Fun & Easy Snowflake Crafts for Kids

Are you spending more time indoors and looking for some fun winter crafts to pass the time? These snowflake crafts for kids are the perfect winter pick-me-up when you need a bit of fun and colour in your day while keeping with the winter theme. 

Snowflake crafts for kids

We've rounded up 25 fun snowflake crafts for preschoolers (and older kids, too) that work on fine motor skills, scissor skills, concentration, and more. Plus, they're just fun to make to add a wintery touch to your home in the post-Christmas season. 

Gather the kids and your craft supplies, and get started on one of these snowflake projects today!

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easy snowflake crafts

Cute Snowflake Crafts for Kids from Messy Little Monster

We have several snowflake art and craft projects that you're going to love. From a Frozen-inspired wand to marshmallow snowflakes, these snowflake crafts will challenge and entertain your kids at the same time!


Paper Plate Snowflake Craft

Turn a plain paper plate into a beautiful work of art to hang in your windows or on your wall this winter. This Paper Plate Snowflake Craft is easy to set up. In just a few minutes, you're ready to make snowflakes in any color or pattern you'd like. Make paper snowflake templates for little ones to paint around, or let the older kids make their own.

paper plate snowflake craft

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

This Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft is a classic kids' craft that never gets old. There are so many fun ways to decorate popsicle stick snowflakes—use paint, stickers, sequins, gems, pom-poms, or any other bits and bobs you have on hand to make them sparkle.

popsicle stick snowflake craft

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

You'll love our fun take on coffee filter snowflakes with this Coffee Filter Snowflake Craft. We made a lovely light-colored paint using Skittles candy and applied that to our filters. You'll end up with pretty pastel snowflakes to hang in the windows.

coffee filter snowflake craft

Elsa Snowflake Wand

Any Frozen fan will be obsessed with this beautiful Snowflake Elsa Wand Craft. Making it is only part of the fun. The kids will enjoy playing with their wands for hours while acting out scenes and songs from the film.

Elsa wand snowflake craft for kids

Pointillism Snowflake Art

Use our snowflake template for this pretty Pointillism Snowflake Art project that's great for kids of all ages. Pointillism is great for fine motor skills. If your child hasn't quite mastered the paintbrush, q-tips are super useful for making dot art. Give it a try!

pointillism snowflake art for kids

Marshmallow Snowflakes

How about a snowflake craft you can eat? These Snowflake Marshmallows are a fun project for a cold evening indoors, warming up with a cup of hot chocolate. Hang your snowflakes off the side of your mug while you enjoy your drink, and then devour the marshmallows after. Yum!

marshmallow snowflake craft for kids

No-Mess Paper Plate Snowflakes

When you want to get crafty without a lot of mess, plastic bags come to the rescue! We used them for this fun Mess Free Paper Plate Snowflake Craft to make colorful paper plate snowflakes with none of the mess. This is the perfect snowflake craft for toddlers or preschoolers who don't like getting too messy. 

mess free paper plate snowflake craft for preschoolers

Salt-Painted Snowflakes

We shared some salt paintings for Christmas, which included a lovely Salt Painting Snowflake Craft you don't want to miss. The salt painting looks beautiful, and kids love running their fingers along the textured lines once the paintings are finished.

Salt painting snowflake craft for kids

Wax Crayon Resist Snowflakes

Bring a little magic to your winter craft session with our wax crayon resist snowflakes. Draw snowflakes using white wax crayons and then add a background colour to make them magically appear! 

wax crayon resist snowflake art for kids

Cork Painting Snowflake Process Art

Keep toddlers and preschoolers busy with this easy toddler snowflake craft. Using a cork as a paint brush paint winter shapes like this snowflake with snowy patterns. 

easy toddler snowflake craft

Tape Resist Snowflake Art

Toddlers and preschoolers will love the reveal at the end of this fun snowflake art activity. Even the youngest of artists can have fun adding paint over tape to create their own snowflake.

tape resist snowflake craft for toddlers and preschoolers


Easy Snowflake Crafts for Preschoolers (and above)

For even more snowflake craft ideas, check out the projects below. You'll have enough ideas to keep you busy all winter long.

snowflake crafts for preschoolers

Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art

Does your preschooler show an interest in sewing? This Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art by I Heart Crafty Things is a fun project for beginners, as lacing is terrific for working on fine motor skills, especially for beginning sewing. You can either use a pin to create small holes for sewing or a hole punch if you plan to use thicker yarn for lacing.

paper plate snowflake craft for kids


Snowflake Painted Stones

Painting rocks together can be such fun. These Snowflake Painted Rocks by Non-Toy Gifts are a great example of a fun family activity to do on a winter's afternoon. Plus, after you paint them, you can hide them around a local park or community (if allowed), so they can brighten someone else's day.

snowflake painted rock craft for kids


Snowflake Stamping

Put out a bit of paint, paper, and some bottle caps, pom-poms, and other materials so the kids can try this simple Snowflake Stamping activity by The Educators' Spin On It. With this type of open-ended art, you never know what the kids will come up with! This easy snowflake craft is perfect for preschoolers or even toddlers. 

snowflake stampin craft for preschoolers


Paper Straw Snowflake Craft

Turn pretty paper straws into lovely snowflakes! This Paper Straw Snowflake Craft by I Heart Crafty Things is perfect for Christmastime or winter. Turn the snowflakes into ornaments for the tree or string them up in the windows during the later winter months. Cutting the straws into segments is excellent scissor cutting practice for your preschooler.

paper straw snowflake craft for kids


Snowflake Symmetry Craft

Study the shapes and patterns of snowflakes. This Snowflake Symmetry Activity by A Little Pinch of Perfect is a fun craft that introduces snowflake structure and symmetry in a fun and engaging way.

build a snowflake symmetry craft


Coffee Filter, Straws, and Pasta Snowflakes

Don't you love it when interesting materials come together to make a mini-masterpiece like this Coffee Filter, Straws, and Pasta Snowflake Craft by I Heart Crafty Things? The pasta shapes work beautifully with the straw segments and the gorgeous blue background to create stunning snowflakes.

coffee filter snowflake craft for kids


Big Painted Snowflake Art

Go wild with color. Who says snowflake art has to be white or blue? This Big Painted Snowflake Art by Hello, Wonderful is sure to make everyone smile, even on a gloomy winter's day. Just cut out your snowflake templates, and let the kids get to work with Kwik Stix, crayons, paint, or whatever you have on hand. This snowflake crafts works well with kids of all ages from toddlers and preschoolers upwards. 

big painted snowflake craft for kids


Snowflake Stick Ornaments

Keep it simple with a trip to your backyard to gather some sticks. Paint them, add a bit of sparkle, and turn them into Snowflake Stick Ornaments. This easy project by A Little Pinch of Perfect gives you the perfect excuse to go outside for a while this winter to get some fresh air.

snowflake stick ornament craft


Pour-Painted Snowflakes

You may have some snowflake ornaments leftover from Christmas. If so, try your hand at pour painting. It's a fun technique that creates a marble-looking finish on whatever you paint. These Pour-Painted Snowflakes by Twitchetts will look lovely hanging in the windows.

pour painting snowflake craft for kids


Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

Use pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and a bit of glue to make these fuzzy and fun Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes by The Joy of Sharing. This is a good project for the preschool classroom or for making at home with your own kiddos.

pipe cleaner snowflake craft for kids


Torn Paper Snowflake Collage

Work on fine motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination with a simple Torn Paper Snowflake Collage by Best Toys 4 Toddlers. You can leave the design completely open-ended or draw an outline for the kids who feel a little unsure of starting from scratch.

Torn paper snowflake craft for preshoolers


Tape-Resist Snowflake Painting

Make a stunning piece of wall-worthy art using the tape-resist technique! This Tape Resist Snowflake Painting by Mommy's Bundle is an easy way for toddlers and preschoolers to get in on the crafting fun this winter. You can use painter's tape or washi tape to create your design.

tape resist snowflake craft for preschoolers


Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

These Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes by Red Ted Art are a cute take on the pipe cleaner snowflakes above. The pipe cleaners are threaded through transparent beads to create sparkly, beautiful snowflakes. You could also use colored beads, wooden beads, etc., but the transparent ones give them that extra sparkly wintery feel.

beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes craft


Snowflake Scratch Art

Learn how to make your own scratch art paper, and then let the kids get to work making this Snowflake Scratch Art by The Gift of Curiosity. Making the scratch paper is easier than you think, and the kids will love scratching off the black color to create a lovely snowflake.

scratch art snowflake craft for kids


Snowflake Watercolor Art

We love the wintery, icy look of this pretty Snowflake Watercolor Art by Projects with Kids. The coarse salt adds an interesting texture to the piece, and the black stamped snowflakes really pop against the watercolors.

watercolor snowflake art for kids


Snowman Snowflakes

Make these Snowman Snowflakes by Pink Stripey Socks in two different ways. One is a cute snowman face on a snowflake body, and the other is a snowman snowflake that's one of the cutest things we've seen in a while. The snowflake snowman is probably a little too complex for a preschooler, but the older kids will love it.

paper snowman snowflakes craft


Snowflake Templates

Make your own colourful snowflakes using the snowflake template by The Best Ideas for Kids. You'll find several different shapes to incorporate into the art in your windows and on your walls. Cutting out the snowflakes is good for scissor skills and concentration! 

snowflake craft template

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Easy snowflake crafts for kids and preschoolers.

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