Paper Plate Snowflake Craft - A Fun Winter Craft for Kids

Can you remember making paper snowflakes as a child? Paper snowflakes are so much fun to make and such an easy winter craft for kids! Today we are going one step further and using a paper snowflake along with a paper plate to make snowflake art!  We had lots of fun with this paper plate snowflake craft and I love that each snowflake turns out differently, no two look the same!

Paper Plate Snowflake Craft

This paper plate snowflake craft is perfect for older preschoolers or school aged children who are able to use scissors and paint within the lines. If you want to make a paper plate snowflake with younger preschoolers, toddlers, or even babies take a look at our no mess paper plate snowflakes. Making snowflake art using corks can be fun for little ones too!

As the weather gets colder you might be finding yourself indoors a little more than in the summer months. If that sounds like you and you're looking for indoor crafts and activities you might like to take a look at our collection of winter activities for kids. Alternatively if you just want snow, snowflake and snowman themed activities take a look at our snow crafts and activities collection.

Paper Plate Snowflake Craft

Paper Plate Snowflakes Craft

Snowflake craft supplies

  • Paper plates
  • Paper
  • Shades of blue craft paint 
  • Glue stick
  • Hole puncher
  • Pencil
  • Scissors 
  • Blue glitter
  • Blue twine

How to make a paper plate snowflake

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies

Before you can begin making your paper plate snowflake you will need to prepare your supplies. As well as the list of supplies above you will need a piece of paper that has been cut into a circle the same size as your paper plate.

Paper Plate Snowflake Craft. Easy snowflake art for kids.

STEP 2: Make a paper snowflake

Fold the paper circle in half three, four or five times to make a triangle shape. Make small cuts along the sides and top of the paper being careful not to completely cut the snowflake into pieces. You will need to make sure some parts of each edge remain in tack. Open the paper up and you will have created a unique paper snowflake.

Paper Snowflake Craft.

STEP 3: Trace the snowflake

Take the paper snowflake that you have made and trace it onto a paper plate. Younger children may need a bit of help holding the snowflake still as they draw around it.

STEP 4: Paint the snowflake

Now it is time to carefully paint inside the outline of the snowflake that you have just drawn. You could use any colour to do this, but I love the idea of sticking to shades of blue so you get that icy cold feeling when you look at it!

Snowflake Craft for Preschoolers.

STEP 5: Add glitter to your snowflake craft

Your snowflake craft is almost complete now, but if you would like to add a bit of glitz to your snowflake now is the time! Add a little glue onto your blue paint  and cover it with glitter. Blue glitter works well, as would silver.

Paper Plate Snowflake Craft. Easy snowflake art for kids.

STEP 6: Hang your snowflake

To complete your snowflake art punch a hole on the top of the paper plate and tie a piece of blue twine through the hole to make a loop.

Snowflake Craft for kids.

Paper Plate snowflake Craft for Preschoolers. Easy snowflake art for kids.

This paper plate snowflake craft looks really effective and takes making paper snowflakes one step further. It would be so much fun to make a whole collection of these paper plate snowflakes and hang them from a ceiling. You could even make snowflake art with a whole class of children!

Paper plate snowflake craft for kids. Easy snowflake art for preschoolers to make as a fun winter activity.

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