarks from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops are the perfect way to save your place. You'll smile every time you see a reindeer peeking over your pages. The best thing about this reindeer craft is that it is useful and can be used day after day. 

Reindeer bookmark - reindeer craft ideas

Flying Reindeer Craft

This springy flying reindeer by Big Family Blessings looks like he's flying over the North Pole! Use the printable template to make the reindeer and the pole. The cotton balls are wonderful for making snow-covered ground.

Flying reindeer craft for kids


Paper Bag Reindeer Craft

This paper bag reindeer by In the Playroom is perfect for a gift bag, an Advent calendar bag, or just to display in your home. Drawing the face onto your reindeer allows you to create any expression you'd like. However, if you'd like to make it easier with a group of kids, you can always use large googly eyes to speed things up a little.

Paper bag reindeer craft for preschoolers

Accordion Paper Reindeer Craft

This sturdy accordion paper reindeer by Kids' Craft Room is so much fun. It stands up thanks to the accordion fold, which makes it a bit stronger, and it also allows kids to use their hands to walk their reindeer craft across the table. 

Accordion paper reindeer craft idea

Popsicle Stick Reindeer Craft

Put on a little puppet show with this popsicle stick reindeer puppet by Artsy Craftsy Mom. You'll also find tutorials for an elf, snowman, gingerbread man, and an angel, so you can add lots of characters to your stories and songs.

Popsicle stick reindeer craft for kids


Reindeer Juice Pouches

If you're looking for a fun way to make packaged treats more festive for your kids' Christmas parties, these reindeer juice pouches by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops are a great choice. Dress up CapriSuns, Kool-Aids, and other pouch drinks using construction paper and a few other materials to turn them into edible reindeer crafts.

Reindeer juice pounches - reindeer craft ideas


Reindeer Snowflakes

Making paper snowflakes is a lot of fun, but if you're tired of the same old designs, these reindeer snowflakes by Pink Stripey Socks are a great way to try something more challenging. Older children will love cutting their reindeer snowflakes out, and the younger ones can help decorate them by adding the eyes, mouths, and noses.

Reindeer snowflakes - reindeer craft ideas

Coffee Filter Reindeer Craft

Dye coffee filters brown and use them along with some other simple craft materials to make a coffee filter reindeer. This reindeer craft by Darcy and Brian is perfect for a cold day where you need to stay indoors. You'll need to allow for drying time for the coffee filters and clothespins, but that doesn't take too long. Once they're dry, you can have several reindeer ready in about 20 minutes.

Coffee filter reindeer craft for kids


Reindeer Tic Tac Toe Game

The only thing more fun than playing a game is making it yourself first! This reindeer tic tac toe is a terrific project for kids, especially if they'd like to make some homemade gifts for friends and family. 

Reindeer tic tac toe game - Reindeer arts and crafts


Reindeer Headband Craft

Preschoolers will adore becoming a reindeer for a day with this reindeer headband by Simple Everyday Mom. Print the template, trace onto craft paper and cardstock, then cut and glue to finish. Teachers will find this an easy reindeer craft to do in the classroom, especially if the pieces are pre-cut for the little ones.

Reindeer headband - reindeer crafts for preschoolers


Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

Save your empty cardboard tubes to make a whole team of reindeer! This toilet paper roll reindeer craft by Kitchen Counter Chronicles is fun and silly. Kids will have a great time making them! The Christmas ribbon for scarves is a festive touch, but you can easily use construction paper if you're all out of ribbon.

Toilet paper roll reindeer craft for kids


Reindeer Painting

Get artsy this holiday season with a fun and festive reindeer painting by Projects with Kids. It's an adorable scene with the reindeer looking happily up at the snowflakes that are falling. This would be especially fun on a snow day! Choose from two reindeer templates: one with the face drawn in and one that's just a reindeer outline. It's perfect for all ages!

Reindeer painting - reindeer arts and crafts ideas


Reindeer Paper Plate Lacing Activity

Practice fine motor skills with this reindeer lacing activity by The Frugal Navy Wife. Even older children will enjoy it; you're never too old to improve hand and finger dexterity. This reindeer craft has a woven red nose, which makes it really stand out amongst all your other holiday crafts and decorations. 

Reindeer paper plate lacing activity - reindeer crafts for kids


Reindeer Photo Ornaments

Turn recycled paper lids into lovely keepsake reindeer ornaments you'll look forward to hanging on your tree every year. This reindeer photo ornament by Hello, Wonderful is perfect for a Christmas crafting session, and each person can then add their personalised ornaments to the tree. I love this reindeer craft idea, it would be the perfect reindeer craft for preschoolers or toddlers to make to gift to family.

Reindeer photo ornaments - reindeer craft ideas

Reindeer Handprint Craft

Imagine the smile on the grandparents' faces when they receive one of these reindeer handprint cards! This craft idea from The Best Ideas for Kids will also make a memorable addition to the scrapbook and is fantastic for crafting at school or at home. The best thing about this reindeer craft is that it is made from paper, no messy handprints needed. 

handprint reindeer craft for preschoolers


Cereal Box Reindeer Craft

Here's another way to recycle this holiday season. Make a cereal box reindeer like this one by Barley & Birch. We love how natural items like sticks and feathers are incorporated. Use whatever accessories you have on hand, such as decorative tape or jingle bells to make your reindeer look more interesting.

Cereal box reindeer craft


Reindeer Clothespins

Display your family holiday photos with these adorable reindeer clothespins by The Soccer Mom Blog. You'll need jumbo clothespins for large photos, but feel free to use smaller clothespins if you want to display smaller ones or just make a fun, silly reindeer craft with the kids.

Reindeer clothespins -  easy reindeer crafts


Paper Reindeer Christmas Craft

This print-and-make paper reindeer Christmas craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect is a great little reindeer craft when you're pressed for time. Kids can add a festive background to make it more interesting, or leave their reindeer as-is.

Paper reindeer craft for kids

Reindeer Toilet Roll Gift Box

Make a reindeer toilet roll gift box (or several) as a fun way to present small gifts or gift cards to friends and family this season. This reindeer craft by Red Ted Art teaches kids to reuse and recycle what they can and encourages them to think creatively about ways to repurpose items around the house.

Reindeer toilet roll gift box - reindeer craft ideas


Easy Rudolph Craft

Toddlers will adore this easy Rudolph craft from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops. Either use banner pieces or cut triangles out of craft paper to make the reindeer's head. After that, it's as simple as adding eyes, a sparkly nose, and painted clothespin antlers. 

Easy reindeer craft for toddlers and preschoolers

We hope you've enjoyed our list of 25 reindeer crafts for kids. These are some fun and easy reindeer craft ideas to do with your children, grandchildren, or students during the holidays! Which reindeer arts and crafts will you make this season? Pin this post so you can easily find it later.

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