Superhero Coasters

Let dad know that he is your favourite superhero this Father's day by making him a superhero coaster gift set.  Make a set of superhero handprint coasters and attach a gift tag saying 'You are my favourite superhero'.  

Superhero handprint coaster set
We made our set of superhero coasters by photographing and uploading handprint superheroes to the Truprint website.  Any superhero artwork would work well, it doesn't need to be handprint art. 

Click on the links for instructions on how we made Spiderman, Hulk, Ninja Turtles, and Batman handprints.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles handprint

Batman handprint

Hulk handprint

Spiderman handprint

Tie the coasters together with a piece of string and add a superhero tag.

Download our 'Daddy, You are my favourite superhero' tag by clicking here. 

How to make superhero handprint coasters

Dad will enjoy looking at your artwork every time he has a cuppa!

Superhero handprint coaster set

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