Father's Day Painting Ideas

Father's Day is almost here, and if you're looking for a special way to show dad how much you care, why not help the kids with one of these Father's Day Painting Ideas

Fathers Day Painting Ideas for Kids
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Making a painting for Father's Day is a great way for the kids to let their creativity shine, and it's sure to be a gift that Dad will treasure for years to come. Plus, it's a fun activity to do together, collaborating to make something special for someone you love! 

Need some inspiration? Here are 25+ creative Father's Day painting ideas to get you started. No matter which idea you choose, Dad is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort that went into his gift. 

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Father's Day Painting Ideas

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Father's Day Painting Ideas from Messy Little Monster

Below are some of our favourite Father's Day paintings and projects that we've made over the years. From a handprint that looks just like him to an abstract water pistol painting, Dad will get something unique and thoughtful with any of these ideas.

Painting for Father's Day


Father's Day Handprint Art

Make a handprint dad for Father's Day! This cute craft is sure to get a big smile from any father on his special day. Swap out the skin tone, hair colour, shirt colour, or tie colour to make it look just like the father figure in your life. Don't forget to make one for Grandpa, too!

Father's Day handprint dad painting idea


Tie Pop Art

Our Warhol-inspired tie pop art is a fantastic piece to make for any dad with an office or a man cave. It'll look great framed or hanging on the wall or fridge. Use paint, crayons, or markers to fill in each block with bold colours. 

Tie pop art - Father's Day painting ideas


Printable Father's Day Cards

Fill in these printable Father's Day cards with painted footprints or handprints to make him feel loved. There are several options to choose from, like a footprint rocket or superhero.

Printable Father's Day cards - Father's Day painting ideas


Superhero Father's Day Card

Fathers are superheroes in their children's eyes, and what better way to tell him so than with a fun superhero-themed card made with your child's painted footprint or Dad's photo? 

Superhero Father's Day painting ideas


Fingerprint Shirt and Tie Card

Personalise this shirt and tie Father's Day card with your child's sweet little fingerprints dotted all over the tie. Make all the dots one colour or a variety of different colours!

Printable Fingerprint tie Father's Day card - Father's Day painting ideas


Superhero Coasters

Any guy who's a superhero fan will love these superhero coasters featuring their favourite characters like Batman, the Hulk, and Spiderman in handprint form. This is a fun DIY gift that he can enjoy for years to come.

Superhero handprint - Father's Day painting ideas


Superhero Painted Rocks

Continuing with the superhero theme, why not make some superhero painted rocks for Dad to use as paperweights in his office or display on his bookshelf? We show you how to make rocks for Captain America, the Hulk, Hawkeye, and Spiderman. 

Superhero painted rocks - Father's Day painting ideas


Water Pistol Painting

Get out the water guns to make Dad some action-packed art to hang on the wall. You'll need a canvas, water pistols, and washable paint mixed with a bit of water to make your water pistol painting. Ready, aim, fire! The canvas will be filled with colourful streaks in no time. 

Water pistol painting - Father's Day painting ideas


Coffee Painting

If Dad prefers his artwork more on the neutral side, you can't beat our coffee painting idea. It's a forest and mountain scene that looks spectacular in various shades of brown from the coffee. You could also try this in various shades of green using green tea, for example.

Coffee painting - Father's Day painting ideas


Camping Painted Rocks

Any father who's an outdoorsman will enjoy these camping-themed painted rocks for Father's Day. They have lots of fun scenes on them, like a pitched tent, a marshmallow on a stick, and a tree in front of the starry night sky. Which one is your favourite?

Camping painted rocks - Father's Day painting ideas


More Father's Day Painting Ideas

Need even more inspiration? Take a look at some of our favourite painted Father's Day crafts from bloggers around the web.

Fun Father's Day Painting Ideas


Watercolour Bookmark and Card

Bring out the liquid watercolours for this gorgeous watercolour bookmark and card from Projects With Kids. They make great gifts for Dad or Grandpa and give kids a chance to practice their paintbrush skills. Kids will first draw their designs using a white oil pastel and will then cover it in colourful paint.

Watercolour bookmark - Father's Day painting ideas


Marble Run Greeting Card

Don't lose your marbles. Use them for this fun marble run greeting card by Little Ladoo instead. Make your design using masking tape, and then add paint and let the marbles get to work pushing paint all over the page. Once it dries, your card is ready for writing a special note inside.

Painting with marbles Father's Day card - Father's Day painting ideas


Painted Hammer

Dads who are handy around the house are always in need of a good hammer. Make his unforgettable by giving it a one-of-a-kind paint job. Cover it in fun designs, and don't forget the monogram near the bottom of the handle to personalise it even more. Just follow the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda to make your own painted hammer.

Painted hammer - Father's Day painting ideas


Hero Stones

Hero stones may sound like something out of an action or sci-fi flick, they're actually a sweet gift for any Dad or Grandpa on Father's Day. Paint the rocks black and white (or any other colour scheme he'd like), and in the centre, write a word or two that describes him. They'll make Dad smile every time he looks at them.

Father's Day painted rocks - Father's Day painting ideas


Footprint Mountain 

Give the adventurer in your life a footprint mountain painting made with the footprints of all his children. It's such a cute sibling gift idea!

Footprint mountain - Father's Day painting ideas


Father's Day Pointillism

It's never too early to learn a new art technique. Introduce the kids to dot painting using Q-Tips to make this fun Father's Day pointillism project from Coffee and Carpool. The design with the basketball is our favourite! You could use a similar idea to make one with a golf ball or baseball.

Father's Day pointillism art - Father's Day painting ideas


Kid-Made Father's Day Paintings

Here's another terrific project using the tape-resist technique but with alphabet stickers instead of tape. That makes things much easier and tidier when you're trying to spell something out. Add your message in stickers and then cover it in paint in Dad's favourite colours to finish this Father's Day art idea by Fun Learning for Kids. 

Father's Day canvas art - Father's Day painting ideas


Watercolour Ties

Grab a bottle of black glue and the watercolours to make these super fun watercolor ties for Dad. If you're having a party or celebration for him on Father's Day, these would look amazing strung in a banner or garland. Get the templates at Buggy and Buddy.

Watercolour ties - Father's Day painting ideas


Father's Day Thumbprint Craft

Make a special message for Dad using thumbprints to create the dotted background. Follow the instructions from A Dab of Glue Will Do to make this simple thumbprint art. Kids who don't enjoy paint on their fingers can use cotton buds or pencil erasers to make the dots instead.

Father's Day thumbprint art - Father's Day painting ideas


Popsicle Father's Day Card

Tell Dad he's the coolest with a popsicle Father's Day card from Projects With Kids. The template includes three designs that kids can colour in using paint, markers, or crayons.

Popsicle Father's day card - Father's Day painting ideas


Father's Day Pasta Planters

Does Dad have a green thumb? If yes, then he needs these pasta planters in his life. They're so silly and fun! Paint various pasta shapes like shells, elbow macaroni, bowtie pasta, and other fun shapes to make faces on the pots. You'll be surprised at what the kids can come up with! Check out Handmade Charlotte's tutorial for inspiration.

Father's Day painted plant pots - Father's Day painting ideas


Painted Rock Photo Holder

Give him a colourful way to display photos of the kids with these painted rock photo holders from Buggy and Buddy. Threading the beads on the wire is great for fine motor practice!

Painted rock photo holder - Father's Day painting ideas


Handprint Picture Frame

Buy a frame with a large mat to make this handprint picture frame from Angie Holden. Include a sweet picture of the kids or one with dad and the kids so he can remember just how small they were when they made the handprints. 

Handprint picture frame - Father's Day painting ideas

Not ready to start painting just yet?  Pin this list of Father's Day painting ideas to come back to later when you've got your paint and brushes ready.

Father's Day Painting Ideas for Kids

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