Construction Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Our Construction Sensory Bin for toddlers (or babies) is perfect for encouraging little ones to explore all 5 of their senses! Toddlers will have a blast playing with the construction vehicles whilst exploring this fun hands-on-activity. The best thing about this sensory bin is that the filler is edible, so although you don't want to encourage eating it, you don't need to worry about babies and toddlers putting it in their mouth.

construction sensory bin for toddlers

In our experience, babies and toddlers love sensory bins! Adding construction vehicles and cheerios together makes one AWESOME sensory playtime!

This construction sensory bin allows toddlers to engage and stimulate their 5 senses (sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing) and it helps to improve fine motor skills during playtime!

There are tons of things they can do playing with this construction bin like fill scoops with cheerios, drive trucks through the cheerios, empty the cheerios back out of the trucks and set up roads and traffic cones.

Toddlers will get a chance to learn new words and engage in fine motor and balance skills as well as having tons of fun.

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Construction Sensory Bin for Toddlers

This construction sensory bin is perfect for toddlers and babies as it is totally taste safe and a fun way to use up any left over cereals.

For us this activity came about as my youngest 'messy little monster', Ollie,  decided to tip a box of cereal over the floor and proudly pointed at it saying 'mess'! Rather than throwing the cereal away we decided to set up this fun construction sensory bin.

If your toddler loves anything construction themed and you are looking for something to keep them active then check out these construction movement cards from Royal Baloo. 

construction sensory bin

Construction sensory bin Supplies:

  • Large tray (we used a tuff spot)
  • Cheerios (or any other type of cereal)
  • Large trucks
  • Traffic cones, signs or roads
  • Scoops 

How to set up your construction sensory bin:

edible sensory bin for toddlers

STEP 1: Add cereal to your sensory bin

Pour cheerios (or any other type of cereal) into the centre of a large tray. We love using our tuff tray as it is large enough for toddlers to sit in it! If you don't have a tuff tray you could set up a smaller scale version of this activity or take your play outside where there is more room and it doesn't matter so much if you make a mess.

construction sensory activities for toddlers

STEP 2: Add trucks and scoops

Add a selection of trucks and scoops. Brightly coloured trucks and scoops are even better as they grab toddlers attention even more!

Use any vehicles you have available. If you have a variety of sizes you can compare the size of the trucks with your toddler and introduce them to new vocabulary such as 'bigger', 'smaller'. You could also discuss which of the trucks will hold more cereal.

Construction sensory play for toddlers

STEP 3: Playtime!

Encourage your toddler to play with the construction vehicles by modelling to them all the fun things they can do.

Can they move the vehicles through the cheerios?
Can they scoop up the cheerios and pour them into the trucks?
Can they tip the cheerios out of the trucks?

construction sensory play ideas

Can they set up a road with traffic cones?
Can they line the vehicles up?
Can they name the different construction vehicles?

There are so many ways you can set up and play with a construction sensory bin. You could add tape to section off different areas or you could use several different cereals to add variety.

sensory bin for toddlers

construction sensory bin

This activity is not just fun for toddlers, it will also help little ones to engage and stimulate all of their senses. It is brilliant for imagination, working on fine motor skills and exploring quantities. This construction sensory bin for toddlers is a total winner from all fronts!

Construction sensory play for toddlers. Edible sensory play ideas.

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