baby milestones month by month

Baby’s first year is such an exciting time! But often we worry about our baby and if they’re on track. Which is why I have put together this post outlining baby milestones month by month. Below you will find each major baby milestone for every month.
baby milestones month by month

Worrying about your baby being on track is part of being a parent! Baby’s first year can be so much fun, but stressful too and knowing they are hitting their milestones can really help put your mind at rest.

It’s important to remember that this post of baby milestones is simply a guide. Your baby may be slightly behind, a little ahead, or significantly ahead. All of which are right on track. Different babies progress at different rates.

So let’s get to the list of baby milestones now, shall we?

Baby Milestones

0-3 month baby milestones

First, congratulations on your new baby ‘s arrival! It’s time to snuggle and soak up all the love of having a newborn in the home. This is such a sweet time!

This is the time period where your sweet little babe is introduced to the world. Many might refer to this as the “4th trimester” as they are learning all about the world and it’s a transition period.

The milestones your baby will hit during the 0-3 months period are outlined below. You may also find this one month old sleep schedule (from Mimosas and Motherhood) useful.

Month 1

  • Babe will start to notice faces
  • He sees bold patterns, particularly black and white
  • Recognizes the sound of your voice
  • Starts to coo and make sounds
  • Brings hands in front of his face
  • Moves head side to side during tummy time

Month 2

  • Begins to smile at others around him
  • Briefly calms himself by putting hands in mouth
  • Follows objects with eyes
  • Recognizes others from a distance
  • Gets fussy or bored after a while
  • Starts to hold his head up
  • Starts to push up during tummy time

Month 3

  • Starts to distinguish your face from others
  • Has differing cries for different needs
  • Opens and closes his hands
  • Bats at dangling objects in front of him
  • Follows objects with his eyes
  • Turns head toward different sounds
  • Enjoys playing with others

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4-6 month baby milestones

At this stage, babe is no longer a newborn! This is such a fun time period as they start exploring the world around them. By month 6, they’ll even become a little mobile.

It goes without saying that babe will do a lot of growing here! Check out the awesome baby milestones they will hit below.

Month 4

  • Starts to giggle and laugh
  • Copies facial expressions
  • Reaches for a toy
  • Holds head up steadily
  • Pushes up on elbows during tummy time

Month 5

  • Rolls over from tummy to back
  • Puts toys in his mouth
  • Starts to babble
  • Loves to look at himself in the mirror
  • Can entertain himself for some periods of time

Month 6

  • Starts to push himself around on his tummy
  • Passes objects from one hand to the other
  • Begins to sit unassisted
  • Responds to his name
  • Begins to understand simple words

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7-9 month baby milestones

Now that babe is learning to explore, it’s time to kick it up a notch! During this stage, babe starts interacting with the world around them a little more.

They will respond to things, play games, and even respond to things. You can see a full list of milestones that they will hit below.

Month 7

  • Enjoys dropping objects on the floor
  • Plays simple games such as peekaboo
  • Responds to the word “no”
  • Can find objects that are partially hidden

Month 8

  • Develops the pincer grasp
  • Starts to crawl
  • Can stand while holding onto something

Month 9

  • Might be wary of strangers
  • Starts to favorite certain toys over others
  • Makes a lot of different sounds such as “mamama”
  • Copies sounds and gestures of others
  • Uses his fingers to point at objects

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10-12 month milestones

A wide range of abilities will start to blossom at this stage in life and you’ll really start to notice your baby changing

By the end f this period, your once sweet little newborn will be graduating to a toddler. Get ready to chase an active little one!

Month 10

  • Explores by shaking, banging, and throwing objects
  • Pulls himself up to stand
  • Starts cruising along furniture
  • Gets into sitting position without help

Month 11

  • Starts to understand objects exist even when out of sight
  • Crawls up a set of stairs
  • Makes sounds with changes in tone
  • Develops separation anxiety

Month 12

  • Responds to simple requests and directions
  • Can use basic gestures such as waving to signal goodbye
  • Says simple words such as “mama” or “uh-oh”
  • Looks at the right object when named
  • Begins to use objects for intended purpose such as brushing hair
  • May take a few steps without help or holding onto anything
  • He may stand on his own

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And there you are! I hope this list of baby milestones helps to ease your mind a little as you worry about your babe’s progression. Baby’s first year is so much fun, just make sure not to worry too much so you can enjoy all the fun stages they will go through!

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