5 little ducks water play activity for babies

Water play for babies is easy to set up and lots of fun for little ones. Combine water play with a nursery rhyme or song and you are onto a winner! Today we are sharing a fun '5 Little Ducks' activity that babies and toddlers will love. Finding baby activities that are easy to set up and keep your little ones attention for more than a minute or two can be hard, but this baby activity ticks all the boxes! Scroll down to see 3 fun ways for babies to play with rubber ducks.

5 little ducks water play activity for babies

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As always all activities should be supervised by an adult. This post may include affiliate links.

'Five Little Ducks' activities for babies

5 Little ducks activity supplies

When doing activities on the floor we like to set them up on a large tuff tray to avoid damaging the carpet and to contain any mess.

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5 Little Ducks Activity

Before getting stuck into the '5 Little Duck' activities for babies suggested below begin by singing the nursery rhyme with your baby or toddler. You could read the book, sing together, have the nursery rhyme playing in the background or watch it on youtube. 

If you are doing this activity with toddlers you might also like to make a 5 little ducks craft.

5 little ducks water play for babies

Babies love water play and you can't do a duck activity without including water! Water play for babies really is the best. Babies and toddlers love splashing in water and getting themselves soaked. Add in a few ducks and they will have so much fun. 

To set this activity up we got out our tuff tray (to protect the floor), put down a towel (blue to represent the blue pond) and added water to a small glass tray.

5 little duck activity

We added our little ducks and then got playing! You might want to only add 5 little ducks, we decided to add all of ours. Ollie (aged 11 months) was really curious to see what had been set up. He was a little cautious to begin with but before long he was splashing away.

water play for babies

We sang the song 5 little ducks as we made the ducks swim across the pond, making one disappear each time. If doing this activity with toddlers you could count the ducks.

water play baby activity

5 little ducks highchair play for babies

This 5 little ducks activity is fun on a smaller scale too. There are times when you want your baby to do a highchair activity and this water play activity is perfect! Simply tip a little water onto your babies highchair and hand them 5 little ducks. We added a mummy duck this time too!

5 little ducks highchair activity for babies

5 little ducks foil blanket sensory play for babies

If you want to try this 5 little ducks activity without the water maybe try replacing the water with a foil blanket. A foil blanket and some mirrors creates a fun and inviting sensory play activity for babies.

sensory play for babies

foil blanket sensory play for babies

easy baby activities

We hope that you enjoy these '5 Little Ducks' activities for babies. Baby activities that are easy to set up are the best as you don't want to spend longer setting up an activity than your baby does playing with it! Water play for babies is always popular, you could even do this baby activity in the bath! So which '5 Little Duck' activity will you try first?

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