Easy Halloween Snack and Pumpkin Craft for Kids

This easy Halloween snack is so fun to make with the kids or as a little spooky surprise for them! Little ones will love getting involved with this easy pumpkin craft. They can be as creative as they like as they draw pumpkin faces on the jelly pots (also know as jello cups). These little halloween treats are great for classrooms, playdates, and parties. Just follow the easy directions below!

Easy Halloween Snack and Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Halloween snacks are so much fun to make and eat! Make sure you check out our healthy Halloween snacks, as well as these super fun chocolate witches broomsvampire donuts, and these tasty mini pumpkin pizzas too!

pumpkin craft for kids

These easy Halloween snacks are such a fun snack idea for this time year! They're PERFECT for the non-crafty to make as well crafty people as they are so easy to make and you really can't go wrong!

This pumpkin craft would be fun to make with the kids for a halloween party treat or alternatively you could make them as a spooky surprise! It is also really fun drawing faces in the same way on oranges to make a healthy halloween snack!


Easy Halloween Snack and Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Easy Halloween snack

Pumpkin craft supplies

  • Orange Jelly pots (also known as Jello cups)
  • Black sharpie

Directions to make your easy jelly pot pumpkin craft

STEP 1: Grab your supplies

Okay, so there isn't much to this easy halloween snack as there is only two things you need... Jelly pots (also known as jello cups) and a black sharpie!

Halloween snack idea

STEP 2: Draw pumpkin faces

Once you have your Jelly pots (also known as jello cups) and black sharpie in hand, start drawing pumpkin faces! You may want to practice on a piece of paper first or you may want to just go for it!

pumpkin craft for preschoolers

STEP 3: Repeat for additional jelly pots

Repeat for as many Jelly pots as you need! Kids will love helping to make this pumpkin craft and it is easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to join in! Once you have drawn your pumpkin faces you are ready to serve this easy Halloween snack!

Easy halloween snack and pumpkin craft for preschoolers

Halloween crafts for kids. Easy Halloween Snack and Pumpkin Craft for Kids.

This easy Halloween snack is a GREAT snack for Halloween parties! Toddlers and preschools will love helping draw faces and being involved with this pumpkin craft since it is so easy and fun. Don't forget to check out these ghost lollipops and mummy water bottles too!

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