Friday, 27 February 2015

Cling Film Art

Cling film art is fascinating for little children as they can't quite work out why they aren't getting messy as they squeeze and merge the paint with their fingers.  This art process provides a great sensory experience and it is mess free if you tape the cling film down.  Kids as young as 6 months are able to participate in this fun painting activity. 

To make a piece of cling film art you will need:

  • card or canvas
  • paint
  • cling film
  • tape (optional)

How to make cling film art

We used canvases for our paintings as I wanted some wall art, but card or even paper plates would work just as well. 

Start by squeezing paint onto your card or canvas in your chosen colours. I like to pick 2 or 3 colours to work with.  Carefully cover your paint with some cling film and wrap it around the card or canvas.  If you are doing this activity with younger children who you don't want to touch the paint you might want to tape the cling film in place.  

Now get squashing, squeezing and merging the paint with your fingers or hands! This part is so much fun! Harry started really carefully with his finger tips but quickly got into spreading the paint over the canvas with his whole hands.

Once he had finished he decided he wanted to do it again.  We took the cling film off, squirted on some more paint, added a new piece of cling film and off he went again. 

Daisy loved being involved in this activity and I didn't have to worry about her  trying to put the paint in her mouth.

When we had finished painting we carefully removed the cling film and left our paintings to dry.

I love our new wall art.  It would be fun to try out different colour combinations. I love the bright colours used by Arty Crafty Kids.

Harry: Age 3
Daisy: 6 months

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