Santa Ornament - The cutest yarn christmas ornaments ever!

I am so excited to share this Santa ornament with you today!! If you love yarn Christmas ornaments.. you're going to love this one. Older kids will have TONS of fun getting into the spirit of Christmas magic with this fun Christmas craft for kids. Follow the step by step directions below to get started making your very own Santa ornaments.

Yarn Christmas Ornaments. Santa ornament. Christmas crafts for kids.

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Yarn Santa Ornament

Christmas is such a fun time of year for kids of all ages - toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids too! Whilst this santa craft may be a little fiddly for younger children (although it would be great for working on fine motor skills!) it is sure to get older kids into the spirit of Christmas this year.

Christmas ornaments are GREAT for preparing for Santa to head your way! These yarn Christmas ornaments are such a fun Christmas craft for kids to try this holiday season.

Scroll down below to make your own yarn Santa ornament!

Santa ornament. Christmas crafts for kids

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Santa Ornament - The cutest yarn Christmas ornaments ever!

Supplies needed for your Santa ornament

  • Hot glue gun
  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Yarn: black, red, tan, and white
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors

Directions to make your Santa ornament

STEP 1: Gather up all your supplies

Before you get started, make sure you round up all your supplies! This makes it way easier - especially with all the yarn you will be using for this santa ornament!

Yarn Christmas Ornaments

STEP 2: Prepare Santa's body

To get started, cut off the bottom 2.5" of two craft sticks - the bottom will be Santa's legs and then the top will be his torso and head.

Santa Ornament

Take another stick and cut off 1" from the top and bottom - these will help to form Santa's boots.

Santa craft for kids

Glue the 1" pieces horizontally to the bottom of the leg pieces, as shown below.

Santa Ornament for kids

STEP 3: Wrap the legs with yarn

Next, wrap the boots in black yarn and then glue the loose ends to the back with hot glue. Wrap the rest of the legs in red yarn and finish off with some white yarn detail, as shown below.

Yarn Christmas ornaments for kids

STEP 4: Prepare Santa's hat

Once you've done that, cut a stick down to 2" and then glue it to the back of the head piece with the top sticking up, as shown below. This will be Santa's hat and helps secure everything into place.

Santa craft

Next, cut another 1.5" piece and then glue it so that half is covering the bottom of the torso and the other half is covering the legs.

Santa ornament

STEP 5: Make Santa's arms

Once you've done that, cut another 2" piece of craft stick to resemble the arms. Wrap it in red, white, and black yarns - as shown below. 

Yarn Christmas Ornaments

STEP 6: Wrap the torso in yarn

Next, use the red yarn and wrap it around the torso, creating Santa's jacket. Then, add some black yarn for his belt.

Yarn Santa Ornament

STEP 7: Wrap Santa's head in yarn

Next, let's wrap Santa's head in yarn! Start with white yarn for Santa's beard and tan for his face. Then, wrap more white yarn topped with red for his hat - as shown below.

Santa ornament. Christmas crafts for kids

STEP 8: Make a pom pom for Santa's hat

Now it's time to finish off the hat! Make a pom pom by wrapping white yarn around two fingers approximately 10 times and then tie it together at the center. Snip the loops to create a pom pom and glue to the top of the hat.

Santa ornaments for kids to make

STEP 9: Finalize the Santa ornament

Attach the arms to the back with a generous amount of hot glue - making sure to hold it into place until it cools.

At this point, you can keep your santa ornament as is for a modern look or you can add googly eyes and a smile with yarn to make it more playful. You'll find the kids wanting to spice it up a bit!

Attach a loop of yarn at the top and your Santa ornament is ready to hang on the tree!

Santa Ornament. Christmas crafts for kids. Santa crafts.

We hope you enjoy making this fun Santa ornament! Christmas ornaments are LOADS of fun to make at this time of year and these yarn Christmas ornaments are perfect for older kids looking for something a bit more detailed! We hope you have as much fun with this Christmas craft as we have! Don't forget to check some of our easy Christmas crafts too!

Yarn Christmas ornaments. Santa craft. Christmas crafts for kids.

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