Baby Games with a Foil Blanket

Daisy (3 months old) had so much fun playing with this foil blanket.  Her senses were stimulated by the texture, colour and sound of the blanket and it has become one of her favourite 'toys'.

(I remember Harry loving playing with one at a similar age too!)

The foil blanket (UK link) (US link) was large enough for me to lay Daisy in the middle of it. 

She enjoyed looking at the light reflecting off the foil. 

 She grabbed hold of the blanket and made a lot of noise by shaking it about. (I could tell she was really pleased with herself!)

She wondered what it tasted like!

 She wrapped herself up and we played peek a boo.

We made her a foil hat!!! (well Harry did!)

She was one HAPPY BABY! 

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