Monster Crafts for Kids

You are going to love this collection of Monster Crafts for Kids! Halloween is just around the corner, and that's when all the spooky crafts and DIYs come out to be put on display. But if your kids aren't into spooky or scary crafts, there are still plenty of Halloween projects they can make in keeping with the holiday theme. These adorable monster crafts are a great place to start with your little ones this fall.

Monster Crafts for Kids

These monster craft ideas are easy to make with paint, shapes, pool noodles, leaves, empty boxes, sponges, and so much more. In fact, you can turn just about anything into a monster with a little creativity (and a lot of googly eyes)! 

Get started on one of these silly monster crafts today—or make several. They can be used for party decorations or displayed in the classroom or home to make Halloween a little more festive and fun.

Check out our monster coloring pages too! 

Cute Monster Crafts for Kids


Monster Crafts from Messy Little Monster

Shape Monsters

You can use basic shapes to create so many fun things, like our Shape Monsters! Squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, and ovals come together to create monsters of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Two legs, four eyes, five arms—anything is possible with a little imagination! Kids will love adding their own faces to these adorable little monsters.

shape monster craft

Pool Noodle Monsters

Save your summer pool noodles to repurpose them into fun Pool Noodle Monsters. Adding pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and googly eyes will turn an ordinary pool noodle into a cute monster in no time. You'll be surprised at all the fun variations you can create with just a few materials. 

Pool noodle monster craft


Monster Art project

Learn about color mixing for kids with this fun monster art project. Kids will love learning about mixing primary colors as they create their own set of cute monsters! Our printable template makes this monster art project super easy to set up. 

color mixing monster art project for kids

Painted Leaf Monsters

Turn fall leaves into Painted Leaf Monsters with some paint and googly eyes. Kids will have so much fun picking out the perfect leaves for this project.

Leaf monster craft for kids


Monster Leaf Puppets

These Leaf Monster Puppets are an upgraded version of the painted leaf monsters. To make them more durable, we laminated the painted leaves and then added feathers, googly eyes, and other accessories. Complete the puppet by gluing a craft stick to the back, and your puppets will soon be ready for action.

Leaf monster puppets craft

Cute Monster Crafts for Kids

And here are some more cute and easy monster crafts that I found searching some of my favourite craft websites. 

Cute and easy monster crafts for kids

Paper Plate Monster Craft

These Paper Plate Monsters from Simple Everyday Mom are a fun and cute choice for preschoolers! You probably have everything you need to make them already—paper plates, paint, googly eyes, and colored paper. Add a piece of elastic or glue a craft stick to the back to turn these into super cute monster masks for pretend play.

paper plate monster craft


Monster Handprint Craft

Turn your child's handprints into cute little Handprint Monsters! This craft from The Best Ideas for Kids is a wonderful keepsake to make for the Halloween season, and they'll look so cute displayed on your walls or windows.

Monster handprint craft


Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Save your empty toilet paper rolls. They make wonderful crafting materials, as you can see here with these Toilet Paper Roll Monsters from Arty Crafty Kids. This craft requires very little prep. Print the templates (colored or black and white version), and glue the pieces to the empty toilet roll. Easy as pie!

Toilet paper roll monster craft


Peg Monster Craft

Grab some pegs (clothespins), paint, yarn, and googly eyes to create lots of fun little Peg Monsters. This craft from The Craft Train is fun and colorful, and kids are sure to love it. They'd make cute magnets for the fridge if you add a strip of magnetic tape to the back.

Peg Monster Craft


Monster Headband Craft

Kids can get creative making these cute and colorful Headband Monsters by Fantastic Fun and Learning. No scary monsters here! This would make such a fun craft for the classroom, with all the kids wearing their monster headbands for the rest of the day once they're done.

Monster headband craft


Canning Lid Monster Craft

You may know that you can't reuse canning lids again for canning, but that doesn't mean that you should toss them in the trash can. No, save them for crafts! They make terrific ornaments, magnets, and kids' crafts. These Canning Lid Monsters from Crafts by Amanda are a great example. The canning lids make a sturdy base to add cute monster faces to.

Lid monster craft


Tissue Box Monsters

How cute are these Tissue Box Monsters by The Best Ideas for Kids? Make them in the classroom and let the kids exchange Halloween cards like they do on Valentine's Day. They'd also make super cute Halloween party decorations for your food or dessert tables.

Tissue box monster craft


Sponge Monster Craft

Make easy Sponge Monsters by pairing colorful sponges with colored googly eyes and pipe cleaners. This simple craft from Powerful Mothering only takes a few minutes to put together, but kids will get hours of fun out of their new monsters!

Sponge monster craft

Blow Painting Monsters

Try a new process art technique to create your monsters. These colorful Blow Painting Monsters by Kids' Craft Room are the perfect starting point because no matter what kind of shape you make, you can turn it into an adorable monster. We love that acrylic paints are used for this craft instead of watercolors because the thicker paint creates an interesting texture.

Blow painting monster craft


Egg Carton Monsters

Save your egg cartons and recycle them into fun crafts like these Egg Carton Monsters from The Craft Train. Since they have a top and a bottom, you can hide small candies in them and give them to friends!

Egg carton monster craft


Paper Cone Monster Craft

If you're looking for a craft you can pull together quickly, grab the templates for these Paper Cone Monsters by Easy Peasy and Fun. Print the colorable version or print on colored paper to make quick work of assembling them.

Paper cone monster craft


Fork Painted Monsters

Here's another fun painting technique to try: fork painting! These Fork Painted Monsters by Our Kid Things actually look furry thanks to this paint technique. Kids will enjoy the process of printing with the fork and mixing colors as they work to create bunches of cute and cuddly monsters. 

Fork painted monster craft


Rock Monsters 

Rock painting is a great way to turn ordinary, everyday objects into something cool and collectible. These Rock Monsters by The Inspiration Edit make terrific paperweights for your desk. You can also go on a walk to hide them for others to find. What a fun surprise that would be!

Rock monster craft


Monster Hand Puppets

This Monster Hand Puppet by Handmade Charlotte is one of the cutest projects on the list. You'll need a chenille cleaning glove, giant googly eyes, and some pipe cleaners to make these super simple monster puppets that are sure to be played with for hours.

Monster puppet craft


Tin Can Felt Monsters

Get in the Halloween spirit with these Tin Can Felt Monsters from Hello, Wonderful. Use them for utensil holders for your Halloween bash, or add them to your desk to corral your pens and pencils.

Tin can felt monster craft


Craft Stick Monsters

Simple craft sticks can become so many creative things! These Craft Stick Monsters from Crafts by Amanda are so easy to make. Follow along with her designs or come up with your own. Use them as bookmarks in your favorite Halloween-themed books.

Craft stick monster craft


Yarn-Wrapped Monster Pencil Holders

You'll want to keep these adorable and brightly colored Yarn-Wrapped Monster Pencil Holders by Our Kid Things on your desk all year round. This is a neat way for kids to upcycle tin cans while still making something useful for your home or office. 

yarn wrapped monster craft

Not ready to start crafting yet? Pin this list of cute monster crafts to save it for later. 

Monster Crafts for Kids

You'll have plenty of monster craft projects to make with the kids this Halloween!

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