Footprint Butterfly Poem - Printable Mother's Day Card

This is the cutest Mother's Day craft for kids! Make Moms day by giving her a beautiful footprint butterfly alongside our printable Mother's Day poem. This butterfly Mother's Day card made from baby or toddlers footprints looks adorable and will be treasured for years to come. To make this easy Mother's Day craft simply print out the Mother's Day poem, add footprints and write a personalised message inside your Mother's day card! 

Make a footprint butterfly card using our printable mothers day poem template. This footprint butterfly poem makes an adorable keepsake for Mom. Kids of all ages can make this easy Mother's Day craft but it is perfect for babies,toddlers and preschoolers.

Mother's Day is a good excuse to show mom how much she means to you. We have a whole collection of Mothers Day crafts as well as a collection of diy gift ideas for mom. Anything involving tiny footprints, handprints or children's drawings are always going to be popular. 

Footprint butterflies are a perfect craft to make for Spring and Summer.  A few years ago we made a beautiful rainbow footprint butterfly from paint that we framed and more recently we made a butterfly shaped clay ring dish. We also have a footprint butterfly clay pot that is super cute. 

If you are making this craft with a toddler and they want to do more butterfly themed crafts and activities take a look at our bug and butterfly activity calendar


Supplies for rainbow footprint butterfly

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  • Printable Mother's Day card
  • Paint or ink (We used this rainbow ink pad. For toddlers with bigger feet we recommend a bigger inkpad)
  • Cardstock

Footprint Butterfly Poem

I love the footprint butterfly poem that we have included on this printable Mother's day card. 

This isn't just a butterfly as you can plainly see,
I made it with my feet which are a part of me,
It comes with lots of love especially to say
I hope you have a very 
Happy Mother's Day

We have also included a special day version so you can give this beautiful card to anybody for any occasion. 

See this footprint butterfly craft in action!

Printable Mothers Day Card - Rainbow Footprint Butterfly

This footprint butterfly card is really easy to make using either a baby or toddlers footprints. You will need the printable Mother's Day card available at the bottom of the page. I would recommend printing this out onto cardstock. 

If you are making this Mother's day card with a baby the footprints will fit perfectly on the A6 sized folded card, but if you are going to be making it with a toddler who has larger feet you may need to use the A4 poster sized printable to fit their feet on the page. 

Before you begin making your footprint butterfly make sure that you have all your supplies ready.  

You can make your footprints using paint or ink. We went for ink as it is a lot less messy. I love the rainbow ink pad that we used and it was the perfect size for Oliver's (2 months) feet. For older children you could use a jumbo ink pad or of course use paint. 

Printable footprint butterfly mothers day poem. An easy craft for babies and toddlers.

Begin by covering your baby or toddler's foot with ink or paint. It is easier to do one foot at a time. When you are happy with the coverage (watch out to make sure that you haven't missed any toes!) press your child's foot onto the card. Press the foot firmly making sure that each toe has been pressed down.

Footprint Butterfly Poem - Printable Mother's Day Card

You will need to do 2 footprints, one for each side of the footprint butterfly. Make sure that the outer edge of your child's feet go against the middle of the butterfly. 

Help the kids to use our printable Mother's Day poem to make a footprint butterfly poem keepsake for Mom! This easy Mothers Day card craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

If you are doing this activity with a small baby the easiest way to get a good print is to lie your baby down and then gently press their feet onto the cardstock. You will need to make sure that the cardstock is on a hard surface, we just used an old chopping board.  

For toddlers you could take their footprints while they sit on the floor or they could stand up and press their feet onto the cardstock. 

footprint butterfly poem for mother's day from kids

There are two versions of this footprint butterfly printable poem, one says Happy Mother's Day and the other says Special Day.  There is a handprint butterfly version too!

footprint butterfly poem for mother's day from babies, toddlers and preschoolers

Once your ink or paint footprints have dried you could add a black outline around the edge of the footprints to make them really stand out. 

footprint butterfly poem for mother's day -  baby painting activity

Here is Oliver (aged 2 months) with his artwork.

Make a footprint butterfly card using our printable mothers day poem template. This footprint butterfly poem makes an adorable keepsake for Mom. Kids of all ages can make this easy Mother's Day craft but it is perfect for babies,toddlers and preschoolers.


This beautiful footprint butterfly poem is one of our collection of 6 printable Mother's Day cards that are ready for you to download, print out and personalise with handprints, footprints or fingerprints. Each of the designs come as a card (half page A5 size) and as a poster (full page A4 size.) 

We have included handprint and footprint versions of the butterfly poem as well as having it in 2 different sizes. we have also included the wording special day as well as happy mothers day. There is a small charge of $2 for this set of cards. Alternatively scroll down for just the footprint butterfly template. 

To download this set of Mother's Day printable cards click on the link below. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Included in this set are 6 different designs:

I heart you card - Add handprints or footprints to the heart.

Wishing you a happy Mother's Day dandelion card - Add fingerprints to the dandelion.

If mothers were flowers I'd pick you card - Add fingerprint flowers (There are several designs to choose from)

I love you from the bottom of my heart card - Add handprints or footprints to the heart.

Butterfly poem card - There are 2 versions of this card, one to add handprint wings and one to add footprint wings

These prints were made to stay poem - Add handprints or footprints to the heart.


If you would like the A4 version of the footprint poem it is FREE to download using the discount code: butterfly. 

We hope that you enjoy making this easy Mother's Day craft for kids. Making a footprint butterfly with this beautiful Mother's Day poem will definitely make a keepsake to treasure. Why not make a Mother's Day gift to go with your homemade Mother's Day card.

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