Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day With Family

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you may be wondering what you can do to celebrate this holiday with your family. Valentine's Day may be commercialised to be the day of love between two adults, but it's actually a wonderful holiday to enjoy with your family. Whether you want to get out of the house or do something at home, today I'm featuring some brilliant ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day with your family this year.

Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day With Your Family

Hand Out Roses

Buy a bouquet of roses or any flower and hand out one flower to random strangers as you take a walk around town with your family. This is a fun way to spread random acts of kindness throughout your town all the while enjoying Valentine's Day together with your family.

I Love You Because....

It's nice to feel appreciated and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to tell your family how much they mean to you. Take it in turns to say what it is you love about each other or write down the reasons. You could write down your ideas on paper hearts or fill in our I love you because printable.

Making and gifting valentine cards is another way to show you family how much you love them. If you are looking for last minute Valentine Day card ideas here are a couple of printables that might be useful:

Host a Valentine Dinner

Make a plan to host a family dinner on Valentine's Day. Find an appetiser, main course, and dessert option that the whole family will enjoy. Work together to make these recipes and enjoy a day full of festive food together. If you have older children you could even choose a course each to make!

Alternatively if you are heading out for the day you could make a Valentine's Day themed packed lunch with food cut into heart shapes and lots of red items. Adding some cute valentine lunch box notes is a nice added touch.

Make Valentine Treats

If you don't want to make a full on meal how about making a few yummy Valentine treats together. You could make a selection of your families favourite treats or make valentines themed snacks. Kids will love helping to make them! Here are a couple of fun ideas:

Valentine Crafts

If you have younger children, it may be fun to celebrate Valentine's Day with your family by having a full day of Valentine's themed craft ideas. Make crafts for each other to showcase your love for each other and have fun gifting them at dinner time.

We have lots of fun Valentines Day crafts for you to look at:

Valentine Activities

Younger children will not only love Valentine's day themed craft, they will love Valentine activities too! Whether you get them involved making valentine slime, crystal hearts or you mix up a batch of strawberry scented playdough they are sure to have a memorable day. Even the youngest of toddlers can get involved if you follow our edible peeps playdough recipe

Or check out our full list of Valentines Day activities for even more ideas. 

Kids Choice Day

Let your kids plan what they want to do on Valentine's Day to celebrate as a family. Kids will often have fun feeling like they're giving a loving gift of family time together when you let them plan a fun-filled day of Valentine's Day celebrations.

Be Tourists for a Day

Gather up the family and get ready to go out for a day on the town or city you live in. Pretend that you're tourists and enjoy some sightseeing followed by a delicious dinner together at a local restaurant or diner with your family on Valentine's Day.

Be Present

With every other day of the year being full of errands and chaos, why not take the day to be completely present with each other. Put away all of your electronics, and make it a rule that no one can be on their smartphone so that you can enjoy conversations, crafts, and fun together as a family all day long.

Check out these Valentine's coupons for kids full of ideas of ways to spend time together

Read 'love' themed books together

Who doesn't love snuggling up together with a good book. Pick out a few valentine's themed books and read them together as a family. You could take it in turns to read them or read one and then make a craft to go with it! Check out our valentine book list.

These are just some of the fun ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day with your family. You don't have to leave the house, but whatever you do to celebrate this holiday of love with your family, make sure it's something that helps you all show your love and appreciation for each other on this beautiful holiday.

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