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Spark some serious Christmas-themed fun with our Santa Colouring Page! This Christmas Santa Claus colouring page consists of a simple bold design that is perfect for children colour as they prepare for the Christmas season. The Christmas colouring page of Santa can be coloured as it is or you can add black lines to create your own line art for kids.

Santa colouring page

Every day is a good day to make crafts; at least, that’s our motto here at Messy Little Monster.

From encouraging self-expression, and strengthening fine-motor skills to fostering self-confidence, making crafts and art projects with our children has amazing benefits on top of being super fun!

But, Christmas is an extra magical time to get creative with our kids, and that’s why we’ve created this very easy but extra-fun Santa colouring page.

This Santa Claus colouring page can be extended into a line art project for kids. You can either colour the Santa colouring page as it is or you can spend a little time using a thin black marker to add lines to your Santa Claus. The lines will add that little something extra to your Santa image as well as being a great mindfulness activity. 

Colouring is a lovely and relaxing way for us parents to bond with our kids and what better time to bond than Christmas time!  As well as this Santa colouring page we also have a set of Christmas colouring pages for you to check out and these colouring cards for Christmas

Scroll down to get your Santa colouring page! (to get the Santa printable for free use the code - santa)

Santa colouring pages

If you are looking for more Christmas colouring pages in the same style as this santa claus to colour we have got you covered! You can either purchase our full set of Christmas line art colouring pages in the Messy Little Monster printable shop or check out the links below. 

Santa Colouring Page

Santa Claus colouring pages

Santa Claus Colouring Page – Supplies:


  • Printable Santa Colouring Page
  • Thin black marker
  • Crayons

 If you would like to frame your Santa colouring page you will also need black cardstock, scissors and glue. 

Colouring Sheet of Santa Claus – Instructions:

Mrs Claus and Santa Claus colouring pages

STEP 1 - Print out Santa Colouring page


At the bottom of these instructions you'll find the free Santa colouring sheet . Grab it, print it out and get ready to start colouring! 

Printable Santa colouring page

We've included a Mrs. Claus version too!

Printable Mrs claus colouring page

STEP 2 - Add lines to your Santa colouring page

To add a little extra to your Christmas Santa Claus colouring page add some thin black lines. Using a thin black marker and a ruler fill each section of the colouring page with lines. Add lines to ever section expect for Santa's beard, eyes and hat trim. 

Colour Santa colouring page

STEP 3 - Colour your Santa colouring page

Once you are happy with your lines work, it's time to add the colour! So grab the crayons and colour each part of this Santa coloring page, leaving the beard, eyes and hat trim white.

Christmas Santa Claus colouring pages printable

We used red and green for Santa's jacket and the background to keep up with the traditional Christmas colors. But, don't let that limit your creativity,  use any color you want.

Christmas colouring pages

STEP 4 - Frame your Santa colouring page

This step is optional, but it can really make your colouring page stand out. It's now time to trim the edges of your colouring page.

colouring pages Santa Claus

Next, grab a piece of black cardstock that is a little larger than the finished Santa Claus coloring page and glue the Santa image onto the black cardstock sheet.

Colouring picture of Santa Claus

For even more fun complete the Mrs Claus colouring page in the same way as you have completed your Santa colouring page.

Christmas colouring pages printable

You can either purchase our full set of Christmas line art colouring pages in the Messy Little Monster printable shop or use the link below to get the Santa colouring page and Mrs Claus colouring page.

xmas colouring pages


To grab these Santa Colouring Pages for free click on the link below and use the discount code: santa. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

We hope that you have a lot of fun using your Santa coloring page as you prepare for Christmas! 

Santa Colouring Pages

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