Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

Are you looking for some last-minute easy Halloween treats for kids? We have everything covered in this list of really easy Halloween snack ideas that you can make with or for the kids in no time at all!

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids

Scroll down below and click on the links to find out how to make each of these easy Halloween snack ideas. Whether you are looking for Halloween snacks for a party or some yummy (but easy) Halloween treats to hand out to trick-or-treaters, there is something for everyone on the list below. 

Easy Halloween Snack Ideas 

Make this jack o lantern jello in minutes using black stickers or markers. This Halloween treat can easily be varied by changing up the flavour of jello you are using. This is a great Halloween treat for parties where you want to provide kids with their own individual snacks. 

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids - jello jack o lantern

Make your drinks stand out this Halloween by wrapping them up as spooky mummies (complete with scary faces and spiders). We used water bottles but this idea will work for any drink bottle.

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids -mummy water bottle

Chocolate Witches Brooms

Kids will love making this easy Halloween treat. Use melted chocolate to make the end of the broomstick and then add a bit of colour with some sprinkles. 

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids - chocolate witches brooms

Vampire Donuts

This is one of the easiest Halloween treats for kids to make, but oh do they look effective! To make vampire donuts all you need is some edible eyes and a set of plastic teeth. The best bit is kids get to keep their own set of fangs after eating their donut. 

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids - vampire donuts

Jack o Lantern Tangerines

Now it's time for a healthy Halloween treat for kids. Grab a permanent black marker and use it to draw a variety of spooky jack o lantern faces on tangerines or oranges. 

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids - tangerine jack o lantern

String Cheese Ghosts

Here is another healthy and super easy Halloween treat for kids. This time use your black permanent marker to draw ghost faces on string cheese. 

Cheese string ghosts - easy halloween treats for kids

Mini Pumpkin Pizzas

These mini pumpkins are great for children to make themselves. They can use a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter to create the base for their pizza and then have fun adding sauce, cheese and toppings to create a jack o lantern face. 

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids - pumpkin mini pizza

Ghost Lollipops

These ghost lollipops and the perfect Halloween treat to hand out to trick-or-treaters. They are really easy to make and the cost per item is low. 

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids - ghost lollipop

Another fun Halloween treat for trick-or-treaters are these printable treat bags. Download the faces and then staple them onto small bags filled with candy! 

Easy Halloween Treats for Kids - printable halloween treat bags

Spider sandwich

These spoooky spider sandwiches will look great on a Halloween treat table at a Halloween party, or even for a packed lunch on Halloween. 

Easy halloween treats for kids - spider sandwich

I think that you will agree that these easy Halloween treats all look the part, so the only question left to ask is, which of these Halloween treats for kids are you going to make first! 

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