25+ Spooky Halloween crafts for kids (but not too spooky!!!)

October is finally here, and it's time to get spooky! Okay, maybe not too spooky since we don't want to scare the little ones. Your toddlers and preschoolers are going to love these friendly, not-so-scary Halloween crafts for kids. Older kids will enjoy them, too! You'll find spiders, bats, pumpkins, witches, Frankensteins, and other favourite Halloween characters below.

Halloween crafts for kids

With 25+ Halloween crafts to choose from, you'll have enough options to keep your kids entertained all October long. During a year when we may be spending more time indoors, these crafts are a terrific way to keep little hands and minds busy on creative things.

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Halloween crafts for kids


Halloween Crafts for Kids by Messy Little Monster

We have so many fun Halloween crafts for you here. We've listed 10 of our favourite Halloween projects and ideas below, but you can find the rest of our Halloween crafts HERE.



Haunted House Halloween Craft

This fun project combines oil pastel art with the ease of using a template to make a stunningly spooky Haunted House Halloween Craft. The black silhouette pops against the bright orange background, but blue or purple would look lovely, too. It looks like a bright orange sunset backdrop against the profile of the haunted house. Spooktacular!

Haunted house Halloween craft for kids


Halloween Paper Craft

Use the mix and match template to make your own set of adorable Halloween Paper Crafts. Choose from a witch, Frankenstein, a vampire or make all three. The best part about this craft is that you can use photographs to make them even more personal. 

halloween paper crafts for kids


Puffy Paint Pumpkin

Use our homemade puffy paint recipe to make cute little Puffy Paint Pumpkins this Halloween. Puffy paint is super easy to make using shaving cream, glue, and paint. We provide the printable pumpkin shapes, so all you need to do is cut them out and prep the paint for this fun activity. Puffy paint adds a wonderful texture that toddlers and preschoolers love once it's dried.

puffy paint pumpkin Halloween craft for preschoolers


Halloween Puppet Craft

Make a set of Halloween Puppets and use them to create your own spooky puppet show! Alternatively you can use the stick puppets that you make from this Halloween Puppet Craft as bookmarks that can be used year round. We have templates included to make this halloween craft as easy as pie!

Halloween puppet craft for kids


Bat Shape Craft

Isn't it fun knowing that you can use simple shapes to create so many fun things? This Bat Shape Craft is a prime example! The little bat bodies are either squares, circles, or triangles. Then, you'll apply wings, ears, eyes, and a mouth, and you have cute little bats that each look a little different. This is a fantastic Halloween craft for preschoolers who are learning their shapes.

Halloween bat shape craft


Bat Treat Bags

Make little treat bags for your friends or neighbours! We show you how to make these Bat Halloween Treat Bags step by step and provide a template for you to make it even easier. Fill them up with little treats, and they're ready for Halloween. This would make an adorable classroom craft and treat idea.

Bat treat bags Halloween craft for kids

Halloween Rock Painting

Decorate your house for halloween with this Halloween Rock Painting craft. We have directions for candy corn, spider, witch, ghost and pumpkin painted rocks. The big question is which will you paint first. 
Halloween rock painting craft for kids

Halloween Clay Pot Craft

This Halloween Clay Pot Craft is fun to make and the clay pots are perfect for holding lots of little Halloween treats. 

Halloween Clay Pot Craft for Kids

Pumpkin Snack Craft

Orange Jello becomes a fun craft with just a black Sharpie! This Pumpkin Snack Halloween Craft is so easy and fun for kids. They can practice drawing their pumpkin faces on paper first before using a Sharpie to draw them on the cup. Alternatively, if you're making these for a Halloween party, you can make bunches quickly by making the faces on a vinyl cutting machine and simply applying the stickers when you're done.

Pumpkin Halloween snack craft


Playdough Bats

Make a batch of black playdough to make these not-so-scary Playdough Bats! They're adorable and are so easy to make using bat cookie cutters. Add some googly eyes and white playdough to make the eyes and fangs. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this playdough craft!

Halloween playdough bat craft


Mummy Water Bottles

Turn ordinary water bottles into cute Halloween decorations with a bit of gauze and creativity. The Mummy Water Bottles look spooky and cute at the same time! This is a fun alternative to sugary candies on Halloween or a healthy drink option for a class party. Of course, they make terrific decorations for your Halloween party table, too.

mummy water bottle Halloween craft


Oil Pastel Bat Craft

Here's another fun oil pastel project that's perfect for Halloween! As you can tell, we love bats, and this Oil Pastel Bat Craft is definitely a spooky bat scene that kids will love, too. It'll look great as part of your Halloween decor this year. It's truly a wall-worthy or mantle-worthy piece! We've provided the bat templates for you. Little ones may need a little help cutting them out.

oil pastel Halloween bat craft


Bat Silhouette Craft

This Bat Silhouette Craft is a different take than the oil pastel bat silhouettes above. This time, you'll place bat cutouts over the black paper, create a white splatter background, and then remove the cutouts to reveal the silhouette. It looks like bats flying into the black, starry sky, doesn't it?

bat silhouette craft


Plastic Bottle Halloween Lanterns

Recycle your plastic drink bottles to make some Plastic Bottle Halloween Lanterns to add to your Halloween decor. Add a battery-powered tealight candle, and you have some fantastic lanterns to put on your table, mantle, or in your windows to add a little bit of spooky ambience.

Halloween lantern craft for kids

Halloween Witch Craft

Make a cute witch fly through the spooky night sky with this paper plate witch craft

Paper plate witch Halloween craft for kids

Halloween Spider Web Craft

Use this colourful spider web craft to decorate your home for Halloween. Make several spider webs in different bright colours and then make friendly spiders to live in the webs! 

halloween spider craft for kids

Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

Follow the directions for this pipe cleaner spider craft to make some spooky, but cute, spiders to live in the paper plate spider webs above! These would look fab sitting on a table as part of your Halloween decor too! 

Pipe cleaner spider craft - halloween craft for kids

Conker Spider Craft

Here is another fun way to make a Halloween spider craft! Use conkers along with pipe cleaners to make your own conker spider craft. These are great for toddlers or preschoolers working on fine motor skills. 

Conker spider craft - halloween crafts for kids

Color Mixing Monster Craft

Have fun learning about mixing colors for kids with this simple monster coloring mixing art project. Whilst this monster craft could be done any time of the year it is just perfect for Halloween! 

color mixing monster art project for kids

Pool Noodle Halloween Monster Craft

Another fun monster craft that you could make for Halloween is this pool noodle monster craft. Have fun using your imagination to create a spooky Halloween monster that is as individual as you are! 

Pool noodle Halloween monster craft for kids

Halloween Skeleton Craft

Make a spooky scary skeleton (or a rather cut skeleton) using craft sticks! This skeleton craft is easy to make, but a perfect Halloween craft for kids. 

Halloween skeleton craft for kids

Halloween Spider Craft

How cute is this Halloween spider craft for kids! Use our printable coloring sheet to make your own colorful spider web and 3D spider craft. 

Halloween spider craft for kids

Halloween Card Craft

If you want a quick and easy Halloween craft for kids then our DIY Halloween cards created from our printables are for you! Simply print, color, and cut! When you fold the Halloween cards they will look like a pumpkin and when you open them you will reveal a surprise Halloween character! 

DIY Halloween card craft for kids

3D Halloween Scene Craft

Do your kids like colouring? If they do they will love these Halloween pictures to colour that create a 3D Halloween scene. 

Halloween paper craft



More Spooktacular Halloween Crafts for Kids

And here are some more fabulously spooky Halloween crafts from other brilliant bloggers. 

Halloween crafts

Cupcake Liner Halloween Wreath

Let the kids make cute little Cupcake Liner Halloween Wreaths by Fun-a-Day for their bedroom doors. The combination of patterned and solid cupcake liners is a cute touch. You could even fill the wreath in a little more with cupcake liners if your little one doesn't want to write 'Happy Halloween' on top.

Cupcake liner Halloween wreath craft


Spider Pencils

These Spider Pencils by Happiness is Homemade are such a fun option for a classroom gift for Halloween instead of candy. They're made with small styrofoam balls, paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a few other basic craft supplies. Don't forget one for the teacher!

spider pencils Halloween craft


Paper Plate Witch Craft

This Paper Plate Witch by I Heart Crafty Things is such a fun craft! The long orange hair is a bright pop of colour, and the long pointy nose gives her a 3D effect. You can easily alter it to make it a boy witch, so it's a terrific option for all kids.

paper plate witch craft for kids


Mummy Paper Plate Lacing Craft

Work on fine motor skills that will be valuable for sewing later on with this fun Mummy Paper Plate Lacing Craft by Our Kid Things. The back and forth lacing really does create that mummy effect across the face of the paper plate. You could try this with a black paper plate and thick white yarn, too, if you'd like your mummy's face to look dark behind the "wrapping."

mummy paper plate Halloween lacing craft


Paper Plate Spider

Toddlers and preschoolers can easily make these Paper Plate Spiders by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops with only a little help. You can either paint a white paper plate black or start with a black paper plate to eliminate the mess from paint. Add some pipe cleaner legs, googly eyes, and a painted mouth, and you're done!

paper plate spider craft


Fingerprint Frankenstein Craft

Looking for a craft that you can finish in a few minutes? This Fingerprint Frankenstein Craft by Making of a Mom is perfect for you! It's an excellent option for wiggly little ones who don't like to sit long for crafts but still enjoy making cute things and showing them off. All you need is a thumbprint, googly eyes, and a Sharpie for this cute Frankenstein.

Fingerprint Frankenstein Halloween Craft


Bat Corner Bookmarks

Fall is a terrific time for picking up more books. On chilly days, you can get cozy in your favourite chair with a warm blanket and a good book. These Bat Corner Bookmarks from Easy Peasy and Fun will come in handy for saving your place in your favourite Halloween books. Corner bookmarks are excellent beginner origami projects for kids who are interested in the craft.

bat corner bookmark halloween craft for kids


Paint Chip Halloween Crafts

If you're headed to the home improvement store this fall, you're likely to find paint chips in all sorts of colours. Did you know they'll make great backgrounds for Halloween crafts? Shades of green become Frankenstein; oranges become pumpkins; purples can become a witch! Check out all the Paint Chip Halloween Crafts at Liz on Call.

paint chips Halloween craft for kids


Spiderweb Window Clings

Did you know that you can make sparkly window clings with only glue, glitter, and a plastic sheet protector? It's true! These Spiderweb Window Clings from Happiness is Homemade are going to look fantastic on your windows or mirrors this Halloween. We love the added sparkle. If you'd like to simplify this a little, you could just use glitter glue to draw the spider webs on, eliminating the need for extra glitter.

Halloween spiders web window clings craft


Beaded Pumpkin Craft

Practice fine motor skills by threading beads onto pipe cleaners to make this beautiful Beaded Pumpkin Craft by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops. Once you get the pipe cleaners threaded, it's as easy as pulling them up together, wrapping the ends with the green pipe cleaner to make the stem, and squishing them down into a pumpkin shape.

Beaded pumpkin craft


Beaded Spider Craft

Here's another option to practice those threading and fine motor skills. The Beaded Spider from Moms and Crafters is super cute, and kids will adore playing with him! Make this one early in the season so the kids can enjoy lots of playtime with their handmade toys. It would even be a fun addition to a spider-themed unit study or arachnid study.

beaded spider craft


Paper Bowl Pumpkin

You probably have everything you need for this cute Paper Bowl Pumpkin Craft by I Heart Crafty Things. With a paper bowl, orange paint, and coloured cardstock, you can make your own 3D pumpkin craft to add to your Halloween decor. This is a fun craft for teachers, too. Wouldn't these 3D pumpkins look amazing lining the walls of your classroom?

Paper bowl Halloween Pumpkin craft


Handprint Spider Clay Ornament

Use air-dry clay or salt dough to make these Handprint Spider Ornaments by Mod Podge Rocks. This will make such a sweet little keepsake to pull out each Halloween for years to come. You'll also find options for a pumpkin and a footprint ghost ornament here.

clay handprint spider craft


Bottle Cap Spiders

Save the tops from your bottles and jugs to make creepy, crawly Bottle Cap Spiders from Craft Create Cook. This is a frugal way to add to your Halloween decor, plus the kids will love making and playing with them. Put a few on your table, along your fence, on your porch, etc.

bottle cap Halloween spider craft for kids


Bat Headband

This Bat Headband by Fantastic Fun and Learning is going to be a HUGE hit with your preschooler. Wear them just for fun or to retell stories, sing songs, and act out scenes all about bats. It's such fun to run around pretending to be a flying bat. Make one for each member of your family, so you'll have an entire bat family being silly together. 

Bat headband Halloween craft

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Halloween crafts for kids

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