Pool Noodle Monster Crafts

Ward off your little ones' boredom and transform those pool noodles into not-so-scary monsters with this Pool Noodle Monster Craft. Its such a fun craft for Halloween, but kids would love doing this any time of the year!

Pool noodle monster crafts

Making monsters crafts is always a good option to make the kids happy, no matter the season, but especially when Halloween is about to make its grand appearance.

We're welcoming fall and the Halloween spirit by recycling some old and used pool noodles into these colourful and friendly creatures!

Kids can make these adorable monsters using simple craft materials you probably have somewhere in your home and have tons of fun exploring their creativity! 

You can give this craft project an educational spin and teach your little ones about colour identification and storytelling. And let's not even mention how great it's for fine-motor skills development. So fun and educational, win-win!

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monster crafts

How to make Monsters from Pool Noodles


Pool Noodle Monster Craft - Supplies:

  • Dollar Store Pool Noodle
  • Dollar Store Pom Poms
  • Dollar Store Wiggle Eyes
  • Dollar Store Chenille Stems
  • Low Temp Glue Gun and/ or Glue Sticks (Hot Glue will melt the Pool Noodles)
  • Scissors
  • Serrated Kitchen Knife


Poole Noodle Monster Crafts - Instructions:

STEP 1: Prep-time!

Gather your supplies, and let's begin! 

pool noodle monster craft supplies

Start by cutting the pool noodles first into a 6", 5" and 4" section with a kitchen knife. I recommend doing this before you invite the kids to help you with the rest of the craft for safety reasons. 

cut pool noddles to size


STEP 2: Add the eyes.

Once you've cut the pool noodles into different sizes, invite the kids to start gluing the wiggle eyes to the pool noodle monsters. Let the kids take over and get creative! Give them a variety of wiggle eyes and mix and match them, add one or a whole collection; make it fun!

Add eyes to pool noodle monster craft

STEP 3: Use the chenille stems.

Take the chenille stems and form curly arms, hands, legs, feet, hair, facial features, and antennas! The crazier, the better. Push the stems' end into the pool noodle to secure them or try using a spot of glue.

pool noodle crafts for kids

STEP 4: Add some fun details!

Take the pom-poms out and let the kids pick their favourite colours! Using the glue gun, attach them to each monster.  (Adults may need to do glueing depending on ageMake the noses, lips, hair, hands, chin, ears, and antennas and encourage your kids to come up with different silly names for each feature as they glue it to their monster. 

monster crafts for kids

pool noodle Halloween monster crafts for kids

Keep the fun going and help your kids pick funny names for each monster. Once everything is done, it's showtime! 

Isn't this craft the best? I love how crafting allows us to give a whole new purpose to things! This poole noodle monster craft is such a simple and mess-free craft project so even little toddlers and preschoolers can join in the fun! Enjoy!

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