Footprint Christmas Tree

These footprint Christmas tree cards are really easy to make but soooo cute.  They are lovely for any aged child to make but I think they are extra special when they are for a babies first Christmas. I know I will be keeping one of Daisy's cards for myself and I will treasure her tiny little prints.

To make these Christmas trees we did some footprints using green paint (with a bit of glitter mixed in for extra sparkle).  Daisy is only 4 months old and as much as she grinned away while I painted her feet she didn't want to stay still!   I had lots of attempts before ending up with a few prints that I was happy with.  I found that the best way of getting a good print was to lay Daisy on her changing mat, hold her painted foot in the air and then come from above with the paper I was printing onto. We did still end up with a lot of smudged footprints though! 

Once they were dry I cut out the footprints, added a gold paper pot at the bottom and decorated the tree with sequins.  I stuck the trees onto red card to make them look extra Christmassy. 

Have you made all your Christmas cards yet? We still have a few left to go!

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