No Mess Paper Plate Snowflakes's freezing! The cold weather has made us want to stay inside in the warm, but it has also inspired us to make these no mess, paper plate snowflakes. These paper snowflakes were quick and easy to make and even baby Daisy who is 4 months old was able to get involved.

NO MESS paper plate snowflakes using zip lock bags.

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Mess Free Paper Plate Snowflake Craft

Paper plate snowflake supplies:

  • paper plates
  • freezer bag
  • white, blue and silver paint
  • glitter

How to make a mess free paper plate snowflake craft

To make the paper snowflakes I folded each paper plate in half and then in half again, and then in half once more (I wanted to do it a 4th time but the paper plates were too thick).  I cut out lots of triangles and half circles and then opened them up. 

Harry put one of the snowflakes into a freezer bag and squirted in a bit of white, blue and silver poster paint along with a sprinkle of glitter.  We closed the bag and spread the paint over the paper plate using our hands.  

zip lock bag no mess painting: A winter craft perfect for babies and toddlers.

As the paint was spread across the paper plate the colours mixed together making lots of lovely colours and patterns.  Harry loved pressing and squeezing the paint and I loved having no mess (for once!)

painting for babies and toddlers: no mess paper plate snowflakes

It was lovely to be able to involve Daisy in this activity without worrying about her getting covered in paint.  She loved being involved (as you can see from her huge smile) and Harry loved being the 'teacher' showing Daisy what to do.  I think Daisy preferred eating it more than anything else but they did end up with a fantastic collection of snowflakes between them. 

painting activity for babies using a zip lock bag

As each paper snowflakes was completed we took them out of the freezer bag (the only part where I got a tiny bit messy) and left them to dry.  We sprinkled a bit of extra glitter onto the wet paint to make them extra sparkly snowflakes. 

no mess paper plate snowflake craft.  A perfect winter craft.

Harry- Age 3
Daisy- Age 4 months

NO MESS paper plate painted snowflakes. A perfect winter craft for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Do you remember making paper snowflakes as a child? It takes me back a bit! I hope you and your little ones enjoy making this mess free paper plate snowflake craft as much as we did. 


  1. The plastic bag idea is so clever! I may have to try this as our first project for all three kids to do together !

  2. How fun that even the baby could get involved! This is a perfect winter craft!

  3. They both loved it but it was lovely to be able to let daisy join in :-)

  4. This looks like a super fun idea! I'm going to try it with my babies at daycare tomorrow :)


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