DIY Keepsake Craft Ideas

Here is a collection of adorable DIY keepsake craft ideas. Everything is on the list from baby footprints, to toddler paintings, to preschoolers first drawings. Older kids will be able to make many of these keepsake craft ideas themselves.  What beautiful memories to treasure!

DIY keepsake craft ideas.  Baby keepsakes, toddler keepsakes, preschooler keepsakes and keepsakes for older kids. Includes clay keepsakes, child's drawing keepsakes, salt dough keepsakes, fingerprint keepsakes and handprint and footprint art.

We LOVE creating keepsakes and our house is full of them. Grandparents always love to be given them as gifts and the children always have lots of fun creating them. You might also like to take a look at our list of homemade gifts kids can make

Scroll through all the ideas below and click on the links to be taken to full instructions and photographs of the keepsakes. 

Clay Keepsakes

We love using white DAS clay (UK affiliate link/ US affiliate link) for our keepsakes.  It goes a bright white when dry so looks great even if you are not painting it. 

Clay Footprint Bowl
This is one of my favourite keepsakes, especially for tiny little feet.  The mix of the white bowl and the golden footprints works perfectly. 

Clay Footprint Butterfly Ring Dish 
This clay ring dish is tiny but so beautiful. It is made using a baby's tiny footprints and has been made in the shape of a butterfly. 

Clay Handprint Bowl
Made in a similar way to the footprint bowl this is a great craft to get toddlers and preschoolers involved in as they can add stamps to the clay and paint the bowl once its dry.  I do love them left white though! 

Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments
An easy and cute craft for toddlers or preschoolers to make that can be used as a keepsake, gift tag or to hang on the Christmas tree. 

Child's Drawing and Painting Keepsakes

Shrinky Drinks Keyring
A child's first drawings are truly special, especially when they have drawn themselves or a family member. By turing a child's drawings into a keyring you can keep them with you at all times. 

Toddler Scribble Art
Who knew scribbles could look so effective! Scribbling onto a canvas using limited colours can look wonderful and it will all be the child's own work.

Scribble Heart Mug
Turn your child's scribbles into a beautiful mug. By keeping the scribbles inside a heart design this mug looks really stylish.  

No Mess Artwork
For babies and younger children that don't want to get messy this no mess technique is perfect.  Create the artwork on a canvas and it will look beautiful hanging on the wall. 

Make a Frame
There is nothing better than a child made frame to keep special photographs inside. Adding the persons name is a lovely extra touch. 

Salt Dough Keepsakes

Salt dough is easy to work with a cheap to make using only 3 ingredients.  If sealed and stored in a dry place it will last forever.  We use this simple salt dough recipe for all our salt dough crafts. Here are a few of our favourite salt dough keepsakes. (see all our salt dough crafts here)

Salt Dough Handprint Bowl
Made in a similar way to the clay handprint bowl above, this keepsake looks equally as adorable. Just don't forget to paint and seal it. 

Salt Dough Handprint Frame
Use your child's handprint as a frame! What could be better than remembering your child's tiny handprints alongside a favourite photograph of them. 

Salt Dough Photo frame Ornament 
These little frames look gorgeous hanging on the Christmas tree, especially with baby photographs inside. 

Thumb-body Loves You Magnets
Make a thumb print, add a face, arms and legs and the message 'Thumb-body Loves you' to create these cute magnets. 

Salt Dough Santa Handprint Ornament
These are my absolute favourite salt dough ornaments that come out year after year. I especially love the tiny Santa that was made when my daughter was 4 months old. 

Fingerprint Keepsakes

Fingerprint Flower Pot
Decorate a flower pot with your child's fingerprints. Choosing just 1 or 2 colours can look really effective. 

Fingerprint Keyring
Capture your child's fingerprints and carry them with you everywhere you go. These keyrings are simple to make and sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

Fingerprint Heart Canvas (and poem)
These mini canvas are adorable and the little poem to go with the fingerprint heart makes them even more precious.

Salt Dough Fingerprint Tree Ornament
Considering how easy these ornaments are to make, they look gorgeous hanging on the Christmas tree. We also love these gingerbread man fingerprint ornaments.

Handprint and footprint keepsakes

We love creating handprint and footprint art.  Here is a selection of the prints we have made.

Handprint keepsake poem (printable available)
Salt Dough Handprint Robin
Handprint Christmas Wreath
Handprint Autumn (Fall) Tree
Moveable Handprint Butterfly
Handprint Superheroes (spiderman / Batman / TMNT / Hulk)
Handprint Animal Canvas
Handprint Spider
Handprint Leprechaun

Twas the Night Before Christmas Mouse (printable available)
Salt Dough Footprint Penguin
Footprint Robin
Salt Dough Footprint Reindeer
Lion Footprint
Rainbow Footprint Butterfly
Spooky Ghost Footprints
Ladybird Footprint 
Heart Footprint Canvas
Footprint Christmas Tree
Footprint butterfly poem

DIY keepsake craft ideas.  Baby keepsakes, toddler keepsakes, preschooler keepsakes and keepsakes for older kids. Includes clay keepsakes, child's drawing keepsakes, salt dough keepsakes, fingerprint keepsakes and handprint and footprint art.

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