Wood Slice Ornament Ideas

Looking for new and creative kid-friendly activities? We have something in store! Today we'll dive into how to make your own wood slice ornaments at home with our collection of wood slice ornament ideas.

Wood slice ornament ideas

From how to paint wood slices to how to seal them so they keep their bright colour for the next few holiday seasons, we'll share a few tricks and tips below. Read on!

Busy little hands will love working on their own Christmas ornaments, and wood slices are the best thing for this. 

These ornaments are a simple and polished option to have the very best of both worlds: a stylish Christmas tree and happy kids!

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penguin wood slice ornaments

reindeer wood slice ornaments

snowman wood slice ornaments

How to make DIY wood slice ornaments at home for kids


If you've wondered how to paint wood slice ornaments and avoid cracking, we got the answer! And, guess what? It's surprisingly easy!

fingerprint snowman wood slice ornaments

fingerprint snowman wood slice Christmas ornaments

For starters, you need to prep your wood slice. 

You can cut them yourself, of course, but we're fans of easy-peasy crafts so we usually buy pre-drilled, unfinished natural wood slices online. Our favourite ready-to-go kit is this one

How to make wood slice ornaments

Once you have your wood slices ready, you should draw first the design you're going for with a pencil.
This will help avoid any mistakes and make the whole process much easier. 

How to make wood slice ornaments

Then, it's colouring time! 

Although it depends on the type of colours you want to use, a rule of thumb is always to paint using thin layers, ensuring each layer has dried completely before applying the next layer. 

You may want to paint a background colour before starting on your design. 

How to make diy wood slice ornaments

To give your tree slice ornament the best finish, the best way is to seal the surface with wood-varnish or a layer of Mod Podge glue. 

How to make wood slice Christmas ornaments

One key step is to let every layer dry before continuing and that includes the sealer layer. Make sure it's completely dry before adding ribbon or twine for hanging it up on the tree and you'll have those cute little wooden ornaments forever! 

Here are some adorable (and super easy) ideas for you to try out when you make your own wood slice ornaments! You can even use fingerprints to make your designs even more unique like in the snowman ornament below. 

How to paint wood slice ornaments

wood slice ornament ideas - snowman

wood slice ornament ideas - reindeer

wood slice ornament ideas - snowman

And now it's just a matter of trying different designs and decorate your tree with your new ornaments! 

penguin wood slice Christmas ornament craft

reindeer wood slice Christmas ornament craft

snowman wood slice Christmas ornament craft

Have fun trying out various wood slice ornament ideas. You don;'t have to stop at just painting your wood slice ornaments, feel free to add extra sparkles or embellishments.  If you want to see even more wood slice ornaments ideas check out our fingerprint penguin wood slice ornament and these gorgeous fingerprint snowman ornaments made from tiny fingerprints. 

Wood slice ornament ideas. How to make wood slice Christmas ornaments.

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