Sensory Fort for Babies

Making and playing in forts (or dens) is a must do activity for kids. This simple (no sew) teepee fort created a safe little place for baby Daisy (6 months) to play in. With the addition of lots of sensory activities and fairy lights this fort looked so inviting and baby Daisy was delighted. 

Sensory teepee fort for babies, DIY den

I am really excited to be taking part in a month long Fort building Challenge hosted by 'Building Blocks and Acorns'.  I am always trying to think of new and exciting activities for babies, so for this challenge I decided to make a sensory fort for babies.

I like things that can be made in minutes and that can be taken apart easily, and with this sensory baby fort you can do just that. 

DIY sensory teepee fort for babies,  den

For full instructions on how to build a really simple DIY teepee fort click here

I was really excited about turning our simple DIY teepee into a baby fort by adding lots of sensory activities for babies. The first thing I did was fill the fort with lots of blankets and cushions to make it cosy and safe. Daisy has just learnt to sit up but is still a bit wobbly, so I didn't want her hurting herself if she fell over. The teepee itself is quite sturdy, but as with everything for babies, I had to keep an eye on Daisy to make sure she didn't decide to try and pull it down! 

How to make a sensory teepee fort for babies

One of the first things I did (and one of my favourite things) was add flashing fairy lights to the teepee.  I made sure I used lights that don't heat up and I threaded them in and out of the bamboo at the top of the teepee (out of babies reach). I clipped some of the lights onto the outside of the fort so Daisy could explore them without having to touch (and in her case eat) the light bulbs. Daisy was really fascinated with trying to grab the lights and she loved looking up at the ones above her. 

sensory play for babies

I put Daisy's discovery basket full of household items and simple sensory toys in the fort for her to explore.  Her discovery basket included silk scarves and a foil blanket which I laid out amongst the cushions and blankets. (Click here to find out what we put in our discovery basket) I also added Daisy's activity centre but she didn't really pay it much attention. 

sensory play ideas for babies

Daisy loves her light blocks (UK linkUS link) so I included them along with our very very simple DIY light box which is perfect for babies. The light box is simply a transparent plastic container (an old take away box) with a few battery tea lights inside (UK link/ US link). It is a perfect size for babies and it's completely safe for them to put in their mouth. 

Rainbow sound blocks activities and ideas

I also made Daisy a few new sensory bags using gel and laminator pouches for her to discover. (Click here to find out how we made our collection of 6 sensory bags

Sensory bags for babies

What baby fort would be complete without the addition of bubbles!?! Here is Daisy trying to catch the bubbles I was blowing. 

sensory den for babies

Daisy really loved this sensory fort (as did her brother Harry aged 3).  At 6 months she is becoming so much more aware of her surroundings and she is ready to explore new things using her senses. Her smile when she was put in the fort was a picture. There is nowhere in our house for us to keep the teepee permanently but luckily the ease at which we can put it up and take it down means we can use it over and over again. 

Click on the image below to see some amazing forts that have been built as part of the 'fort building challenge'

fort building challenge Sensory fort for babies, play spaces

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