Coffee Filter Snowflakes Craft - Made with Skittles Paint!

Beat the winter blues with these fun and super cute Coffee Filter Snowflakes! This snowflake craft is made using coffee filters and homemade skittles paint of all things!

coffee filter snowflakes

With my little helpers' assistance, we made these wonderful snowflakes that now decorate our home!

Great for toddlers and pre-schoolers, this snowflake craft is a fun and creative activity to do in the classroom or at home! You don't need to spend big bucks on supplies, which is a big plus in my book. 

In fact, we're showing you how to make your own skittles paint from scratch to do this craft! So, go and get some coffee filters and skittles from the kitchen and let's get to work!

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Coffee Filter Snowflakes Craft - Made with Skittles Paint!

coffee filter snowflakes craft for kids

Coffee Filter Snowflakes Craft - Supplies:

  • Skittles 
  • Water
  • Coffee Filters
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • String

Coffee Filter Snowflakes Craft - Instructions:

STEP 1: Make your own skittles paint.

To kick off this awesome snowflake craft, the first thing you need to do is make your own skittles paint! (you can of course use normal water colours too, but making your own paint adds to the fun!)

Start by placing about 10 of the same colour skittles into a cup or glass. Repeat for each colour paint your wish to make. 


Add some water into the cup or glass and let it sit while you continue the next step. 

skittles paint

STEP 2: Crumple the filters.

Take the coffee filters and crumple them with your hands so they will fit inside the cups or glasses prepared in step one. 

skittles paint

Once the coffee filters are all crumpled, place one into each coloured water cup. 

painting with skittles

STEP 3: Wait a while.

Now, you need to wait about an hour or more to give the coffee filters time to soak up the skittles paint. Once that time has passed, remove the coffee filters from the cups or glasses and squeeze out any excess water.

skittles paint snowflake craft

Leave the coffee filters dry for a while.

coffee filter art

STEP 4: Fold coffee filters

Once you are sure your coffee filters are completely dry it is time to make your paper snowflakes. Begin by folding them in half.

coffee filter snowflake craft

Then, fold them again in half two more times.

snowflakes out of coffee filters

making snowflakes out of coffee filters

STEP 5: Cut out the snowflake shapes.

Take a pair of scissors and cut out small shapes on each side of the triangle shape you created from your coffee filter, trying to make sure these cuts are somewhat even. 

Be careful not to cut all the way through the triangle from one side to the other or it will break. Use the images as a guide. 

coffee filter snowflakes

snowflake craft for kids

how to make paper snowflakes

STEP 6: Reveal your snowflake

Gently open your coffee filter triangles and your snowflake design should be ready! 

coffee filter snowflakes

Little ones will be overjoyed by the big reveal. It's almost like magic watching the triangle shape transform into a snowflake. 

snowflake coffee filter craft

STEP 7: Hang up your snowflakes.

Now you just need to tape a string to the coffee filter snowflake and hang it in a window or anywhere your little ones want. 

snowflake suncatcher

This coffee filter snowflakes craft is the perfect chance to bond with the little ones while having fun and it makes a perfect winter craft for kids of all ages. Have fun making your own skittles paint and these beautiful coffee filter snowflakes. 

Coffee filter snowflakes craft for kids. Made with homemade skittles paint.

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