Easter Pop Art for Kids

Make this upcoming Easter extra special with our Andy Warhol inspired Easter Pop Art for Kids project!

Easter pop art for kids

And just like that, Easter time has arrived, and with it, we have some awesome craft projects in store! To continue with our art series, we decided to go with another pop art inspired project because our kids just love pop art. (Check out our full set of printable pop art projects for kids in the Messy Little Monster store or take a look at our list of pop art ideas)

The bright, vibrant, and pattern-like designs are so attention-grabbing and pretty; kids can't seem to get enough of this art style. And honestly, we kinda feel the same way.

There's such a happy vibe about pop art. It makes for the best inspiration when it comes to kid-friendly crafts. 

Pop art it's an art movement that started all the way back in the 60s, as we mentioned before in our Pop art projects; like our Apple Stamping Craft, Leaf Printing Craft, and this awesome Andy Warhol Inspired Art Project.

Andy Warhol is one of the most famous pop-art artists ever, even to this day.  He popularised this art movement by making art itself more approachable to regular people, back in a time when art was not mainstream. He used celebrities' faces and common everyday items like soup cans in his work. He created a branded art style in which art and mainstream culture blended perfectly. 

Keeping his style as our main inspiration as we make this Easter pop art project, let's dive in!

Easter art for kids

Also, don't forget to check out these awesome Easter ideas for kids! We even have a full list of ideas dedicated to Easter egg crafts if you want to stick to the Easter egg theme! 

Check out these cute Easter Colouring Pages that can be layered up to create a 3d easter scene! 

Andy Warhol Inspired Easter Pop Art for Kids

Easter Art for Kids - Supplies:

  • Easter pop art printable template
  • Coloured markers, oil pastels, pencil crayons or watercolours
  • White paper or card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Glitter (And any additional decorations you want)

Easter Pop Art for Kids - Directions:

STEP 1: Download & print pop art template.

To start this adorable Easter craft, scroll down below and snag a free copy of our printable Easter pop art template. Once you've downloaded it, print it out on thick white paper or thin cardstock. Whilst you can use any paper, we recommend getting a sturdy paper style if you're planning on colouring with watercolours.

There are two versions of the easter pop art printable, a full sized version and a half page version that can be folded in half to make an Easter card. 

Easter template for pop art project

STEP 2: Colour the Easter eggs

Although this activity is not especially messy, kids certainly are! So, watch out and cover everything on the surface you'll be working on with a newspaper or an old sheet. 

Now it is time to choose your colours. You can use markers, crayons, oil pastels or paint to add colour to your pop art template. Pick colourful and bright colours, preferably contrasting shades to make this craft even more pop-art!

Colour each egg shape. We used two shades of each colour. 

pop art for kids

STEP 3: Colour the background.

Once you have all the egg shapes coloured in, add the background colour and make it stand out with a vibrant contrasting shade! Again use any medium you like, markers, crayons or paint. Let your Easter design dry completely before moving on to the next and final step.

Pop art projects

STEP 4: Make it shine!

Whilst this step is optional, who can resist a little glitter! Either use glitter glue or put glue on the egg's wavy lines and sprinkle some glitter onto the glue.

Easter art for kids

Feel free to add any other decorations like sequins or stickers. 

Andy warhol art for kids

Easter pop art for kids

If you are turning your pop art into an Easter card fold your paper or card in half and if you would like to then trim the edges. (Check out our list of Easter card ideas for even more inspiration!)

Alternatively you can use this adorable Easter craft to decorate your child's bedroom by framing it or adding it as part of your Easter decorations. 

Grab our full set of Pop Art Projects for Kids or scroll down below for your free easter pop art printable. 


To download this Easter Pop Art for Kids for free click on the link below and use the discount code: eggs. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Easter pop art printable

We hope you have tons of fun making this Andy Warhol-inspired Easter pop art for kids with your little ones! Enjoy!

Easter pop art project - Easy Easter art for kids with printable pop art template. .

Easter pop art for kids. Andy warhol inspired art project.

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