Snow Globe Crafts

You are going to love these snow globe crafts! What could be more fun for a child than making a craft that captures their favourite season in a beautiful and festive way? These 20 snowglobe crafts are perfect for keeping kids occupied during the cold winter months. Whether you want to make an actual snow globe or are looking for a simple snow globe paper craft for the classroom or at home, we've got you covered. 

Snow globe crafts

A few of our favourite snow globe crafts are the Lego snow globe, the easy mason jar snow globes, and the snow globe cards that are perfect for the holidays and winter greetings. So, what are you waiting for? Get out the glue gun, and let's get started!

Easy snow globe crafts


Snow Globes for Kids to Make

Mason Jar Snow Globe Craft

Mason jar DIY snow globes are so easy for kids to make. Grab a toy car or mini-figure—whatever your child wants to place inside! Add clear glue, glitter, and a lid, and your snow globe will be ready fast. 

mason jar snow globe craft


Photo Snow Globe

Preserve a special memory inside a handmade picture snow globe! Kids can pick out their favorite holiday memory or any memory from the past year to make a fun keepsake they'll love playing with. These make wonderful holiday gifts for grandparents, too.

Photo snow globe craft


Dinosaur Snow Globes

Dinosaur lovers will go crazy over these DIY dinosaur snow globes from Team Cartwright! Turn their favorite dinosaur figures into a miniature scene and make them sparkle with glitter. If you want to add a little more to the scene, glue some rocks or fake plants around the dinosaur.

Dinosaur snow globe craft


Waterless Snow Globes

These waterless snow globes by Down Redbud Drive are a great option if you want to place something inside a snow globe that you want to protect and preserve. Instead of shaking it up, though, the snow globe is merely ornamental. By placing the objects on a bed of fake snow inside the jar, you can swap out the scenes whenever you'd like. This is a great idea for kids who may want to use their mini-figures and toys but still be able to pull them out to play with them later.

Waterless snow globe craft


Salt Shaker Snow Globes

Get ready for some holiday cheer with these fun salt shaker snow globes from The Soccer Mom Blog! Decorate your Christmas tree with them, or hang them around the house. They're easy to make using inexpensive salt shakers, photos, a few decorative touches, and a hot glue gun. They make wonderful gifts for family, too.

Salt shaker snow globe craft


Unicorn Snow Globes

Unicorns are all the rage this year—so these fun unicorn snow globes from Hello, Wonderful are a terrific gift idea! Bonus: Kids can mix and match their favorite unicorn figures with various types of glitter to create so many different looks.

Unicorn snow globe craft


Christmas Lights Snow Globe

Turn plain ol' mason jars into snowy scenes with Christmas lights! This Christmas light snow globe from The Soccer Mom Blog is a fun craft that's perfect for any age—boys or girls will love this one. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete, and the result is just so pretty! We love the idea of incorporating some twigs from the backyard, but if you don't have any, you can just add the lights to create a sensory jar.

Christmas light snow globe craft


Fortnite Snow Globe

Bust out your favorite Fortnite mini-figures and make this Fortnite snow globe from Steamsational. The final product looks just like a snowy scene from the popular video game. Kids will have so much fun shaking it to see the action unfold.

Fortnite snow globe craft


Lego Snow Globes

What's your favorite Lego mini-figure? Turn your kid's figures into a snowy scene with these DIY Lego snow globes from Fireflies and Mud Pies. The Santa and Christmas tree figures are a great choice, but it doesn't have to be holiday-themed. These are easy to make, and they're sure to be a big hit with any Lego lover.

Lego snow globes craft


Pokemon Snow Globe

Pokemon fans will love these adorable Pokemon snow globes from Steamsational. You'll want to create several, with each snow globe featuring a different pocket monster. They're perfect for any age. These would make great holiday gifts that kids can give to their friends.

Pokemon snowglobe craft


Falling Leaves Snow Globe

You don't have to wait for winter to make a snow globe. This falling leaves snow globe craft from The Soccer Mom Blog is perfect for fall weather. It's simple to make using a jar and some foil fall leaf confetti. Plus, it doubles as a beautiful decoration all season long!

Falling leaves snow globe craft


Paper Snow Globe Crafts

Snow globe crafts for kids

Snow Globe Photo Card

Our snow globe template makes the perfect holiday or winter card for family and friends. Place your child's photo cutout on the blue snowy background, write a special message like "Merry Christmas" or "Let it snow," and you're all set with a cute handmade card.

Snow globe template for snow globe photo craft


Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

Have fun creating your own snowy scene inside a paper plate snow globe. This snow globe craft is great for creative kids of all ages (younger children will just need more support). 

paper plate snow globe craft


Snow Globe Coloring Pages

Use these snow globe coloring pages for a creative quiet time activity or just to have some indoor fun on a snowy day. We have 9 different activity sheets to choose from, with 6 of them being snow globe coloring pages. Kids will also enjoy the snow globe word find, word search, and a blank snow globe for kids to create their own designs.

Snow globe coloring pages


Olaf Snow Globe Craft

Make an Olaf snow globe using paper! This craft from Simple Everyday Mom is a fun project to make with kids, and it's perfect for any Frozen fan. The result will be even more magical if you add sparkly snowflake stickers inside the globe along with Olaf.

Olaf snow globe craft


Paper Christmas Tree Snow Globe

This simple paper Christmas tree snow globe from Mombrite is a darling holiday craft that you can make in about 15 minutes or less using the printable template. The pom-pom snowballs and Christmas tree ornaments are a nice touch that adds visual interest and texture to the project.

Paper Christmas tree snow globe craft of kids


Chalk Pastels Snow Globe Craft

Explore different art media with this colorful and fun chalk pastel snow globe idea from Projects with Kids. It's an open-ended project that allows kids to create any type of winter scene they'd like. The chalk pastels pop against the black paper background. It looks like a snow globe at night!

Chalk pastel snow globe craft


Printable Snow Globe Thaumatropes

Here's an easy craft that kids will love doing with you. Create printable snow globe thaumatropes (a paper toy similar to a stereoscope) using this free printable design by Red Ted Art. Kids can color them in and share these little cards with their friends or family, especially during the holiday season.

Printable snow globe thaumatropes craft


More Fun Snow Globe Crafts for Kids

Snow globe crafts for kids

Plastic Plate Snow Globe Craft

Grab a few simple craft supplies and make cute plastic plate snow globes with your kids! This craft from Fireflies and Mud Pies is easy to make and decorate using watercolors, crayons, construction paper, and styrofoam snow—and you can even write special messages inside if you're making it to give to someone.

Plastic plate snow globe craft for kids


Recycled Snow Globe Cards

Recycle your plastic lids and paper scraps to make beautiful recycled snow globe cards. This is a lovely craft from Red Ted Art for kids of all ages—and this activity leads to a fun result that's perfect for sending holiday cheer!

Recycled snow globe craft


Puffy Paint Snow Globe Craft

This puffy paint snow globe craft from Simple Everyday Mom is one of our favorites! Kids can make white puffy paint to create a snowy scene that's perfect for their paper Christmas trees. And making puffy paint is super easy with shaving cream and glue, so you can be well on your way with this fun winter craft in just minutes. 

Puffy paint snow globe craft

We hope you find these snow globe crafts for kids to be a fun and creative way to spend your winter. If there are any that we missed, please feel free to share in the comments below. Happy crafting!

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