29 + Fun & Easy Activities for Babies

Are you looking for fun and engaging activities for babies? We have lots of fantastic ideas for you right here. These baby activities use materials that you likely already have at home, but they're fun, simple, and easy to set up for your baby in just minutes.

Easy and fun activities for babies

You'll find so many creative ideas for helping babies learn to focus on objects in front of them, for working on fine motor skills and gross motor skills, and for improving concentration.

We encourage strict supervision at all times when setting up activities for babies, as they are curious and love to put things in their mouths. So, use taste-safe materials when tasting is likely (such as with paints or sensory bins), and keep a careful watch with all others. 

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Easy activities for babies

Activities for Babies from Messy Little Monster

We have plenty of terrific baby activity options right here. Scroll down to see a few of our favourites.

Tugging Box Fine Motor Activity

Our Tugging Box encourages babies to use their fine motor skills to pull and tug on the ribbons. This is a terrific way to use scrap pieces of ribbon and cardboard while providing a frugal and fun toy for your baby.

activities for babies - tug box

Peeling Tape Baby Activity

Set up this Peeling Tape Baby Activity in under a minute! Use washi tape or painters tape on a flat surface, and show your baby how to start peeling, if needed. He'll catch on quickly. Don't you love no-mess activities like this?

activities for babies - tape peel

Pasta Play Activity

If you're a mum or dad who likes simple activities, you can't get much easier than our Pasta Play Activity for babies and toddlers. Dried spaghetti and a colander are all you need to provide your baby with a few minutes of fun and fine motor practice.

activities for babies - pasta play

Taste-Safe Ice Painting

This fun Taste-Safe Ice Painting process art activity is perfect for babies, toddlers, or preschoolers. Babies will enjoy exploring the cold feeling of the ice as well as the bright colours on the paper.

activities for babies - taste safe ice painting

Mess Free Painting

Painting with babies can be lots of fun, but it can get messy! If you want a quick and easy activity that avoids the mess try this fun mess free painting technique.

activities for babies - mess free painting

5 Little Ducks Water Play Activity

Pair this 5 Little Ducks Water Play Activity with the popular nursery rhyme to put a huge smile on your baby's face. This activity is a cinch to set up using the baby's high chair or a Tuff tray and some rubber duckies.

activities for babies - 5 little ducks water play

Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Play

Explore colour and texture with a big tray of Rainbow Spaghetti for your little one to play with. It's squishy, colourful, and completely taste-safe.

activities for babies - rainbow spaghetti sensory play

Ocean Sensory Bottle

Make an Ocean in a Bottle to allow baby to explore items that are usually off-limits. Water beads in shades of blue and purple, as well as toy fish, make for a beautiful ocean-themed sensory experience.

activities for babies - ocean sensory bottle

Rainbow Sensory Bottle

Our Rainbow Sensory Bottle is another excellent choice for babies using layers of different coloured water beads to create a rainbow effect. Safe, mess-free toys like this are a mom's saving grace with curious babies.

activities for babies - rainbow sensory bottle

Rainbow Sensory Bottle

Another good option if you are looking for safe ways to explore new objects and colours it to make a few Sensory Bags. You can include a range of different objects for your babies to explore.

activities for babies - sensory bags

Edible Farmyard Small World Play

Let your baby play and explore with farm animals with an Edible Farmyard Small World Play activity. The base, made out of different types of cereal like Coco pops and Frosties, will be fun to touch and taste.

activities for babies - edible farm sensory bin

Edible Construction Sensory Play

Keeping with the edible sensory play theme, this construction sensory bin is perfect as a first sensory activity for baby as it is edible and fun. Babies will love filling up the construction trucks and then emptying them again!

activities for babies - construction sensory bin

Baby Footprints 

So this one is maybe more for mum and dad than for baby, but isn't it adorable! Combine cute little footprints with an adorable poem to make a Baby Footprint Poem keepsake you will always treasure.

activities for babies - baby footprints poem

Foil Blanket Play

Babies just love these emergency foil blankets. Foil Blanket Play is such as easy baby activity to set up which makes it a win in my book. Babies will love exploring the sound and feel of the foil blanket and it's great for playing peek a boo.

activities for babies - emergency foil blanket sensory play

Sensory Fort for Babies

If you want to go all out, how about creating a Sensory Fort for Babies. Build a fort using what you have around the home and then fill it with lights, sensory bottles, treasure baskets and bubbles. How fun!

activities for babies - sensory fort for babies

Edible paint for Babies

This 2 ingredient edible paint creates the perfect sensory experience for babies. They can explore the texture of the paint with their fingers or make marks using a paintbrush. The best part is you won't have to worry about them putting it near their mouth.

Activities for babies - edible paint

Tape Rescue for Babies

Older babies will love this tape rescue activity, just watch they don't want to eat the tape! Tape animals (or any other small toys) to a high chair or table using Washi tape and then invite your baby to 'rescue' the animals by pulling the tape off. 

Tape rescue fine motor activity for babies

More Fun Activities for Babies

Here are some of our favorite baby activities from our friends around the web.

fun things to do with babies

Green Pea Sensory Bag

This mess-free Green Pea Sensory Bag by Happy Toddler Playtime is an easy way to keep your baby occupied while you make lunch or dinner. You can tape it to the floor or to a chair tray to let your baby squish and move the peas around.

activities for babies - green pea sensory bag

Texture Blocks

These Texture Blocks by Fireflies and Mud Pies offer a fun, safe way for babies to explore lots of different textures. It's like a touch-and-feel in the form of blocks!

activities for babies - texture blocks

Jello Sensory Play

Okay, this one is messy, but oh-so-fun! Put down a plastic sheet or tablecloth to contain the mess for this Jello Sensory Play activity from The Mom Friend. Next, add a tray of Jello along with some cookie cutters or toys and let your baby explore. Since it's a-okay for your baby to take a bite, you can feel good knowing that this sensory activity is safe (and tasty!) for baby.

activities for babies - jello sensory play

DIY Baby Activity Box

This DIY Baby Activity Box from Danya Banya goes along perfectly with our tug box above. Cut different shapes in the box for your baby to push bottle tops, blocks, or toys through.

activities for babies - diy baby activity box

Baby Ring Grab

Make a sticky wall to set up this sensory Baby Ring Grab for your kiddo. This activity by Happy Toddler Playtime includes both sensory and fine motor fun.

activities for babies - baby ring grab

Yarn Transfer Activity

Transferring items from one place to another is such fun for babies. The mini skeins of yarn are perfectly sized for baby's hands. You'll want to do this Yarn Transfer Activity by The Art Kit again and again.

activities for babies - yarn transfer activity

5 Little Ducks Finger Puppets

Babies just love nursery rhymes, so add a little pizzazz to your next singing session with these 5 Little Ducks Finger Puppets from Danya Banya. They'll definitely make that little sing-song activity a lot more fun for mom and baby!

activities for babies - 5 little ducks finger puppets

Sticky Grab

The sticky, tactile surface in this Sticky Grab activity by Happily Ever Mom makes it especially fun for babies and toddlers. Use foam letters or any other foam or plastic that will cling to the wrap. This activity is great for strengthening fine motor muscles and hand-eye coordination.

activities for babies - sticky wall foam letter grab

DIY Sensory Lids for Babies

Give your baby sensory opportunities in a safe way. These DIY Sensory Lids from Taming Little Monsters are fantastic toys for tummy time. Save old lids from cans of formula, chip cans, yogurt, etc. to cover with sensory materials like fabric, feathers, and more. Isn't this a fun and clever way for babies to explore?

activities for babies - diy sensory lids

Playsilk Baby Activity

Babies are so fascinated with pulling wipes out of the baby wipes packages, but when they put everything in their mouths, you may be concerned about letting them play with the wipes container. This Playsilk Baby Activity from The Art Kit takes care of that with reusable silk or cotton wipes.

activities for babies - play silk baby activity

Pillow Climbing

You can't get any simpler than this Pillow Climbing activity from School Time Snippets. All you need are some pillows from your bed or couch for your baby to climb over! It's great for getting those large muscle groups moving.

activities for babies - gross motor baby activity

Frozen Pea Sensory Bin

Make a Frozen Pea Sensory Bin like this one from Taming Little Monsters for your baby. It's another taste-safe activity that's perfect for curious little ones. And while generally, peas are too small to pose a choking hazard, it's always a good idea to watch your baby the entire time for safety purposes.

activities for babies - frozen pea sensory bin

Under the Umbrella Sensory Play

This Under the Umbrella Sensory Play activity from Best Toys 4 Toddlers is a little like the activity mats you can buy at the stores, but this one is big enough for both you and baby (or siblings and baby) to fit under. There are so many interesting things to look at and touch!

activities for babies - under the umbrella sensory play

Balloon Kicking

While this Balloon Kicking activity from Laughing Kids Learn may seem like a "just for fun" activity for baby, it actually helps them work on concentration, learn about cause and effect (kicking moves the balloon), and encourages the use of gross motor skills.

activities for babies - balloon kicking

Seek and Find Sensory Bin

This is an advanced sort of hide and seek for baby! Use this Seek and Find Sensory Bin by The Chaos and the Clutter to engage your baby's visual and tactile sensory systems. They'll also get auditory input from the crunching and shuffling of the paper as they look for the toys.

activities for babies - seek and find sensory bin

Mess-Free Rainbow Activity

Although this Mess-Free Rainbow Activity from The Keeper of the Memories is perfect for babies, kids of a wide range of ages will enjoy it. Little ones simply enjoy squishing the bags and looking at the colours, while if you're letting your older ones join in on the fun, you may want to talk about colour mixing as well.

activities for babies - mess free rainbow baby painting activity

Q-Tip Push

Turn an egg carton into an engaging baby activity. This Q-Tip Push activity from Happily Ever Mom is fun and frugal, and it'll keep your baby busy for quite a while.

activities for babies - q tip fine motor activity

Christmas Light Activity

Do you have some battery-powered twinkle lights? If so, here's a Christmas Light Activity from Finding Myself Young that your baby will really enjoy. Put them in a plastic water bottle if you don't have one of these containers.

activities for babies - Christmas light sensory bottle

Baby Play Space

Use cut-up pool noodles, balls, and a little swimming pool to create this fun Baby Play Space by Laughing Kids Learn. Babies can explore the pieces and feel the textures and shapes. It also helps babies learn to focus on the objects they're holding in front of them.

activities for babies - pool noodle baby play space

We hope you found lots of terrific activities for babies that your little one will enjoy. Pin this list for future reference!

29 + fun activities for babies

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