Pointillism Snowflake Art - template included

Let's connect the dots and make this adorable Pointillism Snowflake Art for kids! We have even included the snowflake template used for this easy pointillism art to make is super easy for you to get started.

pointillism snowflake art for kids

Keep warm indoors as you get creative with this fun and easy pointillism art. This snowflake craft is the perfect winter art project for kids big and small! There is no right and wrong way to paint your snowflake, so this pointillism for kids is an ideal art activity to busy away a chilly afternoon in a fun and relaxing way.

What is Pointillism?

Pointillism breathed new life into the art world during the 1880s and caused quite the scandal. This painting technique was very different from the ones used at the time. Using this painting method, the painters created their art pieces with small and precise dots instead of brush strokes or paint dabs. 

Pointillism enthusiast also used colours straight out of the tubes, without ever mixing the colours! This allowed the viewer to blend all the colours together with their eyes when looking at the painting from a distance. 

This technique created a fascinating and unique style that became increasingly popular among some of the best artists, such as Signac and Vincent Van Gogh. 

But if we're talking about Pointillism, we must mention Georges Seurat! He actually invented the technique and is also the artist behind two of the movement's greatest paintings. 

Keeping the style of Seurat as inspiration, today we'll make a stunning (and easy) piece of pointillism art! You can use this fun snowflake art project to introduce the kids to a little art history or simply to have lots of fun!

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snowflake art

Snowflake Pointillism Art for Kids

pointillism for kids

Snowflake Art - Supplies:

  • Snowflake template
  • Watercolours
  • Coloured pencils 

Pointillism Snowflake Art - Instructions:

STEP 1: Download & print the snowflake template.

Scroll down below and download the snowflake template. Print it out onto thick paper or thin cardstock, grab a set of watercolour paints and you are ready to start making your pointillism art!

snowflake template

STEP 2: Make the dots with watercolour.

Find a fine-tipped brush in your craft supplies toolbox and paint small "dots" onto the snowflake template using watercolours. See images below.

Stick to one colour in various shades, or use every colour in the rainbow, the choice is yours! We went for a wintery theme with different shades of blue. 

easy pointillism art

snowflake pointillism art for kids

easy snowflake pointillism art for kids

STEP 3: Add More Dots!


Once the snowflake template is covered in dots, let it dry. Once it's no longer damp, you may want to add more dots in the empty areas between the watercolour dots using coloured pencils. 

easy snowflake art for kids

Pressing lightly with your pencil crayons you could then colour the rest of the background of each snowflake in a similar shade. 

STEP 4: Cut out snowflake art

That's it! Your pointillism snowflake art is now complete. You could however use these painted snowflakes as part of a bigger winter themed craft if you wish, or alternatively you could turn them into ornaments. They would look so cute cut out and hung up in a window.

easy snowflake craft for kids

pointillism snowflake craft for kids

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To download the printable snowflake template for free click on the link below and use the discount code: snowflake. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable pointillism snowflake template

And there you have it! Super simple, isn't it? We hope you love making this easy pointillism art just as much as we did. Whether you want to make snowflake art as part of a winter art project, to learn about pointillism for kids or just as a way to relax on a chilly afternoon, we hope you have lots of fun getting creative. 

Easy pointillism art for kids. Snowflake art project with snowflake template.

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