Cute and Easy Elf Crafts for Kids

Happy holidays! Are you looking for some fun and easy elf crafts for kids to make? Look no further. We've gathered 25 of the cutest and simplest elf craft ideas that will keep your little ones entertained all holiday season long. 

Elf crafts


These elf crafts are perfect for little ones who are obsessed with their Elf on the Shelf. Even if that's not one of your traditions, you're sure to find an adorable elf craft that'll get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

We have something for everyone from paper plate elves to photo elf crafts. So get crafty with your kids this Christmas! Crafting is a fantastic way to get some quality family time together during the most wonderful time of the year. 

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Elf crafts for kids

Elf Craft Ideas

Mix and Match Paper Elf Craft

Our mix-and-match paper elf craft is not only a fun little project to keep the kids entertained, but it's a lovely keepsake, too. Kids can use the printed pieces plus their photos to mix and match an elf to their liking. Change out the hat, shoes, clothes, and more to design a unique elf.

mix and match paper elf craft for kids


Elf Writing Activity and Elf Craft

Encourage creative thinking with this fun and engaging elf writing activity and craft. Kids create stories about catching an elf in the writing space below the paper elf craft. We've provided a template, so it's easy as pie to pull this craft together.
Elf writing activity and craft

Elf on the Shelf Craft

Do elves visit your home every Christmas? If so, your kids will adore making one of this cupcake liner elf on the shelf craft. It's totally adorable and can be made to look just like your Elf on the Shelf by adjusting paint colors, hair length, etc. Alternatively, you can make this yourself at night and have the kids wake up to a piece of art from their elf the following day.

Elf on the shelf craft


Salt Dough Elf Handprint Ornament

Turn your child's handprint into an adorable keepsake ornament you'll treasure year after year. This elf handprint craft is made with our easy salt dough recipe and painted to look like a jolly little elf. Once the ornament is sealed, it's ready to hang and display on the tree to make it look a little more festive. 

Salt dough elf handprint craft for kids


Santa and Elf Paper Plate Craft

Who wouldn't want to make this  Santa and elf craft? This paper plate craft is super fun. We have a printable template, so making this iconic duo is quick and easy. The best part is making the "Ho, ho, ho" sign that hangs between them. 

Santa and elf craft

Elf Colouring Page

Keep things simple and complete this eye-catching Elf Colouring Page. Colour it as it is or add lines to create your own fun line art project, the choice is yours! There is a boy and girl elf to choose from. 

Elf coloring page - Elf craft ideas


Easy Elf Crafts for Kids

Easy elf craft ideas

Paper Plate Elf Craft

There are so many things to love about this cute paper plate elf by The Best Ideas for Kids. The sparkly hat and collar and the white cotton trim make Santa's little helper look more festive and fun than ever.

Paper plate elf craft


Elf on the Shelf Paper Plate Craft

Here's another fantastic craft for kids who can't get enough of their elves. Make one of these paper plate Elf on the Shelf crafts by Simple Everyday Mom to look just like the elf you have at home. It's also an excellent classroom project, especially for kids who may not have an elf at home. This is a terrific way to bring that tradition to everyone.

Paper plate Elf on the shelf craft


Popsicle Stick Elf Puppet Craft

Put on a little Christmas show using this popsicle stick elf puppet by Artsy Craftsy Mom. She also offers tutorials for other Christmas popsicle stick crafts such as an angel, reindeer, gingerbread man, and other popular figures.

popsicle stick elf puppet craft for kids


Paper Elf Craft

This cute little elf craft by Non-Toy Gifts is so easy for kids to personalise. Swap out the hair and skin colour, the colour of the hat, or even the trim colour on the cap. All kids have to do is trace, cut, and glue this project together using the printable template.

Paper elf craft for kids


Popsicle Stick Elf Craft

Turn a handful of craft sticks into a sweet popsicle stick elf. You can turn this craft by Simple Everyday Mom into a festive magnet for the fridge with a bit of magnetic tape on the back. It will also make a lovely ornament for the tree if you add a ribbon or twine to the top.

Popsicle stick elf craft for kids


Finger Puppet Elf Craft

Act out the scenes from your favourite elf book or elf movie with this simple elf finger puppet by Kids' Craft Room. The accordion fold in the hat makes the elf look fun and bouncy as kids play with it, which adds to its charm.

Finger puppet elf craft for kids


Paper Bag Elf Puppet

Here's another fun elf puppet idea made with a paper bag! Get the template from Big Family Blessings so the kids can start playing with their elves right away. Wouldn't they be fun to have while singing Christmas songs like Five Little Elves?

Paper bag elf puppet - elf crafts for kids


Elf Jigsaw Puzzle Craft

Work on focus and concentration in a fun and festive way. This homemade elf jigsaw puzzle from In the Playroom is a terrific way to keep your little ones engaged. Plus, it's way more affordable than going out to buy a puzzle. All you need are the template, a piece of cardboard to glue it on, and some crayons or markers to colour it in. Then, cut it along the lines for an easy-peasy puzzle in no time.

Elf jigsaw puzzle craft for kids


Puppet Elf Christmas Cards

Double the fun this holiday season by making these puppet elf Christmas cards by Kids' Craft Room. It's a fun puppet that kids can play with but has a greeting inside as well. It's the perfect card to send to friends and cousins to brighten their day.

Puppet elf Christmas card - Elf craft for kids


Elf Template & Card craft

Use this elf card idea by The Best Ideas for Kids to make a darling elf out of just about anything circular. A paper version makes an excellent card to send the family this Christmas. Use a paper plate for a larger version to display. Paint wood coasters and turn those into cute elf ornaments to hang on the tree. You get the idea!

elf template and elf card craft


Jumping Elf Puppets Craft

Make jumping elf puppets that jump up and down as you move the strings. This craft by Kids' Craft Room is easier than it looks and will make a great project for the older kids to help their siblings with over the holiday break.

Jumping elf puppets - Elf craft for kids


Bookmark Elf Craft

Hopefully, you'll fit in lots of reading time this winter. These charming elf bookmarks by Big Family Blessings will make you smile every time you open your favourite holiday books. These elf bookmarks are excellent as a classroom craft but would also make cute homemade stocking stuffers for the kids at home.

Elf bookmarks - Elf craft for kids


Movable Elf Paper Puppets

Make paper elf puppets that can dance and move along with your favourite songs and elf stories. This craft from Red Ted Art is as jolly as can be. Swap out the elf's face for a photo of your child to make it extra special. Kids will love making and playing with their movable elf puppets.

Paper elf puppets - Elf craft for kids


Easy Elf Christmas Card Craft

Do your children enjoy making simple handmade cards? You can put this elf Christmas card from Red Ted Art together in just a few minutes. All you need is some construction paper, scissors, glue, and a black pen. It's a frugal card idea that's extra special because it's handmade.

Easy elf Christmas card craft


Elf Peg Doll Ornaments

Turn plain wooden peg dolls into whimsical elf peg doll ornaments with a bit of felt and paint. These ornaments from Rhythms of Play will look so festive and cute on your tree. You could also add these elves to a little Christmas village if you have one in your decor.

Elf peg doll ornaments - elf craft ideas


Cardboard Tube Christmas Elf Craft

Use those empty toilet paper tubes you've been saving to make one of these cardboard tube elves from Arty Crafty Kids. This craft is a beautiful way to recycle those empty cardboard tubes that you'd typically toss, and you'll get to enjoy them all season long. Make elves with outfits in all sorts of colors for a bright and cheerful display.

Cardboard tube Christmas elf craft for kids


Paper Handprint Elf

Turn little handprints into Santa's little helpers! These paper handprint elves from Fun Handprint Art are so precious. With some construction paper or cardstock, scissors, glue, and googly eyes, you can have a pair of elves to hang on the wall or fridge in under 20 minutes. It's a terrific classroom craft; parents will love these Christmasy keepsakes. You could even turn them into greeting cards!

paper handprint elf craft


Paper Cone Elf Craft

Who knew you could make something so darling out of paper cones? These paper cone elves from Our Kid Things are just what you'd expect from Santa's helpers—cute, jolly, and a little bit cheeky. Make them in green, as you see here, or switch up the colours to make a merry group of colourful elves. 

Paper Cone Elf Craft Ideas


Paper Cup Elf Craft

Kids can colour the simple elf template or trace it onto colourful cardstock to make paper cup elves look just like them! Gather some paper cups, googly eyes, and cardstock to begin making this lovely Christmas craft from Fireflies and Mud Pies.

Paper cup elf craft for kids


Shape Elf Craft

Practice shape identification with this endearing shape elf craft that's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. This project from Non-Toy Gifts gives little ones a chance to practice their scissor skills, too. Ask them to name each shape and then choose one (or several) to make their elves.  

Shape elf craft for kids

We hope you've enjoyed these 25 elf crafts for kids! For even more festive holiday fun, check out our other Christmas crafts. Merry Christmas and happy crafting!

Elf craft ideas. Easy elf crafts for kids

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